UK vehicle transport provider VisionDrive has signed a one-year rolling contract with global logistics specialist Gefco for single new vehicle deliveries across the UK. It will make more than 50 single vehicle deliveries a month for Gefco from its Sandtoft facility in Lincolnshire with a view to gaining further contracts.

VisionDrive operates its own vehicle transport fleet of six trucks and already makes more than 300 vehicle deliveries a month across the UK. It said it would be increasing its fleet size to at least 10 vehicles by the end of this year.

The bulk of VisionDrive’s deliveries at present involve personal handovers of vehicles to customers from dealerships and car storage facilities.

Gefco UK’s service delivery manager, Deborah Young (pictured, centre, with VisionDrive directors Jack Davies, left, and Ian Smith, right), said VisionDrive’s use of digital technology and innovative delivery systems were part of the reason it chose the company because they enabled it to effectively track movements and ensure efficiency.

The company uses vinDeliver software (designed by Car Delivery Network) to track vehicle collection and delivery. It also allows documents to be scanned for electronic records rather than drivers trying to keep track of paper ones. The use of the software means Gefco can see what is happening in terms of deliveries, documentation and fleet progress as cars are picked up and dropped off. It is the first time Gefco has made use of the software.

“Our aim is to always make things easier for those who use our bespoke service,” said Ian Smith of VisionDrive. “Our ability to be flexible and reactive to customers’ needs is what we hope will allow us to become an integral part of Gefco’s daily business.”