Daimler CV India

Systems for improved fleet management will play an increasingly important role in the BharatBenz trucks and buses built by Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV).

“[The] new CV range offers Indian customers the solution they need for the future, setting new benchmarks for medium and heavy-duty trucks with improved fuel efficiency, safety and connectivity,” said DICV’s managing director and CEO Satyakam Arya.

“Going forward, we will move away from tonnage and focus on customised solutions for different applications.”

Parent company Daimler says the new generation of CVs in India offers ProfitTechnology+, a package ensuring industry-leading fuel efficiency, safety, comfort and reliability.

BharatBenz trucks will move away from traditional tonnage classifications and, instead, focus on customising vehicles with specific applications and targeting individual sectors such as e-commerce.

The new systems include telemetric-based Truckonnect and Bus Connect, which allow operators to track and analyse vehicles in real time.

Benefits include improved fleet and fuel management, reduced running costs, increased asset utilisation and improved driver performance, according to DICV.

With Bus Connect operators will have access to fleet summaries and reports to improve fleet administration.

With an eye on the aftermarket, DICV is devising training modules for the subsidiary’s 235-plus dealerships across India.

The company’s trucks and buses will also come with the Proserv application, which has more than 65 features including ordering parts, fleet maintenance and round-the-clock roadside assistance.