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    Supply chain promises deferred, but not yet broken in India


    This year’s Automotive Logistics India conference came at the end of a tough year for the domestic automotive market. But the downturn has not prevented manufacturers from striving and investing to improve speed and flexibility in their supply chains. Report by Christopher Ludwig and Zoë Apostolides in Pune It ...

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    Is expendable packaging too expensive?


    Depending on its use, received wisdom about one-way packaging in the automotive supply chain does not necessarily applyIn this story... Tipping toward one-way Returnable reasoning Container risks Mixed solutionsIn an assembly plant somewhere in Detroit, there’s something going on that, according to conventional automotive industry custom and practice, shouldn’t be. ...

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    Logwin introduces single-use packaging prototype


    Luxembourg-based logistics provider Logwin has introduced a prototype single-use packaging for gearboxes based on a corrugated cardboard and wood combination that it said provides a 15% higher packing density. “The dimensions of the cardboard boxes or wooden cases are such that we can fully utilise the volume of the air ...

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    BMW's one and only in America


    To meet domestic and export demand for the SUVs it produces, BMW is introducing measures to reduce logistics cost and complexity at its Spartanburg plant. In this story... Inbound management Global supply chain links Containers on tracks A global export strategy Improving plant and warehouse integration BMW’s only North ...

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    Feeding the lean machine in North America


    Efficient and growing production is putting pressure on tier suppliers to better manage their own logistics networks in North America Capacity and creativity Shape of things to come Balance at Draexlmaier Flexibile space use Local goes global IT for support Mergers and acquisitions Tier one suppliers in North America are ...

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    CAPS rebrands container management business


    US-based pooling service provider Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS) has rebranded its Intermediate Bulk Container management business as Chep Pallecon Solutions. Chep and CAPS are both divisions of supply chain and information management provider Brambles. “We have combined forces with the existing Chep Automotive & Industrial Solutions group under a ...

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    Skoda innovates at Czech plant


    VW’s Skoda division has announced a series of logistics projects, designed to improve transport efficiency and reduce costs, that it said will be pioneered at its main production facility at Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic. The first of three innovations devised by the company is the implementation of new ...

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    SDV launches mobile tracking app


    SDV, a subsidiary of the Bolloré group, which ranks amongst the top ten globally for transport and logistics, has launched a mobile tracking app. The app is intended to enhance the company's supply chain management capabilities and is available for tablets and smartphone users. The SDV app integrates the features ...

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    Tier one complexity and fresh looks


    Our October-December coverage has dedicated a lot of space to the logistics management of tier one suppliers, including Magna International , the Behr Group and Johnson Controls International . Their prominence is no coincidence, as suppliers’ supply chain management is becoming more important. With carmakers such as the Volkswagen ...

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    How to ensure many happy returns for packaging


    Surgere’s RFID refinements are cancelling out the disadvantages of returnable packaging for tier one supplier Johnson Controls Ask almost anyone in the automotive industry, and they’ll tell you that, in theory, returnable packaging is a great idea. When it comes to using this equipment, however, their views may be less ...

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    India packaging – the next best thing to being naked


    Short of parts arriving without any packaging at all, OEMs and inbound logictics providers in India are working together to ensure line-side delivery in the most efficient and cost-effective means possible Experts claim that the price of packaging, including its transport costs and impacts on the automotive supply chain, account ...

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    Complexity meets coordination at Magna Europe


    Magna Logistics Europe has increasingly taken a more integrated approach to engineering logistics across the tier supplier’s massive European network, including rolling out IT tools and concepts developed at contract manufacturing unit, Magna Steyr

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    Growth and other good problems to have in North American supply chains


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    Zebra reveals precision tracking system


    Tracking software provider Zebra Technologies has introduced an application that provides real time information on the location, status and condition of reusable racks and containers used to store and deliver parts to the vehicle assembly line.According to the company, the management solution has been designed to simplify the complexity of ...

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    Behr necessities for tier one expansion


    Behr America is putting logistics at the heart of its North American growth, including adding new assembly processes, changing 3PLs and increasing its use of intermodal transport

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    Chep adds foldable large container for European automotive industry


    Packaging-pooling provider Chep has added a foldable large container (FLC) sized for the European automotive market to its fleet of returnable equipment. The container, called FLC 1208, is based on the standard 1,200 x 800mm size of European pallets, which is currently used in the majority of warehousing and transport ...

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    ​K Line India starts milkruns for Denso


    “K” Line’s subsidiary company in India, K Line (India) Private Limited, has started milkrun operations of automotive parts in the suburbs of Delhi for Denso India. The company has suggested that it is one of the first examples of such activities for tier suppliers in the country. The milkrun ...

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    Schnellecke expands services in Spain and India


    The Schnellecke Group is expanding services in Spain, including an extended contract with Audi in Barcelona, and a new assembly project in Pamplona. It has also ramped up automotive activity outside Europe, including in North America and in India, where it has added further complete-knockdown kit (CKD) handling services. Schnellecke’s ...

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    Cargolift to handle inbound for Renault-Nissan


    Cargolift is reported to have secured a contract with Renault-Nissan in Brazil to handle the transport of inbound parts from regional suppliers to Nissan’s factory in Resende and to the Renault facility in Pinhais. ​ Operations to the Nissan plant will begin in October this year, and thereafter and ...

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    Toyota's total supply chain vision


    Toyota’s North American Logistics Control division is taking a more centralised approach to managing its inbound logistics network in an effort to influence the carmaker’s purchasing decisionsThe Toyota Production System (TPS) demands similar processes for logistics wherever they may take place in the world. The emphasis on heijunka – the ...