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    Major investment to double vehicle handling at Philadelphia port


    The US state of Pennsylvania is investing $93m in the port of Philadelphia's finished vehicle terminal to more than double annual import capacity there to 350,000 vehicles. The move is part of an overall $300m government investment in infrastructure, warehousing and equipment at the port.The capital investment programme was first ...

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    Hamann replaces Brandl in head automotive role at Union Pacific


    Linda Brandl (pictured) has left her role as vice-president and general manager of automotive at Union Pacific, and moved to a similar position overseeing the US rail provider’s coal commodity group. Brandl took up the new role at the beginning of February.Brandl is now responsible for managing Union Pacific's coal ...

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    Mexico conference: Audi adapts logistics for San José Chiapa


    When Audi starts series production later this year of the Q5 SUV crossover at its new plant in San José Chiapa, in the state of Puebla, Mexico, it will begin one of the most complex operations for parts handling and logistics in the country, with tremendous variety and customisation in ...

  • Remarketing session

    FVL conference: time is money in vehicle remarketing sector


    Seasonal trends and regional buying habits in the used car market are a headache for transport companies looking to maximise efficiency and even profit on the backhauls of outbound new car deliveries. Used car movements remain largely reliant on regional truck haulers when often a national transport solution is needed. ...

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    A tale of two seasons for North American vehicle logistics


    The 6th annual FVL North America conference brought together 350 delegates to sunny California, where they discussed the lingering chill of winter affecting the logistics network, at the same time that sales and investment in the sector continue to sizzleAdditional reporting by Marcus Williams and Rachael HoggIt was the best ...

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    Toyota’s fuel cell future rolls on


    In launching its new, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai (left), Toyota had to work carefully with a number of chemical organisations, right through to the United Nations, to make sure the vehicles could be shipped in the most efficient way possible.In the push for alterative fuel vehicles, whether plug-in ...

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    General Motors trials Teruel rail route to Valencia port


    In Spain, General Motors has begun sending consignments of finished vehicles from its manufacturing plant at Figueruelas, near Zaragoza in the north of the country, to the port of Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast, using the old railway link that passes through the city of Teruel.Local press reports suggest that ...

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    BLG reports gains supported by automobile and container divisions


    BLG Logistics has reported a moderate 3.3% rise in sales to almost €883m ($986m) during the 2014 financial year and said that increased earnings in the automobile and container divisions were major factors in the results, which also saw pre-tax earnings rise by €17.4m to €30.1m.The German logistics provider said ...

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    Car sector should be exempt from India-EU FTA says SIAM


    The free trade agreement currently being negotiated between India and the European Union is not in the best interests of India's motor manufacturing industry, according to trade body the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM).“FTAs with competing countries do not benefit the Indian automobile industry,” said SIAM in a statement, ...

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    Baltic seaports hit by fall in vehicle and parts imports to Russia


    Ports with automotive terminals on the Baltic Sea have reported losses because of the sharp drop in car and components imports to Russia after the last year’s devaluation of the Russian ruble. Market analysts warn that any further decrease in supplies could result the potential closure of the automotive terminals ...

  • VinaStarHQ

    Cheaper imports crushing Vietnamese auto manufacturing


    Carmakers in Vietnam are switching to imported vehicles to satisfy consumer demand, which is reported to be threatening the existence of domestic manufacturing in the country.Consumers are increasing showing a preference for imports because of perceived higher quality and lower prices. Thailand, in particular, has found the Vietnamese market to ...