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  • Schnellecke_top

    Schnellecke and Core Focus open new eyes to logistics


    Logistics provider Schnellecke and recruitment agency Core Focus Personnel have revealed a new work experience pilot for students taking place this month at Schnellecke’s site in McCalla, near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. McCalla-based Core Focus Personnel, which specialises in providing staff and training services to tier one and two suppliers around central ...

  • GM_Building

    GM builds $65m parts operation in Michigan


    [UPDATED] GM’s Customer Care and Aftersales (CCA) division will open a new $65m service parts warehouse near Flint, Michigan, next year that will be more than double the size of its existing facility in the state. Construction begins this month on the facility and it is one of the biggest ...

  • HS002_001DG

    FCA to review security after pick-up thefts


    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has said it will reassess security measures at a shipping yard in the Detroit suburb of Warren after thieves drove away with eight Ram pick-up trucks in an early morning raid. The theft is reported to have been carried out by a gang who drove up ...

  • F150CNG_2451

    Meridian fire causes parts shortages in US


    [UPDATED] A fire last week at the Meridian Lightweight Technologies plant in Michigan has led to parts shortages at a number of carmakers’ plants in the US.The fire, followed by a number of explosions, ripped through the northern part of the Meridian plant in Eaton Rapids, which makes instrument panel ...

  • AL_D2_0988

    Audi México: Risk and reward


    When Audi opened its assembly plant in Mexico in September 2016, it was a milestone achievement on a number of levels. It was the first factory the German carmaker had set up outside Europe and the first that it was exclusively managing overseas (the two factories in China are joint ...

  • DCT_2201THOR_LITHIA_102

    Prologis buys DCT Industrial


    Prologis is buying rival US-based logistics real estate developer DCT Industrial for $8.4 billion. The acquisition gives Prologis more than 65 hectares of additional industrial project space and almost 80 hectares of land in pre-development, predominantly in Seattle, Atlanta, South Florida and Southern California. “For some time, we have considered ...

  • FCA_Chrysler_-_Brampton_Assembly_Plant_web

    Strike at Lear plant hits seat supply at FCA Brampton


    Union-affiliated workers at the Lear seating plant in Ajax, Canada, went on strike over the weekend, disrupting production at the nearby Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) plant in Brampton (pictured) to which Lear supplies complete seats from Ajax on a just-in-time basis. In a statement, FCA admitted that the action taken ...

  • Toyota_Shell_Project truck

    Toyota-Shell hydrogen fuel station set for go-ahead


    Toyota and Shell Oil Products US have been provisionally awarded $8m by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to develop the first hydrogen truck refuelling station at the port of Long Beach.If approved at a commission meeting on May 9, Shell will build, own and operate the station at the Toyota ...

  • 2018_01_08_PM_Cuxport_Frejya

    Trusting the market will stay afloat


    European vehicle-handling ports saw growth in vehicle vehicle volumes in 2017, however geo-political worries – not least Brexit – is causing concerns. Ports continue to invest but there are worries over future volumes and capacity levels. 

  • porsche-normal

    Porsche to open first PDC in Canada


    Porsche will open its first parts distribution centre (PDC) near Toronto by the end of next year as it responds to a 17% increase in sales of its vehicles across Canada during 2017. Last year, the premium sports car manufacturer sold almost 8,250 vehicles at its 19 dealerships across the ...

  • maersk-line-7_web_copy

    Navigating uncharted waters


    At 04.00 on June 26 last year, Jim Hagemann Snabe, chairman of AP Moller-Maersk, was woken by a phone call from his office. That’s when he learned that the global shipping giant had fallen victim to a cyber-attack. Over the next few hours, the true severity of the incident became ...

  • Boao_Forum

    China to slash car import tariffs and aid foreign JVs


    China’s president Xi Jinping has said the country will greatly reduce its current 25% duty on foreign-made cars as part of wider efforts to increase imports and reduce its trade surplus with other countries.“This year we will significantly lower import tariffs for vehicles and reduce import tariffs for some other ...

  • LazaroCardenas

    SSA Marine expands vehicle processing in Mexico and Canada


    Marine and rail terminal company SSA Marine has completed the first phase of development at its Special Automobile Terminal in Lázaro Cárdenas port in Mexico. It has also announced new business for finished vehicle handling on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada, which is due to start in ...

  • 10C1051_12 lr

    Mercedes-Benz: Taking an end-to-end approach


    It may have taken Mercedes-Benz around 120 years to reach 1m cars per year, breaching the mark around the turn of the 21stcentury. However, the recent surge in growth of the brand has seen it rise by around 1m units in sales and production in just five years, with passenger ...

  • RandyBeggs_Proficient

    Proficient Auto Transport appoints new president and CEO


    Randy Beggs (pictured) has moved from his role as COO at US-based finished vehicle haulier, Proficient Auto Transport, to become president and CEO. He will now handle the day-to-day running of the company.Beggs replaces Kirk Williams, who held the role since 2004 and has now become chairman of the board.Proficient ...

  • Article

    - 马士基航运公司要求行业广泛推行无纸化平台


    全球运输公司 — 马士基航运公司与IBM合作,在合资公司项目中广泛实行无纸化平台,目的是为了提高买卖交易的速度。“北美贸易报告”最近刚刚报告,马士基航运公司认为该系统将会提高对客户的透明度,最终能节省数亿美元。 面对美国贸易进出口之间不断加深的缺口,供应链中的每一方,包括制造商、物流供应商及基础设施开发商都需要聚在一起商量,投资,促进出口。公司称,包括汽车业在内的所有人都在寻求最佳途径,比如建立联合行业标准,使用最新数字技术等。 据马士基报告称,由于今年高工资、低就业率及GDP稍有增长等因素的推动,2018年的美国市场将增长3-5%。去年,市场增长了6.8%。马士基报告称,在线零售增长成为影响商品需求的主要因素,因而上游供应链在上市速度和可靠性方面承受不少压力,而且还有可视性和控制等其他因素。 但与此同时马士基发现,美国与其他地区的贸易不平衡,尤其是亚洲,导致每两个向美国的进口国中,就有一个是出口空缺。这种不平衡会在今年越演欲裂。对马士基这样规模的公司而言,这意味着要出口很多空集装箱。 马士基航运北美公司贸易与市场部长Christian Pedersen说,“作为一家航运公司,我们认为自己并没有处于运输环境中,而愿意成为贸易开发的一部分。” 通过全球标准平衡贸易公司称,关键就在于立法和商业投资规划,从而促进出口和贸易分歧再平衡。这反过来需要供应链各方更强烈的意愿,为了更加平衡的贸易利益努力。 Pedersen对Automotive Logistics说,“供应链中的公司已经团结一致,开发和创造投资,促进全球贸易和出口。这就需要所有的公司逆流而上,投资生产厂,与码头经营商、铁路经营上和需要投资公司和其他基础设施的政府密切合作。” Pedersen说,这就是马士基与IBM合作的原因。 “如果你真想大范围改变供应链,提高效率,那就需要一个汗液方案,而不是供应链里某一个公司的方案。”他还说,与IBM的合作是建立在创造一个公开平台的基础上,供应链里所有供应商都能参与,建立一种能够改进效率的中间平台。 这在海洋运输业内是有先例的。马士基是参与不定期运输到固定班轮运输举措的首批海运服务供应商之一。今年是马士基建立固定班轮运输服务90周年;第一个业务就是为福特公司在美国和日本之间运输汽车零部件。 Pedersen说,“从不定期运输到固定班轮转变的意义在于其独有性,行业开始改变,基础设施也跟着调整。客户能够每周一次固定出航。” 采用航运集装箱是另一个创新举措,他说这需要整个行业都采用,才能真正提高效率。如果只有一个公司使用,那么全球的起始港口和码头不需要投资,也无法得到好处,而这将成为全球贸易标准化的途径。 马士基航线进行了很多实验,包括与物流供应商Agility合作调查中间标准化行业平台。公司正在研究如何提供临时可视性,不仅是在海洋,还有陆地上。 墨西哥海湾机遇据马士基公司称,地区出口贸易潜力开发有两个非常好的实例。两个都是在美国墨西哥海岸地区。页岩气出口是一个积极贸易来源,另一个是旧车部门。美国是全球二手车最大出口国,而马士基是海洋集装箱整车最大运输商。Pedersen预测,墨西哥湾地区港口存储中心有大约500,000辆二手车,并且表示二手车出口还有增长的空间。 这种趋势因为Harvey飓风的破坏而得到增强,去年对市场产生了巨大影响。虽然销账和保险索赔可能会推动新车销量增长,正如PwC分析公司在去年全球汽车物流会议上指出的那样,但是这些只有少许损坏的汽车非常适合在其他市场再行销。 Pedersen说,“很多这样的车出售很容易,在其他市场广泛使用,包括非洲、中东和印度。”迪拜阿里山港口可能会吸引大量的二手车,因为那里有一个全球二手车拍卖中心。东南亚也是二手车出口重点市场。 为了充分探索集装箱汽车出口的潜力,目前困扰二手车出口手续问题需要解决。这个地区对车辆处理的难度由于二手市场遭受飓风袭击而加剧,而且等待时间也加长了。 Pedersen: Global reach and global scale are key Pedersen说,“决定保险公司决策,以及如何回应一年全国个别紧急事件,这些都需要时间解决。” Pedersen说,作为服务供应商,以及二手车出口供应链合作商,马士基吸收流程中所产的影响对客户来说非常重要,所能做的就是采用数字工具。他说,二手车的清关和文书程序都是一些特殊要求,而且出口商还需要时将这些车运到港口。 Pedersen说,“我们发现我们的作用就是在与合作商完成程序中充当专家,为他们提供方案。而且,因为我们拥有海洋运输商及码头经营商的优势,我们可以很好地研究如何为二手车出口商设计方案。” 据Pedersen称,只需要预定一个出口集装箱,就跟在线购买运动鞋一样或披萨一样简单。信息流需要答复简化,而且Pedersen说就是物流加工信息流一端,技术和数字得以在行业和供应链中转化,成为促进全球贸易发展的关键。 对汽车业而言,马士基并没有限制二手车出口。汽车集装箱运输不断增长,而Pedersen称马士基想为客户提供一站式服务,包括装配厂的全散件装备运输,以及流程末端整车再出口。 Pedersen说,“这是否适用于新车,全球供应链是否已经准备好,或者二手车是否需要进入新兴市场玩过,关键因素是全球范围。全球无死角大范围的网络,以及建立地方机构,是这些领域真正极为需要的东西。”

  • FindNewRoadsTrip45

    GM calls for dialogue as US-China trade war looms


    General Motors has called on the US and China to pursue long-term, lasting trade policies in the face of threats by each country to impose a total of $50 billion in import tariffs on each other’s goods. China has said it would impose a 25% tariff on 106 US products, ...

  • Jack Cooper Transport Silverado 1

    Jack Cooper: The wheels of revolution


    At the FVL North America conference, you said we were experiencing a technological revolution rather than an evolution. What do you think are the biggest changes happening now?I think we’ve got to look at it in our business from both sides: what’s happening in the actual vehicles and with the ...

  • PenskeLogTruck

    Penske Logistics puts the focus on driver behaviour


    Third-party logistics provider Penske Logistics has announced the introduction of onboard cameras to improve safety across its North American fleet of more than 2,800 heavy-duty trucks. The event-triggered cameras will capture footage both inside the cab and out through the front windscreen, and are being introduced along with a new ...

  • Terminal_Tampa

    Asset management firm buys Amports


    InstarAGF Asset Management has bought North American automotive port logistics processor Amports from Lincolnshire Management for an undisclosed sum. Amports, based in Jacksonville, Florida, directly owns around half of its land portfolio and provides carmakers with portside vehicle processing services that include rail loading and unloading, inspection, storage, repairs and ...