OceanExchangeThe Ocean Exchange has announced the launch of its sixth annual global sustainability competition.

The international advocate group, which seeks to promote sustainable environmental and economic shipping and logistics innovations, said the theme for this year’s event was ‘Translating sustainability into value’.

The review panel will be looking for “scalable, sustainable and global innovations that are generating economic growth and increasing productivity while reducing waste and the use of nature’s resources”, said the organiser.

This year’s awards process will focus on renewable energy, zero emissions and new technologies that can support sustainable solutions and yield efficiencies in logistics and supply chains – on land and on the ocean. Applicants are asked to submit a written statement that describes how their solution contributes directly or indirectly to resilient oceans.

The competition comprises the 2016 Gulfstream Navigator Award and the 2016 Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) Orcelle Award, each worth $100,000 for the winners.

“Gulfstream’s sustainability efforts align with the broader business aviation industry’s goals of reducing emissions,” said Ira Berman, senior vice-president, administration and general counsel, Gulfstream Aerospace. “One of the ways we are doing that is through our agreement to obtain renewable fuels for daily flight operations at our Savannah headquarters. The 2016 Ocean Exchange Solutions award allows us to expand renewable energy research and development in the hope of creating further positive outcomes across industries.”

Last year, the Gulfstream Navigator Award went to Saphon Energy, which developed a zero-blade wind converter called The Saphonian.

Anna Larsson, vice-president of sustainability at WWL, added: “Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics recognises that its activities affect the environment, hence we are focused on high impact solutions. Climate change is a reality and the $100,000 Orcelle Award programme is an investment in driving positive change industry-wide. The return is a future for our business that’s commercially and environmentally sustainable.”

Last year’s winner of the Orcelle Award was Transient Plasma Systems, which developed an energy-efficient, low-emission ignition solution for automotive manufacturers and engine producers.

Keeping the stink out

In other environmental news, WWL recently received an award from the Australian government for its efforts to stop 'stink bugs' from entering Australia and New Zealand. WWL received the Australian Biosecurity Award 2016 at the beginning of March.

WWL said it had worked closely with the authorities in Australia and New Zealand to find ways to ensure that the brown marmorated stink bug – an agricultural pest – did not destroy fruit and vegetable crops in those countries.

WWL also worked with customers to minimise cargo delays and implemented new emergency regulations for handling cargo destined for Oceania by providing fumigation and heat treatment services.