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    TNT revises profit outlook and launches rebrand


    Global logistics provider TNT has said it is revising its forecasted 8% operating margin for 2015 in light of deteriorating trading conditions in Europe and increased competitive pressures. At the same time the company has launched a new brand identity, with a redesigned logo and the addition of the strapline ...

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    Delivering a new world of order


    Carlos Lahoz (left) reveals how Kia is honing its forecasting and supply chain process across Europe, including improving vehicle allocation and material forecasting. Glovis Europe also discusses its ambitions for Hyundai-Kia’s logistics and beyondA company selling more cars than it has capacity to build can be a ‘good problem’ to ...

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    Endless possibilities


    Glovis Europe general manager Frank Schnelle talks about the company's strategy for consolidating logistics in some markets and ambitions to gain transport assets.The growth of Kia and Hyundai in Europe has propelled the expansion of Glovis Europe, the group subsidiary tasked with managing the two brands’ logistics. From its beginnings ...

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    Gaz teams up with Mersa for LCV assembly in Turkey


    Russian OEM, Gaz Group, and Turkish car manufacturer, Mersa Otomotiv, have begun manufacturing the Gazelle Next light commercial vehicle (LCV) in Turkey. This is the first series assembly operation of Russian Euro V-compliant LCVs outside of the country. Assembly from semi-knocked down (SKD) kits will take place in Sakarya, and ...

  • Automotive Logistics Global - Regulation panel

    Global conference: regulatory impact on logistics


    US automotive logistics executives complain that they are feeling the pain of regulatory increases across all transport modes, with the driver pool likely to shrink as well.American businesses have never been fans of regulation. In the automotive industry, it’s currently coming thick and fast, leaving OEMs, suppliers, and logistics businesses ...

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    ECG column: Still all to play for


    With so many questions unanswered regarding sulphur emission regulation changes and final talks over EU trailer lengths still to come, the ECG president calls for action and engagement from everyone with a vested interest.As we head into the final quarter of 2014, you might be reflecting on what a surprising ...

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    Vos and Michelin sign deal for dedicated truck capacity


    Vos Logistics and Michelin have recently signed a Preferred Carrier Agreement that the companies claim will make their transport networks more sustainable by reducing the movement of empty trucks across Europe and increasing intermodal transport wherever possible. The agreement involves dedicated transport flows between Michelin and the Dutch provider, which ...

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    General Motors: waste not, want not


    GM’s executive director of global logistics, Edgard Pezzo, left, talks to Christopher Ludwig about cutting waste and cost in a multi-billion dollar supply chain.When Edgard Pezzo took over as executive director of global logistics and containerisation at General Motors, in May 2013, the top logistics purchasing management job came with ...

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    US trucking survey: loaded up for growth


    Rising sales and rail disruption may have added to the challenges posed by driver and capacity shortages, but investment, better planning and increased collaboration are laying a solid base for further expansion in the sectorThe continued growth in new vehicle sales in the US has ushered in new opportunities for ...


    Lohr builds first CTM prototype for the European market


    Further to the announcement made earlier this year that Lohr Industries has signed a partnership agreement with Convertible Trailer Manufacturers Worldwide (CTM), the French equipment maker has built its first prototype convertible trailer and will be marketing it to the transport industry over the coming months, including at the IAA ...

  • Automotive Logistics Global 2014 - 2020 Vision panel

    Global conference: relentless logistics at Ford, Honda and Chrysler


    As Automotive Logistics Global came to a close in Detroit, a senior level panel of logistics executives discussed themes and thoughts from the event, and looked ahead to what challenges and innovations might be in store for the sector.Automotive Logistics' publisher and conference director Louis Yiakoumi seated left to right ...

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    Out of the light and into the night


    Extended delivery hours offer the benefits of less congestion and reduced dwell time, but they depend on dealer willingness, local laws and crime rates. Surprisingly, there has been a low uptake in Britain compared to parts of the USBack in 2006, a trial began within the British operations of Honda ...

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    Keeping up to speed


    With production in eastern and central Europe predicted to grow further, investment in logistics operations must be made to cope with the flow of exports.Within the borders (and non-borders) of the European Union and its immediate trading partners, the past two decades have seen a gradual, but undeniable expansion of ...

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    Finding ways to improve benchmarking


    Despite a multitude of difficulties, many outbound LSPs are working to benchmark performance, but it will take significant co-operation between OEMs to really push the process forwardBenchmarking in finished vehicle logistics can be a fraught practice. The international scale of the automotive industry, myriad business models and varying company objectives ...

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    Brazil is slowing down to take stock


    The Brazilian automotive sector has seen stalling production and sales following a stagnant economy and the end of tax breaks. Logistics companies are trying to combat the slowdown and find growthFollowing several years of boom time over much of the past decade, Brazil’s automotive supply chain players are now learning ...

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    When supply is a close run thing


    Carmakers are showing a renewed interest in local supply networks, but do the benefits of supplier proximity balance the costs for both sides, or is there a middle distance to be found for a win-win? The evolution of automotive manufacturing has mostly been a story of dis-integration. Today’s car factories ...

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    Dressing for a hot market in a cold network


    The 15th annual Automotive Logistics Global conference, held at the MGM Grand in downtown Detroit, brought senior OEM, tier supplier and logistics provider executives to discuss ways of coping with the current growth and changes across the North American network. Most anticipated growing complexity, an increasingly important Mexico, and the ...

  • Dave Fleenor, BNSF

    Global conference: lessons from the polar vortex


    During the Automotive Logistics Global conference in Detroit, executives in finished vehicle logistics looked back at the impact of the ‘polar vortex’, which hit North America last winter, leading to wide-scale transport disruptions. Some tough lessons were learned, not least by the rail sector, about how to avoid the same ...

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    Global conference: pressure is on for outbound innovation


    “The enterprise that doesn’t innovate ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change, such as the present, the decline will be fast.” So said the management consultant Peter Drucker, and it should be a warning to the finished vehicle sector, according to Kirk Williams, president of car haulier ...

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    Gefco seals outbound deal with Jaguar Land Rover


    Jaguar Land Rover has signed a new outbound contract with logistics and transport provider Gefco for the movement of Range Rovers from its UK production plants to ports of exit. According to Gefco the new deal follows a review by Jaguar Land Rover of its domestic carriers.To support the contract ...