Freight forwarding and logistics company Duvenbeck has switched to battery-powered electric trucks at the ZF factory in Saarbrücken, Germany.

The logistics firm has switched to five new tractor units from Volvo’s FH Electric 540 KW series to replace the units powered by liquified natural gas (LNG) that have been operating on the route since 2019.


Duvenbeck switched to battery-powered Volvo trucks 

The factory in Saarbrücken is one of ZF Technology Group’s largest sites, used to manufacture automatic gearboxes. Duvenbeck’s vehicles are then used to carry series production gearboxes and building components for onward delivery to ZF’s customers on their journey to the warehouse, carrying back empty containers to the factory.

“Our latest investment in emission-free electric trucks is a good example of how industry and logistics partners are making progress together in irreversibly transforming technology,” said Bernd Reining, head of vehicle fleet management at Duvenbeck. “Vision Zero is a goal that we’re seeking to fulfil in partner-like relations with our customers.”

Johannes Buchmann, head of freight network and purchasing Europe, ZF Group said: “ZF has set itself ambitious goals as part of our initiative On the Road to Vision Zero, a world where vehicles operate without any emissions and without any accidents. The new quintet of emission-free tractor units therefore fits perfectly into our climate strategy.”

ZF’s chief digital officer, Dr René Deist, told delegates at ALSC Digital Strategies in November that the group is testing the use of next generation technology, generative AI.