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  • GPA Brunswick Colonel's Island terminal 02

    Brunswick port invests in ro-ro expansion


    Georgia Port Authority is investing $262m in infrastructure improvements and building in more capacity to make Brunswick port the biggest ro-ro handler in the US

  • R3_DualRailGang_ToledoOH_20200423_D4S_3363_RT

    Who will tackle North American rail capacity shortages?


    Hyundai Glovis’ director of logistics Darren Acker breaks down the chronic industry issue of delayed vehicle delivery in North America.

  • Andrea_Eck_BLG

    Andrea Eck to leave BLG’s Automobile division


    Andrea Eck is leaving BLG Logistics after a five-year tenure as head of its Automobile division, during which she led the development of new customer segments and preparations for new vehicle technology

  • car-carriers2 copy

    Blueprints for the rebound at North America’s vehicle ports


    North America’s main vehicle-handling ports are preparing for a return in volumes as production stabilises and have built in more sustainable ways to process them

  • FVLNA opening session

    Outbound sector needs accurate deliveries in the nick of time


    At this week’s Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference in Huntington Beach, California, carmakers including Ford, Kia, Nissan, Toyota and VW discussed the urgent issue of low inventory and how important visibility in delivery was for more accurate ETAs

  • 280099_russiaisexportingmostfinishedvehiclesusingautomotivecarriers_671388

    Automotive logistics in Russia is in tatters


    Sanctions on Russia and the withdrawal of foreign carmakers has hit the automotive sector hard, with heavy losses felt by the transport provders

  • Ford-Global-Technology-and-Business-Center-in-Chennai-India

    Ford looks at India as export production hub for EVs


    Ford is considering making a U-turn on its decision to pull manufacturing out of India and looking at EV production for exports following a successful application for support through India’s Champion OEM Incentive Scheme

  • Customer is always right FVL North America.jpg

    Why vehicle dealers and customers want real-time visibility of distribution pipelines


    With vehicle inventories low, and more customers buying vehicles to order or with longer waiting times, the urgency for visibility in the pipeline is now critical for dealerships such as those for Chevrolet – and their end customers. And increasingly, the technology to achieve this tracking exists. This session features learnings from GM, FreightVerify, Glovis America and Black Widow

  • FVL Family Feud

    FVL Family Feud – a game that challenges new ideas and innovations


    Tune in for this fun, interactive game involving industry innovators from Volkswagen, Nissan and Glovis, along with plenty of audience participation. ’Survey says…’ the industry is ready to change and try new things.

  • 2019Annacis Auto Terminal PhotosVFPA2099

    Flooding knocks out rail and road links to port of Vancouver


    Torrential rain and flooding in the Canadian province of British Columbia have disupted rail and road links to the port of Vancouver, leading to congestion at terminals and stopping all inbound shipments of finished vehicles

  • locomotive

    Cross the plains and rugged mountains


    Canadian Pacific has been increasing its investment in compound and track infrastructure to support growing automotive business despite the disruption caused by the coronavirus and looks set to continue its reach across the US and Canada

  • OEM battery cell supplier database

    OEM and lithium-ion battery cell supplier database


    Keep up with changing supplier relationships between electric vehicle manufacturers and battery cell suppliers in this database.

  • EV and hybrid EV assembly plant database

    Electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle plant database


    Track factory locations for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles by manufacturer, model and location

  • ViLOG_Kia_bonded_lot_8.PRINT
    From the industry

    Opinion: Kia Israel slashes costs by digitising its finished vehicle logistics


    Even though automotive factories are among the most advanced and automated on the planet, when a vehicle leaves the factory floor the logistics process is typically analogue, and therefore inefficient and expensive. That has all changed for Kia Israel now that the company has embraced virtual logistics

  • BLG Logistics kelheim Autoterminal KIA

    BLG expands Kelheim capacity for Kia


    BLG Logistics has commissioned the building of a third multistorey car park at its inland auto terminal in Kelheim, Germany for Kia Motors Deutschland.

  • ID.3_prebook

    The way we buy cars has changed forever


    The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated a latent online sales trend, with more than 50% of vehicles across Europe currently sold across some form of online channel, according to new research. This has solidified automakers’ roll out plans for new sales structures across the continent and beyond.

  • ALSC Live Overview

    Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live Overview

    The first Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Live virtual conference is here, with more than 70 speakers and 30 sessions. Read this overview for insight into the key topics and theme, including electric vehicle and battery supply chains, sustainable supply chains, digital transformation and supply chain resilience. Featuring interviews and keynotes from leading carmakers, tier suppliers, logistics providers and supply chain and trade experts. 

  • PhilaPort-NS-Hyundai

    Hyundai Glovis back on track in US by next month despite rail concerns


    Hyundai Kia’s logistics division, Hyundai Glovis, hopes for “some sort of level of normalcy” for the manufacture and distribution of vehicles in the US by July 4, despite railroads being currently under capacity, according to the group’s senior national manager of vehicle logistics, Darren Acker. Hyundai vehicles being ...

  • LivestreamHour_FVL_AfterEvent

    Watch: Livestream Hour Episode 7 - Finished Vehicle Logistics: Restarting the network


    This special livestream episode focuses on the finished vehicle logistics network and how it is preparing to restart for the new normal, with insights from Hyundai Glovis, ProAct and more. Hosted by Christopher Ludwig and featuring updates and insights from the crisis and beyond for automotive supply chain and manufacturing.

  • EmilioHerreranewChiefOperatingOfficerforKiaMotorsEurope

    Watch: Kia maintains investment, launches and stability in Europe


    Kia Motors Europe chief operating officer, Emilio Herrera, and director of marketing, Carlos Lahoz, outline how the Korean brand is learning from supply chain and production disruptions, digitalising sales channels and maintaining investment in electrification to chart a route towards recovery in Europe.