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  • penske2016_btm

    GM adds second China import to the US


    Following the announcement that it will be importing the Buick Envision from China to the US this year, GM now also plans to import the plug-in hybrid version of its Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan. The plug-in CT6 model, which will launch in the US in the last quarter of this ...

  • MarcBrazeau_FCA

    Brazeau expands role at FCA to include Mexico; Steunkel takes on inbound


    Marc Brazeau (left) has added a number of new responsibilities to his previous role as head of vehicle transportation at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Since the beginning of January he has become head of vehicle and Mexico logistics, MOPAR/International Procurement. At the same time, Wendi Gentry Steunkel, who is director ...

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    No one size fits all


    Close analysis of damage rates, transport efficiency and handling procedures are necessary to meet the complex and diverse packaging needs of aftermarket distributionPackaging for spare parts requires a multitude of different materials and equipment depending not only on the type of part being moved, but where it is in the ...

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    UPS strengthens US-Mexico cross border services


    UPS has announced that it has strengthened its cross-border services to help US exporters find new opportunities in Mexico, and Mexican exporters to increase trade with the US.The US is Mexico’s largest trading partner, and Mexico is the United States’ second-largest export market – after Canada – and its third-largest ...

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    BMW NA chooses Neovia Logistics for PDC labour services


    Neovia Logistics, a US-based 3PL and supply chain management company, has announced that it has entered into a five-year agreement with BMW of North America.The agreement will see Neovia providing labour services for the OEM’s US regional parts distribution centres in Stockton, California, and Minooka, Illinois. Neovia began working with ...

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    Honda moving CR-V production from Mexico to US


    Honda has announced that it plans to move production of the CR-V from Guadalajara in Mexico, to the company’s Indiana plant in the US. Production of the new HR-V, meanwhile, which is already built at the carmaker's plant in Celaya, Mexico, will also be added to Guadalajara. Both moves are ...

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    ThyssenKrupp makes further investment in Mexico for regional supply


    Vehicle components supplier, ThyssenKrupp, is deepening its footprint in Mexico with the announcement of a €70m ($75.6m) steering systems plant in Puebla that is expected to open early next year. The plant will produce around 1.4m electric power-assisted steering systems per year by 2018 for supply to OEMs in North ...

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    Hyundai bringing Santa Fe Sport to Alabama and Accent to Mexico


    Hyundai Motor in the US has said it will add production of the Santa Fe Sport crossover SUV to its output at the Montgomery plant in Alabama. The model is already in production at Kia Motors’ plant in West Point plant in Georgia, but has not been made in Montgomery ...

  • Japan WWL

    Japan: The ripple effects of a global sea change


    While it remains the top exporter of finished vehicles, Japan has shifted from its central role in the global vehicle trade, with shipping companies adjusting their strategies accordinglyJapan has been the world’s top exporter of vehicles for decades, and it remains renowned for its quality of manufacturing as well as ...

  • Canada rail

    Canada: Changing with the scenery


    It may be at a similar level of development, but Canada is a different logistical landscape to the US, and its changing production patterns mean providers have to work harder to remain efficientWhen considering North America’s vehicle logistics network, emphasis is most obviously put on the US, the world’s largest ...

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    Myanmar awards inland port concession to Kerry Logistics


    Kerry Logistics has announced that its subsidiary, KLN (Singapore) has been awarded a concession to operate inland ports in Yangon and Mandalay, both major commercial ports in the South East Asian country of Myanmar. The ports were previously managed by the government. According to Kerry Logistics, the Myanmar government is ...

  • fedexplane

    Europe regulators approve FedEx acquisition of TNT


    Regulators in the European Union have approved FedEx’s acquisition of TNT Express. The news sees the end of a six-month antitrust investigation that had previously been one of the biggest hurdles towards the deal.The merger – worth around $5 billion – which was announced in April last year, would give ...

  • Magna Logistics team

    Magna: One for all, and all for one


    Magna is putting an emphasis on global coordination, standards and best practice for both logistics and packaging, with technology and training crucial to the tier one’s future successA defining characteristic of large tier one suppliers is often decentralisation. At Canada-based Magna – North America’s largest tier supplier and among the ...

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    Fábrica da GM Lansing adicionará terceiro turno e 500 empregos


    Para atender a demanda do mercado prevista para o Chevrolet Camaro, a GM adicionou um terceiro turno e mais de 500 empregos por hora e mensais na sua fábrica de Montagem Lansing Grand River em Michigan.Uma vez que a contratação for concluída, a adição de um terceiro turno aumentará número ...

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    La planta de Lansing de GM añade un tercer turno y 500 puestos de trabajo


    GM está añadiendo un tercer turno y más de 500 puestos de trabajo Para satisfacer la demanda de mercado prevista para el Chevrolet Camaro en su planta de Lansing Grand River Assembly en Michigan.Una vez se haya completado la contratación, la adición de un tercer turno incrementará el número de ...

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    Formula E looking into electric commercial vehicles for on-site logistics


    Formula E has said that it plans to bring electric trucks and buses to manage its paddock activities.A British start-up company called Charge is working on an electric commercial vehicle that could be used to move cars, equipment, and people around the paddock at Formula E races – helping with ...

  • Volkswagen Werk Chattanooga (USA)

    VW sued by US DoJ over emissions scandal


    The US Department of Justice (DoJ) sued Volkswagen on January 4th for allegedly equipping some of its vehicles with equipment to deceive emissions testing.The OEM revealed that it had installed the cheating software in at least 11m of its diesel cars. The software enabled the vehicles to emit more toxins ...

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    Santa Marta port achieves new productivity levels


    In the Colombian port of Santa Marta, the specialist finished vehicles facility, Fast Terminal, set a new productivity record in December.In the space of one hour and fifty minutes, the terminal disembarked 632 vehicles. According to the port, this is some 232% faster than the regional average, which is around ...

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    GM Lansing plant to add third shift and 500 jobs


    To meet the forecasted market demand for the Chevrolet Camaro, GM is adding a third shift and more than 500 hourly and salaried jobs at its Lansing Grand River Assembly plant in Michigan.Once hiring is completed, the addition of a third shift will increase the plant’s employee number to around ...

  • Import-from-Mexico

    Mexico short sea: Services evolve as volume increases


    Although rail continues to be the dominant mode to move vehicles from Mexico to the US, short-sea shipping is becoming ever more viable.Short-sea shipping for Mexican vehicle exports to the US isn’t new. It’s been around for decades, but every few years it pops up as an ‘emerging trend’. In ...