Digital supply chain and packaging specialist Surgere has set up a Mexican subsidiary, Technologias Avanzadas Surgere de Mexico, at Aguascalientes.

The location has more than 1,300 suppliers and automotive plants within 200km. “Central Mexico is the automotive hub for Latin America, making it a natural progression, and a welcomed challenge for us,” said Surgere’s vice-president of international operations David Hampton.

The company’s key offering is providing the technology to AutoSphere, a community of automotive OEMs and suppliers who use a common set of processes and data transactions to more effectively manage their packaging and automotive parts supply chains.

Hampton also said: “Mexico desperately needs to support their supply chain with enhanced visibility. Surgere de Mexico is the mountain peak of this technology. We look differently at the challenges Mexico’s supply chain faces and we’re excited to see our impact.”

Typically, in Mexico, the automotive industry experiences large drop offs in visibility due to international borders, variances in customs regulations, changing work processes and, more recently, transportation policy changes between Nafta members.

“Our AutoSphere members are relying on us to provide visibility in what has been, historically, one of the most challenging places to get consistent information,” said Hampton.

The company believes that by making this international move it is able to increase the ease at which clients can benefit from the AutoSphere community.

The general manager of Surgere de Mexico is Javier Lomeli, who is from Aguascalientes. He brings more than 12 years of expertise in the automotive, manufacturing and sensor-based technology sectors to Surgere.

The company also announced it is expanding its headquarters in North Canton, Ohio, as well as adding a new site in Detroit, Michigan later this year and in Nashville, Tennessee in 2020.

Surgere’s service gives customers what it says is an unequalled level of visibility and control, coupled with advanced analytics, to support AutoSphere members’ ability to reduce costs and increase productivity throughout their supply chains. The company provides software, hardware and RFID tags, which conform to AutoSphere’s architecture.