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    WWL restructures with top executive moves


    Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) has restructured its global organisation from four geographical business units into two market performance areas (MPAs): Atlantic and Asia Pacific. The switch, which is effective this month, includes a number of top executive reassignments.“Over the years, WWL has continuously developed and grown our organisation to suit ...

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    Chrysler’s ePOD initiative now in full swing


    Chrysler’s mandate that all vehicle deliveries to its dealers in the US must be administered electronically is now in effect, with a number of leading transport companies in compliance, equal to around 1,600 trucks. The companies are using the electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) mobile app, called vinDeliver, provided by ...

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    WWL enters joint venture for vehicle services in Myanmar


    [This story was updated on Thursday 10 July] Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) has started a joint venture with Myanmar-based freight forwarder Carrier King Logistics to provide distribution services for finished vehicles in the country.The joint venture, which is 80% controlled by WWL, will provide a fleet of car hauliers and ...

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    Chrysler will sell Mitsubishi compact sedan in Mexico


    [This story was updated on Thursday 10 July] Chrysler will start selling a Mitsubishi compact sedan based on the Attrage in Mexico from November this year following a five-year deal signed between the two carmakers. The vehicle will be built in Thailand, at Mitsubishi’s assembly plant in Laem Chabang, and ...

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    Autotechnoimport to launch Carex platform for improved deliveries


    Russian transport provider Autotechnoimport is in the final stages of testing an information sharing service for car carriers that is designed to reduce lead times and empty mileage as well as maximise loads, helping transport providers achieve better cost efficiency at a time when rates are low and capacity is ...

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    Boydstun will start making car carrier equipment again in August


    Boydstun Equipment Manufacturing, formerly known as Boydstun Metal Works, has announced it will return to the manufacturing of commercial auto transport equipment at the start of August this year. According to the company it has already started taking equipment orders and will deliver its first unit by August 30th.Initial production ...

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    Trident Alliance formed, first members announced


    A new coalition of ship owners and operators has been officially launched to collaborate on the enforcement of forthcoming maritime sulphur emission regulations. Called the Trident Alliance, its membership has started with 11 companies, including a number that provide automotive ro-ro services, such as ARC, Eukor Car Carriers, Höegh Autoliners, ...

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    Ford will help India become major export hub


    According to data compiled by India's engineering exporters' body, the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC), the combined value of the country's exports of finished vehicles and auto parts increased by 25% in April 2014.This figure includes exports of cars, as well as two- and three-wheel vehicles. The latter group grew ...

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    WWL wins bid to operate Webb Dock auto terminal


    [This story was updated on 4 July 2014] Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) has won the bid to operate the new Webb Dock automotive terminal at the port of Melbourne in Australia following the submission of a bid back in 2013. The company will operate through its subsidiary Melbourne International Ro-Ro ...

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    Ontime Automotive transports BMW i8 around UK


    BMW has chosen Ontime Automotive, Europe’s largest enclosed car delivery operator, to transport its hybrid BMW i8 around the UK.According to Ontime Automotive, BMW chose it because the company owns the only electric hybrid transporter in the UK, providing transport parity with the plug-in hybrid sports car.Ontime specialises in the ...

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    Car transport modules could offer more operational flexibility


    As carmakers look for extra capacity for the delivery of finished vehicles in North America and transport providers aim to provide it within ever-tighter investment margins, one equipment provider has revealed an alternative to the use of dedicated car carrying trailers by working with custom trailer maker, Kentucky Trailer. Ernest ...

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    Fiat Chrysler's automotive melting pot


    *This article is part of a special focus on Mexico. For other features related to finished vehicle logistics in Mexico click here. For features on the automotive supply chain in Mexico click here.Mercedes Figueroa (below) has taken over Fiat Chrysler’s logistics at a time of supply chain and sales integration. ...

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    The home frontier


    *This article is part of a special focus on Mexico. For other features related to finished vehicle logistics in Mexico click here. For features on the automotive supply chain in Mexico click here.Mexico’s domestic market has been stagnant and yet it is complex, including a high number of used sales ...

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    Special outbound report: For the rápido go the spoils in Mexico


    Logistics providers that don’t act quick could fall behind in the race to handle rising volume out of Mexico. Our special Mexico report continues by exploring the opportunities for vehicle logistics Reporting from south of the borderThe finished vehicle logistics portion of this multi-part report, written by editor Christopher ...

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    All systems ‘go’ at Nissan


    *This article is part of a special focus on Mexico. For other features related to the automotive supply chain in Mexico click here; for more on finished vehicle logistics in Mexico click here.In fifth part of our Automotive Logistics Mexico special, Nissan Mexicana's logistics specialists explain how the carmaker, together ...

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    Special report: Many shades of Mexico


    Logistics is part of what has helped carmakers succeed in Mexico’s historically difficult economy, but will it be an advantage or pitfall in future?Reporting from south of the borderThis special multi-part report, by editor Christopher Ludwig, explores Mexico’s historic and developing supply chain as well as the logistics challenges connected ...

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    Moving towards integration in Southeast Asia


    Potential customs harmonisation among the ten ASEAN nations could see Thailand at the centre of a global automotive powerhouse, with big implications for logisticsThailand continues to hold much promise for the automotive industry. Home to many of the world’s largest carmakers and tier suppliers, it should also receive a boost ...

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    Realities of a risky business


    OEMs would love to reduce their insurance premiums, but with catastrophic damage more frequent, they may have to risk their balance sheets to achieve thisWhen Superstorm Sandy made landfall on the eastern seaboard of the US in October 2012, hurricane-force high winds were just one problem. Another was the enormous ...

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    Russia at a standstill


    The market continues to fall, while transport capacity is exiting the market at an alarming rate. Even with prospects for long-term growth, the lack of investment could mean Russia will struggle to move the goods again when customers return to show rooms. We report from the Automotive Logistics Russia conference ...

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    Ro-ro providers dealing with fragmented trade flows


    Ocean carriers providing services for vehicle import and export to Russia have a lot more to think about in the current climate. Global trade routes continue to fragment, there is a growth in intra-regional supply and vessel sizes are increasing as the industry seeks greater efficiencies by moving larger volumes. ...