Car Delivery Network (CDN), which provides electronic proof of delivery (ePod) applications for outbound finished vehicle movements, has developed and released an online exchange for outbound transport providers to swap vehicle information in real-time with their network of subcontracted carriers. 

Called Carrier eXchange, CDN said the system enables carriers to pass data on the vehicles to each other while maintaining ePod and OEM compliance. It also allows carriers to continue using their own transport management system (TMS) and ePod software.

“Many carriers today trip-lease or subcontract loads between each other using a second business process to manage the data and information,” said Derric Hicks, director of marketing and data at CDN, adding that if often created created conflict, was expensive and time-consuming, and often compromised OEM and ePod compliance.

According to Hicks, carriers cannot ask their drivers to learn and use multiple mobile applications for data collection or afford to run a secondary process for drivers and dispatchers to manage the subcontracted loads.

“The Carrier eXchange solves these issues by linking carrier systems together using a business-to-business interface, translation and mapping service to ensure interconnectivity and data integrity,” said Hicks. “The interface is simple to implement and easy to use.”

The exchange helps carriers subcontract loads easily, automates the subcontracting process (while doing away with paper documents) and prevents double entry costs when working with third parties, according to CDN.

CDN recently won the FVL Road Innovation Award, which was announced at a special awards evening at the Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference in California.