Why is India's infrastructure lagging behind growth?

Dr Manoj Singh, transport adviser for the Indian government's Planning Commission, talks to Automotive Logistics Editor Christopher Ludwig about the role that the government is seeking to play in improving the logistics for India's automotive production and exports, as well as why the country might not be able to keep up with the pace of infrastructure development in China.

Maruti Suzuki may invest in rail directly or with providers

RS Kalsi, executive officer for sales and dispatch, spare parts and logistics at India's largest carmaker, Maruti Suzuki, tells Editor Christopher Ludwig that he is encouraged by the Indian government's position on rail, and reveals that the carmaker is ready to invest in rail equipment either directly or with a logistics provider.

Mahindra & Mahindra believes returnable packaging can save it up to 40% in packaging costs

Milind Wadke, deputy general manager at India's Mahindra & Mahindra, discusses with Christopher Ludwig the potential savings and benefits from investment in returnable packaging and in higher packaging standardisation.

Fiat wants to invest in better relationships with LSPs in India?

Fiat India's Kalpesh Pathak, assistant vice president of corporate supply chain, believes that OEMs need to invest more in their logistics providers if they are going to reap the benefits of improved performance and deeper relationships. He speaks to editor Christopher Ludwig.


Delphi sees domestic logistics as the next major focus

Hitesh Thakkar,India logistics manager and Asia Pacific process manager at tier one supplier Delphi outlines the specific challenges that a tier supplier faces in India including transport time reliability within India and the need to improve the offers for the domestic network. He speaks to editor Christopher Ludwig.

Tata calls for long-term commitment to rail

Prem Verma, CEO of TML Distribution -- the vehicle logistics and distribution arm of Tata Motors -- tells Christopher Ludwig that for rail to be a viable option in India it would need long-term commitment and investment from both OEMs and LSPs. He called for the industry to look past the cyclical vagaries of the industry and to think about the important of multimodal transport in an industry that is projected to treble in size.

Hyundai sees 5 year rail delay after autohub 'shocker'

Anand Venkateswaran, general manager of sales logistics at Hyundai, India's second largest OEM, expressed worry that the decision by the Indian Railways to suspend its autohub policy would put back progress on rail's development for up to five years. However, he sees potential in private railyards that could serve as autohubs.