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    ALSC Digital Strategies 2023 - Wrap-up day two


    Learn how digital technologies can be leveraged to ensure growth at the inaugural ALSC Digital Strategies. 

  • ALSC Digital Strategies  copy

    ALSC Digital Strategies 2023 - Wrap-up day one


    Learn how digital technologies can be leveraged to ensure growth at the inaugural ALSC Digital Strategies. 

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    VW Group steers production in line with dropping demand for EVs


    Healthy EV sales across the VW Group in the first nine months of the year are giving way to a “general reluctance” among consumers to buy them

  • Seat appoints Marc Riera as its new executive vice president of purchasing

    Seat appoints Marc Riera as executive vice president for Purchasing


    Riera has more than 20 years of international experience with Volkswagen, Seat’s parent company. 

  • Markus-Haupt-join-SEAT

    Markus Haupt leads production and logistics at Seat


    Spanish carmaker Seat has appointed Markus Haupt executive vice-president of production and logistics to help drive forward its goals for electrification 

  • Oliver_Blume_VWGroup

    Oliver Blume to replace Diess as CEO of Volkswagen Group


    Oliver Blume, a former head of production and logistics at Porsche, will take over from Herbert Diess as chief executive of VW Group from the beginning of September this year as the carmakers transforms its manufacturing and supply chain for electrification. 

  • VW_digital_factory

    A shift in priorities for the supply chain


    Ongoing disruption in the automotive supply chain has triggered a focus on supply chain visibility and robustness as the means to secure healthy global networks

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    VW Group rail link makes vehicle logistics more sustainable in Spain


    Seat will begin a new weekly rail service linking its plant in Martorell, Spain with the Volkswagen Autoeuropa factory in Palmela, Portugal this month.

  • SEAT-SA-and-SETRAM-launch-the-first-megatruck_02_HQ

    Setram deploys megatruck for Seat vehicle shipments


    Setram is helping Seat deliver vehicles more efficiently to the port of Barcelona by adding capacity to road shipments with the deployment of a 11-car megatruck

  • SEAT Effibot AMR robot

    Seat adds logistics cobots at Martorell


    Spanish carmaker Seat has started using two autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at its plant in Martorell for the picking of parts from its onsite storage warehouses.

  • Christian Friedl Director SEAT Martorell with Leon

    Christian Friedl takes over as director of Seat Martorell


    Christian Friedl is moving from Porsche to become director of Seat’s Martorell plant in Spain, starting from January 1. He replaces Rainer Fessel, who is moving to take over the management of the VW factory in Wolfsburg.

  • Herbert-Steiner_01_HQ

    Griffiths becomes president of Seat; Steiner takes over as VP of production and logistics


    Wayne Griffiths is taking over as CEO of Spanish carmaker Seat, while Herbert Steiner has been named the new vice-president for production and logistics. Griffiths replaces Luca de Meo, who left earlier this year to head up Renault. Griffiths has been the CEO of Seat’s performance brand Cupra since January 2019, which he will continue to lead. Steiner, meanwhile, has been the head of the motor and foundry business area at Volkswagen Group Components since 2018

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    Setting the scope for recovery and resilience at Seat


    Well before coronavirus became top of everyone’s mind, Seat had been implementing a range of supply chain and logistics technologies at its Martorell plant near Barcelona that supported better control, planning and handling of parts and material in its supply chain. These systems have helped Seat to restart production and to avoid a single stoppage as a result of material shortages, according to Juan Vivas, inbound manager of the Martorell plant 

  • ALFVLSummerCover

    AL FVL Summer 2020

    Collaboration between the automotive, logistics and the tech sectors is growing by the day, with the coronavirus crisis accelerating digitalisation across the supply chain. Our latest digital edition explores systems standards and tech innovations, including new communication protocols for vehicle logistics in Europe, and a range of new supply chain technology at Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Audi México, VW Zwickau, Seat Martorell and Renault F-1. 

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    Audi using drone to locate vehicles at Neckarsulm


    In the latest example of Industry 4.0 technology being used across the VW Group for logistics applications, Audi is conducting a drone pilot project to more efficiently locate vehicles for dispatch at its Neckarsulm assembly plant in Germany…

  • Christian_Vollmer_VW

    Vollmer takes on production and logistics role at VW Passenger Cars


    Dr Christian Vollmer is taking over as board member for production and logistics at Volkswagen’s Passenger Cars brand, replacing Dr Andreas Tostmann, who moved to the CEO role at MAN Bus & Truck last week. Dr Vollmer will step into the role effective August 1…

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    Tostmann replaces Drees as CEO of Man Truck & Bus


    Dr Andreas Tostmann is moving from his role at Volkswagen as member of the Board of Management for the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand with responsibility for production and logistics..

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    Spain’s auto industry to get billion-euro boost from government


    The Spanish government has announced a €3.75 billion ($4.2 billion) stimulus programme for the country’s automotive sector, designed to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus and boost the sale of low-emission vehicles.

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    Start-stop production part of the new normal for OEMs


    Carmakers are potentially hostage to a halting series of restarts as the automotive industry tries to gradually restart production across Europe in regions seeing a lowering of coronavirus infections. During last week’s Livestream event from Ultima Media Matteo Fini, executive director, automotive supply chain and technology, at market analyst IHS Markit said start and stop operations, such as Kia has recently experienced, are definitely part of the new normal

  • Seat PCR testing

    Seat to restart production this week


    Spanish carmaker Seat has announced it will restart production gradually from April 27 after agreeing testing procedures on employees with union representatives. Seat aims to use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing on its employees to screen for the coronavirus…