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  • Jumandi drone photo

    DP World provides cross-border containerised vehicle delivery service


    The intermodal service can rack up to six passenger vehicles in a standard 16-metre (53ft) freight container for rail shipment from Mexico to the US and Canada

  • DP_World_1920_cars

    DP World advances vehicle container services with CFR Rinkens buyout


    Global logistics operator DP World has bought vehicle containerisation expert CFR Rinkens to enhance is vehicle containerisation offering

  • R-Rak_Showcase_LoadedContainer-1 feature

    Ro-ro capacity crunch means carmakers are looking for containers


    A shortage in available ro-ro capacity and an increase in EV shipments from China means carmakers are looking for vehicle containerisation services, such as those offered by CFR Rinkens

  • Finished Vehicle Logistics- Improving Agility and Flexibility.001

    Watch: How to improve agility and flexibility in finished vehicle logistics


    While vehicle logistics faces ongoing challenges in managing capacity utilisation and visibility, this panel from Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live points to key strategies from FCA North America, Hyundai Glovis and CFR Rinkens for improving load factors and responding to customer needs.

  • Covid-19 scanning

    Pandemic drives companies to re-evaluate communication and travel


    Automotive companies have come to the realisation that this existing and supportive communication technology has not been used to its full potential because people are used to doing things in person. The Covid-19 crisis has actually improved international team work and companies are re-evaluating the need for travel

  • CFR_404_Bremerhaven

    CFR Rinkens launches first China-Germany blocktrain for Dongfeng


    Freight forwarder CFR Rinkens has made its first westbound rail shipment of containerised vehicles between China and Germany..

  • CFR-Rinkens_container

    Philaport to benefit from containerised vehicle shipment service


    Containerised vehicle forwarder CFR Rinkens and GWSI, which specialises in warehousing and cross-dock services, have set up a centre for containerised vehicle shipping near the Packer Avenue Marine Terminal at the US port of Philadelphia (PhilaPort)…

  • Black_Solo_ElectraMeccanica1

    Electra Meccanica ships Solo from China to North America


    The Canadian electric vehicle startup has contracted Crane Worldwide to manage its exports from Chongqing to the US and Canada

  • R-Rak_Showcase_LoadedContainer-1 feature

    Containerisation: Why finished vehicle logistics needs to think inside the box


    While ro-ro is the traditional method of shipping finished vehicles, containerisation is becoming increasingly viable as the automotive industry decentralises and introduces more EVs. Growth in China and South East Asia offers particularly good opportunities

  • CFR-Rinkens - 375 x 250 c

    CFR Rinkens

    CFR Rinkens, a freight forwarder based in Los Angeles, California, has been leading an accelerating trend in containerised car transport in recent years. Using an innovative racking system, CFR has been able to safely stack up to five cars per 40-foot container. In North American ...

  • Joanne Perry

    Thinking inside the box


    Thinking outside the box is generally applauded, but thinking inside the box is becoming increasingly common. And no, I’m not only talking about the UK government’s unimaginative strategising as the nation stumbles towards Brexit. Where once ro-ro transport was the undoubted method for moving finished vehicles, containerisation is increasingly becoming a viable option as the industry decentralises its production and also shifts towards different types of vehicles…

  • Ford Heinrichs

    Europe conference: Data sharing could ease port constraints for finished vehicles


    Strong growth in vehicle numbers moving into and out of Europe over the past few years has created capacity constraints and bottlenecks at the continent’s ports. While the scope to significantly expand physical space might be limited, executives from carmakers and logistics providers have suggested better visibility and sharing of ...

  • Alex Meza, JC

    FVL conference: Will big outbound visions ever happen in real-time?


    The eighth annual Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference discussed lots of potential for connected car and in-vehicle technology to transform transport and tracking. However, uncertainties over which technology to focus on, as well as regulatory and economic questions, may hold back important software and hardware updates. Marcus Williams reports ...

  • DSCF2501

    Cars in containers: Boxing above their weight


    Suppliers of car container equipment are gaining ground by providing fast, flexible shipping options in specific global marketsIn this story... Racks and cassettes Electric cars light up the way Containing the situation in Asia Incorporating SKD kits Multimodal growth potential Shipping vehicles by container has long been an option for ...