Automotive parts exports from Portugal have increased as the market recovers in the country, up 16.6% in January this year, compared to the same month last year, according to the Association of Manufacturers for the Automotive Industry (Afia).


Kirchoff Automotive supplies components from Portugal

The value of the parts exported in the month rose to €992m ($1 billion) and represented the ninth consecutive month of growth for parts exports, said Afia.

The top five export markets were Spain, Germany, France, Slovakia and the US, representing more than 70% of the total automotive parts exported (see table).

Afia said automotive suppliers in Portugal had maintained the consecutive growth in the face of ongoing supply chain disruptions from a number of directions, including the conflict in Ukraine, ongoing geopolitical tension between the US and China, as well as inflated transport, energy and raw materials costs. The association also pointed out the ongoing shortage in the supply of semiconductors.

However, Afia said it remained concerned about the future resilience of the parts makers in Portugal because of these pressures.

Overall, the automotive sector in Portugal is worth €11.2 billion, according to Afia. The country is home to 350 automotive companies.

Automotive parts exports from Portugal

Main countries of export by value

Value of parts exported

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