HighTideFoundationThe Hide Tide Foundation, a UK charity based on Teeside in the northeast of England, has launched an ‘Automotive Cadetship’ programme aimed at supporting young local people looking for career opportunities in the region. The foundation was set up by PD Ports and Casper Shipping in 2012.

The afterschool scheme, which starts this month, has been developed in partnership with logistics provider AV Dawson and four other companies based in the region, including material suppliers Sabic and Nifco, as well as Nissan and Evans Halshaw, a dealer with 130 locations in the UK. All are members of The High Tide Foundation and will be providing insight into the region’s automotive sector, including the supply chain, the making and movement of plastic and steel, through to the sale of the finished vehicle. Last year AV Dawson opened a new automotive steel warehouse to supply the Nissan plant in Sunderland.

“It’s really important that we all do everything we can to inform and inspire the next generation so that they are more aware of the opportunities here in our region,” said Charlie Nettle. “We have developed a world class automotive sector in the North East; it has become a key sector for the area and is attracting global interest. However, to sustain this, we must attract new talent.”

The cadetship programme will last six weeks and will be offered to year 9 students across Teesside (age 13-14 years old) from schools that are signed up as High Tide Members. It is designed for students hoping to progress onto an apprenticeship or go on to college to study a STEM subject (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), with a career path into the automotive industry.

High Tide’s membership coordinator, Kim Upex said: “Through the business partners we have brought on board we’re able to add another key element to this pioneering new initiative by providing young people with an understanding not only of the various organisations that are involved in manufacturing a car, but also how the whole supply chain fits together.”

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