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    Redesigning in-plant logistics at Opel/Vauxhall


    Part of exclusive coverage of Opel/Vauxhall, director of supply chain Michael Scholl describes how the carmaker is adjusting its in-plant logistics in response to supply chain complexity and changes Opel/Vauxhall special features Read these other stories that form part of this exclusive coverage of Opel/Vauxhall's supply chain management: End-to-send control ...

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    Aiming for end-to-end control at Opel/Vauxhall


    Michael Scholl , Opel/Vauxhall’s director of supply chain, d iscusses parallel planning, in-plant logistics customisation and complexity with Automotive Logistics When carmakers make changes, be it launching a new model, adding or shifting a supplier location, or selling in a new market, they reverberate across the supply chain, either ...

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    Executive summary: Blue skies over Bonn as logistics returns to growth


    Vehicle sales and production are rising again in Europe, while supply chain complexity is driving more demand for logistics and better systems. But many risks remain both within the industry, and on Europe's periphery. Additional reporting by Marcus Williams and Zoë Apostolides [sam_ad id=6 codes='true'] Although the Europe conference was ...

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    OEMs may be buying too much packaging


    Packaging provider Orbis released figures suggesting that container and rack inventory in the automotive sector can be overstocked by as much as 30%.Dan Roovers (pictured), vice-president for automotive sales at the company, told delegates at the Automotive Logistics Europe conference that the automotive industry had a tendency to manage packaging ...

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    ​Chep to unveil intercontinental pooling service at AL Europe


    Reusable container and pallet pooling provider, Chep, will reveal a new intercontinental pooling service to the industry at the Automotive Logistics Europe conference, being held in Bonn, Germany this week. “With our new offering we have developed an efficient, sustainable and cost effective packaging solution for industrial companies with a ...

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    Covering all the bases in damage protection


    With quality expectations higher than ever, OEMs have to consider the cost and general effectiveness of damage avoidance solutions, including full body covers. In this story... Cost versus protection Wrapped up in film Opting for full coverage Targeting risk If there is one thing that carmakers, logistics providers, dealers and ...

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    Minda's journey from desi to dominance


    From humble beginnings to a sprawling automotive network, Indian tier one Minda had to learn supply chain quality along the way. Automotive manufacturers used to build much of their supplies and equipment under their own roof in India. The number of blue and white-collar workers at Premier Automobile, makers of ...

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    Getting to the point of return


    As China’s use of returnable packaging for automotive parts grows, the need for standardisation has become increasingly importantThe move towards wider use of returnable packaging is gaining momentum in China, although it still has a long way to go. Increasing the use of such equipment still depends largely on further ...


    Local logistics and engineering partnership at Nissan Europe


    Nissan Europe has benefited from closer collaboration between engineers, suppliers and logistics during vehicle development, especially for its Sunderland plant The UK automotive industry has been the darling of Britain’s nascent economic recovery, praised equally by politicians, economists and union leaders. Vehicle sales have bucked the euro-zone crisis; production has ...


    Better logistics help propel Nissan Sunderland


    Logistics costs in automotive are now often more expensive than manufacturing vehicles within a plant, according to Nissan Europe’s purchasing and manufacturing boss. As a result, the company’s efforts in recent years to reduce those costs have been important to the success of the carmaker’s plant in Sunderland, in the ...

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    Orbis introduces sealed edge parts packaging


    Sustainable packaging provider, Orbis, has introduced a new, sealed-edge technology for the packing and delivery of automotive parts. The company, which stated its interest in improving inventory control and enhancing the safety of its workers, implemented the new design as an alternative to the stitched, top-edge or folded over design ...

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    Maruti Suzuki on raising the Indian supply chain


    Competition can do wonders for a business. When rivals outdo a company, it is often forced to explore possibilities that were previously unknown to it. This is something Sudam Maitra, former senior managing executive officer for supply chain at Maruti Suzuki, realised early in a purchasing career that has spanned three decades

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    Raising the Indian supply chain: Q&A with Sudam Maitra


    Sudam Maitra (pictured) talks to Ramesh Kumar about using third party logistics providers and mapping the tier supply chain Ramesh Kumar: You’re planning a new manufacturing facility in Gujarat. Will you entice suppliers to set up factory-side facilities? Sudam Maitra: It will be a mix-and-match. Today, we have ...

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    D​HL to develop Chicago container facility


    DHL Global Forwarding has announced an investment of $35m for a warehouse space in Chicago, Illinois. Around 40,000 square metres is available for container-loading and package preparation, ready to forward on to a variety of industry suppliers likely to include automotive. The facility will be strategically located at the Chicago ...

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    Supply chain promises deferred, but not yet broken in India


    This year’s Automotive Logistics India conference came at the end of a tough year for the domestic automotive market. But the downturn has not prevented manufacturers from striving and investing to improve speed and flexibility in their supply chains. Report by Christopher Ludwig and Zoë Apostolides in Pune It ...

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    Is expendable packaging too expensive?


    Depending on its use, received wisdom about one-way packaging in the automotive supply chain does not necessarily applyIn this story... Tipping toward one-way Returnable reasoning Container risks Mixed solutionsIn an assembly plant somewhere in Detroit, there’s something going on that, according to conventional automotive industry custom and practice, shouldn’t be. ...

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    Logwin introduces single-use packaging prototype


    Luxembourg-based logistics provider Logwin has introduced a prototype single-use packaging for gearboxes based on a corrugated cardboard and wood combination that it said provides a 15% higher packing density. “The dimensions of the cardboard boxes or wooden cases are such that we can fully utilise the volume of the air ...

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    BMW's one and only in America


    To meet domestic and export demand for the SUVs it produces, BMW is introducing measures to reduce logistics cost and complexity at its Spartanburg plant. In this story... Inbound management Global supply chain links Containers on tracks A global export strategy Improving plant and warehouse integration BMW’s only North ...

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    Feeding the lean machine in North America


    Efficient and growing production is putting pressure on tier suppliers to better manage their own logistics networks in North America Capacity and creativity Shape of things to come Balance at Draexlmaier Flexibile space use Local goes global IT for support Mergers and acquisitions Tier one suppliers in North America are ...

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    CAPS rebrands container management business


    US-based pooling service provider Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS) has rebranded its Intermediate Bulk Container management business as Chep Pallecon Solutions. Chep and CAPS are both divisions of supply chain and information management provider Brambles. “We have combined forces with the existing Chep Automotive & Industrial Solutions group under a ...