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  • Automotive Logistics and supply chain global 2022 on demand
  • London_Gateway_logistics_park_aerial

    Transmec to set up shop at London Gateway


    Logistics service provider Transmec will start operations out of a 14,000 sq. m distribution hub at DP World’s London Gateway site in the UK from 2023

  • image3

    DP World buys logistics specialist Syncreon


    Container terminal giant DP World has bought third-party logistics provider Syncreon in a deal valued at $1.2 billion. The transaction is expected to be complete by the second half of this year.

  • NEW Rethinking Supply Chain Resilience – Panel.001

    Watch: Rethinking supply chain resilience


    The crisis has underlined how vulnerable the supply chain is to shocks and is leading some manufacturers to reconsider inventory and planning strategies to mitigate disruption and instability. In this session at Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live, experts debate whether this means a rethink in lean and just-in-time.

  • logistics_trechnology_448790

    Digital tools promise a more resilient supply chain post-Covid


    If Covid has taught the automotive sector anything it is about the importance of resilience in the supply chain. The investment needed to ensure that however, comes at a time of economic uncertainty when the industry as a whole is looking for cost reduction.

  • RF1 Drivers & Car

    The logistics driving Renault Formula 1


    The world’s F1 series evokes an image of speed, precision and prestigious podium finishes. However, behind the scenes is a labyrinthine logistics effort. Victoria Johns finds out more from the team keeping Renault on track

  • Unico_container_ship

    DP World to take majority stake in Unico Logistics


     Container terminal giant DP World is buying a majority 60% stake in South Korean multimodal transport provider Unico Logistics in a move designed to expand its logistics service offering, including in the automotive sector…

  • Renault DP World F1 (Face)

    Renault revs up logistics drive through F1


    Renault Sport Racing is partnering with global logistical provider DP World with an eye on mutually increasing supply chain efficiency and mitigating the environmental impact of their operations…

  • Hillmann Worldwide Logistics Dubai Warehouse 2 (2)

    Mena aftermarket: Playing a bigger part


    Overall economic growth may be lacklustre, but automotive aftermarket sales are on the increase in the Middle East and North Africa…

  • Jafza

    In the zone at Jebel Ali port


    With a multi-tier parking facility holding around 27,000 car equivalent units (CEU), Jebel Ali is the biggest port in the Middle East and the 11th largest worldwide. The port has four terminals connecting to more than 150 other ports through 80 weekly services, and its activity accounts for 26.1% of Dubai’s GDP. In 2018, 82% of Dubai’s automotive trade passed through Jebel Ali, worth $31.6 billion in vehicles, tyres, parts and accessories.

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  • 20191122_224219

    Middle East and North Africa: Leading the way in innovation


    Despite a sustained period of decline over the last few years affected by a fall in oil prices and geopolitical strife, the Middle East and Africa is fast becoming a region of automotive and supply chain opportunity…

  • Aart Hille Ris Lambers 600x400

    Aart Hille Ris Lambers
    UK Commercial Director
    DP World


    Aart Hille Ris Lambers has over 30 years’ experience in Shipping and Ports. He joined the team at DP World in 2009. Today DP World Southampton is recognised as the most productive UK container terminal while sister terminal DP World London Gateway opened in 2013 and is ...

  • Abdullah Bin Damithan

    Abdulla Bin Damithan
    Chief Commercial Officer, UAE Region
    DP World


    Abdulla Bin Damithan has been with DP World since 2001. He was appointed as Chief Commercial Officer for DP World – UAE Region in 2017. Abdulla is responsible for all revenue generation activities, products and services offered across the portfolio including Ports Terminals, Parks ...

  • Photo-Peter-Ward_600x400-ConvertImage

    Peter Ward
    Chief Executive
    UK Warehousing Association


    Peter has over 30 years’ experience in international transportation, logistics and supply chain management; and is recognised as a principal of authority in global supply chains and logistics based on achievements at Director level with some of the world’s leading global logistics providers. A ...

  • Jafza
    From the industry

    DP World: Access to Africa


    DP World is expanding its network of logistics operations for the automotive industry across the Middle East and Africa, with a focus on integrated services and special economic zones such as its flagship Jebel Ali Port

  • 2018_Ahmed Bin Sulayem

    Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem
    Chairman & CEO
    DP World

    Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem was appointed Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DP World with effect from 30 May 2007. He is also Chairman of the Ports, Customs Free Zone Corporation (PCFC). Mr Bin Sulayem has been one of Dubai’s leading ...

  • Golf Day - Hosted by (4)

    Golf Day


    Hosted by DP World. Be in with a chance of winning 2 full hospitality tickets to the US Open 2020 at the Automotive Logistics Global Detroit Golf Day! Join us before the conference kicks off at the TPC Michigan Golf Course, Tuesday 10 September. 

  • Digital supply chain

    Data and the digitisation of the supply chain


    The automotive industry is being transformed by new vehicle technology, but operational processes are also undergoing profound changes driven by unprecedented levels of data

  • Mike Yang, Changjiu Logistics

    China offers opportunities and risk for European carmakers


    Mike Yang, vice-president, Changjiu Logistics The Chinese market has become more complicated for many global OEMs over the past two years, with impacts for how logistics and exports are organised. But logistics experts are anticipating deeper manufacturing ties and trade growth between European and Chinese automotive manufacturers. ...