French lorry manufacturer Renault Trucks has started a preliminary study into reusing and recycling end-of-life heavy goods vehicle (HGV) parts. 

The company’s goal is to eliminate waste and extend the service life of its products.

The year-long investigation is being conducted in partnership with vehicle recycler Indra of Villefontaine, near Lyon, and is partially funded by the French government’s Agency for the Environment and Energy Management (Ademe).

Renault will try and identify the key factors for implementing its own recycling network for HGVs and distributing the resulting used parts.

“Unlike for private or utility vehicles, there is currently no legal requirement in Europe to process and recycle heavy goods vehicles at the end of their service life or when they are no longer in use,” the OEM said.

Factors being analysed include processing trucks no longer in use, updating dismantling techniques, assessing the potential market for used parts, and recommendations on the logistics flow and distribution schemes in France.

Renault Trucks says the study is a continuation of its circular economy activities to date including conversion of second-hand vehicles at its used-trucks factory in Bourg-en-Bresse and remanufacturing operations at the Limoges plant.