Expedite PlusTime-critical logistics provider Expedite Plus has opened its first office in the EU in Strasbourg, France.

The Canadian company has been expanding its global presence over the last few years. Alongside its base in Milton, Canada, and the new office in Strasbourg, it now has offices in Hong Kong, China, and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Commenting on the Strasbourg office, the company’s vice-president, Dale Nicholson, said demand for “ultra-urgent” deliveries had been growing in Europe and that the office provided a higher level of service in response.

Nicholson told Automotive Logistics Expedite Plus had established the Strasbourg office to build its business in Europe and that in 2017 it moved a large volume of import and export material for the automotive industry.

“In a business where every minute counts, our new location can provide advantages to our customers, as we can immediately respond to any delivery to and from any part of Europe,” he said. “For our customers, speed and reliability is critical as it ensures a project or company’s business continuity.”

Expedite Plus provides onboard courier, air charter and ground expedited services.