Toyota has reported an overall reduction of 25,836 tonnes in the C02 emissions from its logistics operations in Europe in 2008. The company’s European Sustainability Report 2009 states that emissions from logistics decreased from 236,481 tonnes in 2007 to 210,645 tonnes in 2008.
Along with a manufacturing reduction of 78,000 tonnes, the company states that the reductions are “partially due to reduced production and sales volumes but also because of our efforts to become more efficient following the Toyota Way philosophy.”
The breakdown of figures shows a CO2 reduction of 16,000 tonnes in production parts logistics from 103,000 tonnes in 2007 to 87,000 in 2008. Vehicle logistics emissions were down 6,711 tonnes (82,273: 2007) and service parts logistics down 3,125 tonnes (51,208).
Localised production has also contributed to the logistics reductions with the introduction of the Avensis model to Toyota’s plant in Burnaston UK in November last year and the production of the Verso at its Turkish plant in March this year.
Toyota’s total CO2 emissions for production logistics and sales in Europe were cut by over 17% from 588,066 tonnes in 2007 to 485,230 tonnes in 2008.