Brad Brennan newEmergency logistics services provider, Evolution Time Critical, has opened a US office in Atlanta, Georgia. The company said it had decided to put an office there in response to increasing demand from the automotive industry for its services and cited North America’s high vehicle production levels, which are expected to hit 17.8m this year.

The company’s managing director, Brad Brennan (pictured), said Evolution Time Critical already worked extensively with several manufacturers and suppliers in North America in the provision of expedited services.

“An Evolution Time Critical facility with on-location expertise is a major advantage for manufacturers and suppliers operating supply chains in North America and enables us to offer existing customers an enhanced service and even greater in-depth knowledge,” said Brennan.

The opening of the Atlanta office comes a month after the company launched its Critical Projects service, which offers multimodal, time-critical delivery services for production components. The company said the service was based on the application of just-in-sequence deadlines to the movement of large-scale resources such as vehicle tooling, and was applicable to a range of industries.

“This period of expansion is in line with the automotive industry’s demand for the company’s time-sensitive solutions and ability to provide robust supply chain contingency at a time when production times are contracting and higher risk strategies are required,” said the company in a statement.

Last year, Evolution Time Critical was bought by Canadian third party logistics provider Metro Supply Chain for an undisclosed sum.

“The takeover by Metro Supply Chain Group has enabled Evolution Time Critical to continue its expansion of services, facilities and capacity – enhancing the available critical logistics support for an increased number of supply chains globally,” said Brennan this week.

Growing levels of demand on North America’s automotive inbound and parts supply chain will be under discussion at The Supply Chain Conference in Atlanta, taking place on May 8th-10th.