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  • Brunsbuttal_LNG_terminal

    Germany localises LNG supply as prices rise


    The cutting of LNG supplies from Russia has hit supplies to Europe and prompted the fast-tracking of a number of new projects to localise supply, most notably in Germany

  • Port of Piraeus

    Inform helps to improve vehicle processing at Greek port of Piraeus


    The Greek port of Piraeus is to benefit from a supply chain IT system supplied by German systems expert Inform, which will improve operations at the port’s car terminal by providing greater operational transparency. 

  • air_olp_6

    Piraeus defends sharp rise in rates


    Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) has defended its recent decision to increase vehicle handling charges, pointing out that it had not previously done so for a decade and that the rise would not apply to 75% of traffic passing through the Greek port.A spokesperson for the port authority confirmed to Automotive ...

  • Piraeus_car-terminal3

    Piraeus bumps up handling charges for vehicle imports


    The Greek port of Piraeus is increasing the amount it charges for finished vehicle handling by more than 34% in a move that has taken those loading and unloading vehicles there by surprise. According to the current schedule, rates for a car under 3 tonnes are increasing from €33.92 ($41.8) ...