Chris Styles, Nissan Americas’ Director of Purchasing for Logistics, Aftermarket/Accessory Parts, is taking on an additional role as Director of Purchasing at Nissan Mexicana. The new position will see Styles relocate to Nissan’s Mexican headquarters in Mexico City to oversee his additional responsibilities.
Talking about his new role to Automotive Logistics yesterday he said, “I am excited to continue the development of synergies across the Americas for both Renault and Nissan, with additional focus for the continued success of Nissan's operations in Mexico.”
Nissan has been renegotiating logistics contracts and reengineering transport networks at its Mexican operations to make it cost more competitive. Earlier in the year the company told Automotive Logistics it planned to move more domestic distribution of inbound material and finished vehicles onto rail as part of plans to consolidate volumes in the country in anticipation of the upturn. Those plans were put on the back burner and volumes were returned to road due to low volumes during the downturn but Styles could find himself overseeing a return to domestic rail movements as the company reengages with its attempt to build rail transport. It was the first OEM in Mexico to use rail domestically and already ships 100% of its vehicles for export by rail to Mexican ports, as well as directly to the US.
Styles has been involved with Renault-Nissan purchasing for seven years with logistics responsibilities for the US, Canada and Mexico.
Prior to joining Nissan, he pursued various management roles with AutoZone and Exel in the US and Mexico. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, and holds a degree in Spanish and International Logistics.