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  • Erik_Wunnik_DSV

    Europe conference: Carmakers already saving costs with 3D printing


    You may not be able to print money with it (at least legally) but there are some significant cost savings to be made by automotive companies in the adoption of 3D printing, otherwise known as additive manufacturing.The automotive industry currently accounts for almost 15% of the total 3D printing market ...

  • Audi TechDay Smart Factory

    3D printing ‘to redefine’ logistics and manufacturing strategies


    A new report into 3D printing suggests the industry has the potential to redefine manufacturing and supply chain strategies.The report, 3D Printing and the Future of Supply Chains, was released by global logistics provider DHL and the company says the technology needs to become faster, more agile and more advanced ...

  • Stratasys_3D_printer

    Ford working with Stratasys on 3D printing of parts and tooling


    Ford has begun working with 3D printing and additive manufacturing provider Stratasys to test and develop automotive-grade 3D printed interior parts, such as side and ceiling panels, instrument panels and centre consoles.According to Stratasys, the parts being developed could not be made by this method previously because of limitations on ...

  • Mercedes-Benz Lkw setzt wegweisende Zukunftstechnologie

    Mercedes-Benz Trucks moves to 3D printing for spare parts


    Mercedes-Benz Trucks is to move to 3D printing as the standard production method for a number of plastic spare parts at its Customer Services and Parts division from September. The truckmaker said the technology would initially be used for 30 part lines but that this would increase. It added that ...

  • Bill Wappler, Surgere

    Supply Chain Conference: Only the data and technology you can handle


    Left to right: Nissan's Ben Shain; Magna's Bridget Grewal; Surgere's William WapplerSpeakers at the Automotive Logistics Supply Chain Conference in Atlanta were optimistic about the potential for data analysis and new digital technology to improve the supply chain. But Marcus Williams and Christopher Ludwig find most companies are cautious ...