• VW takes electric Silk Road train to put ID.R at Heaven’s Gate

  • Ghent on a roll with new rail terminal and crossdock

  • Hödlmayr shipping Dacia vehicles to Germany

  • APLL Vascor increases finished vehicle rail capacity

  • Canadian Pacific: Ready to roll

  • New managers on board at Road & Rail

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  • customs-clearance-press-release_1200x800_v1

    Maersk launches digital customs clearance

    2019-05-07T15:38:00+01:00By Steve Garnsey

    Shipping line Maersk has launched a digital customs clearance platform, to help customers deal with complex shipping regulations. It claims to be the first container shipping company to offer the service. Various rules must be followed to ensure traded goods enter and exit a country legally. But if a delay ...

  • Automatisierte Lieferdrohne von ZF / Automated Delivery Drone from ZF

    Flight club: Why more logistics operations are signing up to drone technology

    2019-05-03T11:06:00+01:00By Victoria Johns

    Impressive advancements have been made in drone technology over the last few years and many believe that drones will play a key role in the logistics of the future, for internal business functions as well as deliveries to consumers. In fact, NASA estimates that there will be 7m drones in ...

  • Automotive-carriers-are-not-being-used-to-export-finished-vehicles-from-Russia-1

    OEMs push Russia to pay promised subsidies

    2019-05-01T12:05:00+01:00By Vladislav Vorotnikov

    A group of carmakers in Russia has asked the government to pay the outbound logistics subsidies it promised for finished vehicles and automotive components delivered to foreign markets in 2018.

From the industry

  • project44

    Prepare your supply chain for Brexit and more

    2019-05-22T10:39:00+01:00By project44

    project44, which provides cloud-based platform services for shippers and 3PLs, is holding an expert-led webinar next week to help companies prepare for Brexit and other supply chain and logistics disruptions

  • London_Gateway_proposed_port_image_2_RE01 feature

    In the service of free trade

    2019-04-04T15:59:00+01:00By DP World

    Free trade zones offer many tax and logistics benefits to the automotive supply chain. DP World, with its flagship facility in Dubai, UAE, wants to expand these services in markets in the Middle East and Africa, the UK and the US

  • Renatas Slenderis

    Introducing the European Transport Logistics Alliance

    2019-04-02T12:23:00+01:00By Fracht SIA

    In an industry that could benefit substantially from streamlined processes, Renatas Slenderis, CEO of Fracht, believes his company’s new alliance offers both collaboration and control for all members. Here, he explains how the ALCS platform works


  • AL-Global---Munich--New-Site

    Automotive Logistics Global Munich


    02 - 04 July 2019
    Infinity Munich, 

  • FVL-North-America--New-site-Logo

    Finished Vehicle Logistics North America


    23 - 25 April 2019
    Hyatt Huntington Beach, CA

  • Slide6

    Live poll results from Detroit

    2017-09-27T11:05:24+01:00By Gareth Tredway

    Live polling conducted at the Automotive Logistics Global conference in Detroit showed a recognition that environmental sustainability will play a bigger part in future supply chains, and that total supply chain comprehension will be the most important skill to have over the next decade.