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  • Porsche Siemens Haru Oni Synthetic EFuels Factory

    Porsche Haru Oni synthetic fuel plant begins production


    The project in Southern Chile has begun its pilot phase to produce 130,000 litres of synthetic fuel from water and wind energy in 2023, using an efficient logistics distribution setup as well.

  • Porsche_Leipzig_assembly_plant

    Porsche retrofitting headlights after supply shortage


    A shortage in the supply of matrix headlights to Porsche’s plant in Leipzig, Germany has now been resolved and the carmaker is working fast to now deliver the backlog of retrofitted vehicles

  • RZD_Bekasovo marshalling yard Moscow

    Charting a course to bypass Russia


    Carmakers including Audi, BMW and Porsche, have suspended shipments through Russia and are trying alternative rail routes to move vehicles and parts between Europe and China

  • Oliver_Blume_VWGroup

    Oliver Blume to replace Diess as CEO of Volkswagen Group


    Oliver Blume, a former head of production and logistics at Porsche, will take over from Herbert Diess as chief executive of VW Group from the beginning of September this year as the carmakers transforms its manufacturing and supply chain for electrification. 

  • Ukraine social Post

    Ukraine’s vital link in the European supply chain


    The closure of Ukraine’s supplier industry and the impact on logistics routes reveals how important the country is to European automotive production

  • Felicity Ace_MOL_02

    Felicity Ace car carrier sinks in Atlantic


    The Felicity Ace car carrier, which caught fire two weeks ago in the Atlantic with 4,000 VW Group vehicles on board, has sunk after being towed to a safe location south of the Azores

  • Felicity_Ace

    VW Group vehicles burn aboard abandoned MOL vessel in Atlantic


    A car carrier vessel operated by MOL carrying a large consignment of VW Group vehicles caught fire in the mid-Atlantic on February 16 and is drifting abandoned south of the Azores

  • 1920_haruoni-site

    Kuehne + Nagel moving plant equipment for Porsche eFuel project in Chile


    The global logistics provider is handling the delivery of equipment to build a plant in renewable energy plant in Punta Arenas that will make e-fuels for the transport sector

  • VW_AppleSkin_Space_Vizzion_concept

    Material shortages are forcing a supply chain rethink in automotive


    In the face of material shortages across the board, carmakers and their suppliers are looking a range of radical alternatives as part of drive toward more sustainable closed-loop supply chains

  • Stanley Robotics parking robot

    Tramosa using robots for vehicle yard management


    Tramosa is using autonomous robots provided by Stanley Robotics for the movement and parking of vehicles at its vehicle compound in Creutzwald, France.

  • A213879_medium

    Audi using AI to assess supply chain sustainability


    Audi is using an AI tool from Prewave to monitor its supply chain for violations of its sustainability code of conduct. The tool uses automotive speech recognition in 50 languages to check for potential violations of Audi’s sustainability criteria and alerts the carmaker to them.

  • EV and hybrid EV assembly plant database

    Electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle plant database


    Track factory locations for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles by manufacturer, model and location

  • jackcoopercarcarrier_383158

    Pandemic gives finished vehicle logistics a fresh perspective


    According to speakers at the Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain North America Live conference there was a silver lining to the disruption inflicted on the automotive industry by the coronavirus pandemic: it allowed companies to look at things afresh and identify where existing problems in the outbound supply chain lay hidden by day-to-day activity.

  • Porsche Taycan North America FVL

    Porsche turns to ICL for better visibility on vehicle deliveries


    The continuing need for accurate tracking of vehicles in the outbound supply chain became more of a critical issue last year as assembly plants ramped up production after the Covid shutdowns. Demand for new cars remained strong throughout the crisis, which shrank available inventory 32%, from 3.8m to 2.6m when plants were shut or operating on restricted schedules and according to new safety protocols.

  • Howard Chang Porsche North America, Brian Hook ICL Systems, Patrick McGinn Glovis America

    Watch: Ensuring finished vehicle logistics keeps pace with demand


    Senior managers from Porsche, Glovis and ICL Systems talk about how they have been keeping dealer lots stocked as consumer demand has returned since the end of stay-at-home orders across America.

  • Volkswagen_Grünstromstrategie

    VW to use sustainable electricity for all shipments by rail in Germany


    Volkswagen Group aims to switch all of the material, parts and vehicles it moves in Germany with state-run rail provider Deutsche Bahn to ‘green electricity’ by 2021 and also wants to increase the number of vehicles it moves by rail in Germany to 60% by 2022, an 8% increase on the number currently moved 

  • Ednh9vsXoAE_1ag

    The medium is the message


    Over the last two years leading players in the European automotive industry have been collaborating on a standard for digital messaging that covers outbound logistics processes from the factory to the dealership. The project has involved almost 30 other organisations, including carmakers, logistics providers, software companies, shortsea car carrier lines and terminal operators 

  • db-schenker-and-porsche-open-new-warehouse-in-canada-2

    Porsche's PDC in Canada to shorten lead times


    A parts distribution centre (PDC) for Porsche cars operated by DB Schenker has opened in Mississauga, Ontario…

  • Porsche_Assembly_Supply_Centre

    Porsche partners with Sap to innovate digital processes


    Porsche has signed a new strategic partnership with software provider Sap aimed at joint innovation in the digital transformation of its production, logistics and ordering processes…

  • Primerbuque3

    Puerto Bahía to distribute Porsche brands in Colombia


    Puerto Bahía, the terminal operator at the Colombian port of Cartanega, has signed a three-year contract with Porsche Colombia to import vehicles under the VW Group brands, including Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen. As part of the agreement, Puerto Bahía will handle vessel calls, offer reception services, ...