Krone warehouseKrone Commercial Vehicle Group has opened a central logistics centre in Herzlake, about 35km from the Dutch border in north-west Germany, to meet current and future demand for spare parts from the commercial vehicle sector.

The new distribution centre (DC) expands the service offering to customers throughout Europe and is a key component of group strategy, said managing director Bernard Krone.

The DC, which cost approximately €8.5m ($10m) to set up, covers a total of 38,000 sq.m, with a covered storage area of 8,400 sq.m. There is space for 17,500 Euro pallets and 16,000 containers for smaller spare parts.

At present, around 40 staff there pick more than 23,000 orders every month, either for overnight dispatch or time-limited delivery, the German company said.

The Herzlake centre also supplies Krone’s regional depots in Istanbul (Turkey), Budapest (Hungary), Lyon (France), and in the Scandinavian and the Baltic regions with parts including axle components for a variety of trailers and semi-trailers, container chassis, vans and superstructures.