National Vehicle Distribution (NVD) is using a system developed by German IT specialist Inform to manage finished vehicle distribution and yard management in Ireland.

The SynchroTess system can track the approximately 400,000 vehicles NVD handles every year through each stage of storage, preparation and delivery.

Michael Howlin, head of IT at the NVD, said the new system would transform the way the company did business. “We’ve gone from quite a clunky way of doing business to one that’s genuinely fully automated and optimised.”

According to the company, manual processes have been automated, while in compound and workshop operations vehicle-movement schedules are re-optimised every 90 seconds to maximise operator efficiency and ensure high-priority vehicles are ready for delivery as rapidly as possible.

The software improves flow and control of the logistics chain and provides real-time visibility for all stakeholders, said a spokesperson for Inform. Dealers and other end-customers can now use a web-based portal to obtain real-time updates on the location and status of vehicles they have ordered, making it easier for them to plan and schedule their own activities.

NVD, Inform and customer Renault Nissan Alliance Logistics (Europe) received the first Finished Vehicle Logistics magazine’s high performance award this year in recognition of reducing lead times by 14 days, cutting compound and pre-delivery inspection resources by 50%, and meeting on-time delivery requirements. The investment in IT played a part in the winning the award.

NVD claims to have a market share of more 75% in Ireland. The company operates yards next to the ports of Dublin, Cork and Rosslare with space to store 37,000 vehicles. Last year NVD began distributing vehicles in the UK.