There are a number of pressures on the outbound automotive logistics sector at the moment. Disruption to production means every car made is spoken for and there is an urgent need to deliver those products to the end customers, while accurately tracking their progress. 


As the drive to electrification of the vehicle intensifies under various regulatory pressures and in response to customer demand, there are also new requirements on transport and logistics providers to safely deliver a heavier vehicle that requires charging.

All this is taking place under renewed scrutiny on the sustainability of the finished vehicle sector. Fluctuating costs and shifting deadlines are also a daily challenge for transport planners.

In response, however, the finished vehicle sector is responding with ingenuity, flexibility and with the adoption of tools designed to deal with what is around the corner.

To get an accurate view of the current state of play in the finished vehicle sector, Automotive Logistics has teamed up with finished vehicle and freight transport expert RPM to research the sector and provide you with insight into how companies are faring in 2022. Part of that includes a survey that aims to measure the sentiment of the sector and what are perceived to be the biggest challenges and opportunities out there at the moment. The survey looks into capacity, rates and costs, and labour, and aims to gain an overview of the key trends affecting the sector.

Simply spend 10 minutes to take our survey and we’ll send you a report on the findings, so you can benchmark how your business is doing compared to others.

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