Supply chain and logistics software expert ProAct is introducing a new range of on-demand digital products designed to manage global multimodal supply chains from manufacturer to market. 

“The tools can be used to manage various approaches to delivery, from using high-end 4PL control towers to more operationally based lead logistic provider (LLP) and third-party logistics provider (3PL) yard-type solutions,” said the company’s chairman and president, Garth Parker


Building on its Enterprise Supply Chain Management tool – ProAct ESM – the company is using Q4 of this year to bring in a range of more flexible, affordable and simplified tools in the ProActXPress range, which can be deployed more rapidly. The tools are designed to track the delivery of products, including vehicles, aftermarket parts and containerised goods. 

The first package in the range is ProActXpress Yard Management, which the company said is wholly preconfigured to speed up and simplify delivery and management of finished vehicles.

In part, the need for ProActXpress has been prompted by an industry expectation that Parker said had been evolving for some years now, namely for an on-demand, online hosted service that can be deployed more quickly and at a distance. 

“That need has only been reinforced by the arrival of Covid-19 and the changing, more collaborative, more remote way of working it has forced on us globally,” said Parker.

The ability of the ProActXpress range to deploy remotely reduces cost and risk because operatives do not have to travel to carry out onsite activities, which also reduces environmental impact.

According to ProAct, pre-configured processes that can be activated remotely also reduces time-to-market for the product.

ProAct will provide Excel templates into which the basic operational data, including accounts, dealers, service providers, OEMs, models, yard locations and inventory snapshots, can be pasted and then loaded automatically by the system. 

The company will also provide assistance to the customer in navigating the data setup and provide training to get the system up and running.

“ProAct will also manage all aspects of the server environment from availability to database maintenance and a whole lot more, freeing the customer up to focus on the business,” said Parker.

Once the standard product is launched the service can be extended and reconfigured, if necessary, through transition to the full ProActXpert product model.