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  • Boydstun_trailer

    Boydstun will start making car carrier equipment again in August


    Boydstun Equipment Manufacturing, formerly known as Boydstun Metal Works, has announced it will return to the manufacturing of commercial auto transport equipment at the start of August this year. According to the company it has already started taking equipment orders and will deliver its first unit by August 30th.Initial production ...

  • Costantino_speech (1)

    On the up and up in Europe


    European vehicle logistics has brighter days ahead thanks to improving sales, however the ECG wants the sector to work together on making key regulatory changes in the European ParliamentThe last time I wrote for this column I said it felt as though we had finally reached the bottom of the ...

  • Ontime_BMWi8

    Ontime Automotive transports BMW i8 around UK


    BMW has chosen Ontime Automotive, Europe’s largest enclosed car delivery operator, to transport its hybrid BMW i8 around the UK.According to Ontime Automotive, BMW chose it because the company owns the only electric hybrid transporter in the UK, providing transport parity with the plug-in hybrid sports car.Ontime specialises in the ...

  • DandridgeModCarHaul10[1]

    Car transport modules could offer more operational flexibility


    As carmakers look for extra capacity for the delivery of finished vehicles in North America and transport providers aim to provide it within ever-tighter investment margins, one equipment provider has revealed an alternative to the use of dedicated car carrying trailers by working with custom trailer maker, Kentucky Trailer. Ernest ...

  • Screenshot_27_06_2014_15_09

    All systems ‘go’ at Nissan


    *This article is part of a special focus on Mexico. For other features related to the automotive supply chain in Mexico click here; for more on finished vehicle logistics in Mexico click here.In fifth part of our Automotive Logistics Mexico special, Nissan Mexicana's logistics specialists explain how the carmaker, together ...

  • Screenshot_27_06_2014_14_02

    Down Mexico way...and back again


    *This article is part of a special focus on Mexico. For other features related to the automotive supply chain in Mexico click here; for more on finished vehicle logistics in Mexico click here.In the second part of this special Mexico report, we explore how huge amounts of automotive material crossing ...

  • Screenshot_26_06_2014_17_26 2

    Special report: Many shades of Mexico


    Logistics is part of what has helped carmakers succeed in Mexico’s historically difficult economy, but will it be an advantage or pitfall in future?Reporting from south of the borderThis special multi-part report, by editor Christopher Ludwig, explores Mexico’s historic and developing supply chain as well as the logistics challenges connected ...

  • Screenshot_30_06_2014_15_02

    Carry on car carrying


    As UK car volume expands, led by exports of premium vehicles, carmakers are looking for more logistics capacity. Zoë Apostolides and Marcus Williams reportBritish new vehicle sales achieved their longest-ever growth spree this summer, with year-on-year sales having increased every month since March 2012. This surge, along with rising export ...

  • Screenshot_30_06_2014_15_41

    Realities of a risky business


    OEMs would love to reduce their insurance premiums, but with catastrophic damage more frequent, they may have to risk their balance sheets to achieve thisWhen Superstorm Sandy made landfall on the eastern seaboard of the US in October 2012, hurricane-force high winds were just one problem. Another was the enormous ...

  • Barethein

    Russia at a standstill


    The market continues to fall, while transport capacity is exiting the market at an alarming rate. Even with prospects for long-term growth, the lack of investment could mean Russia will struggle to move the goods again when customers return to show rooms. We report from the Automotive Logistics Russia conference ...

  • Bill

    CTM and Lohr offer efficiencies for the backhaul


    Constrained by low rates and a need for investment, road haulers are looking for greater efficiencies from their fleets in Russia. One area for savings that still appears to be staring the industry in the face is empty backhauls, according to Bill Pawluk, CEO of Convertible Trailer Manufacturing Worldwide (CTM).Speaking ...

  • vehicle_terminal_Kotka

    Deadlock in the Russian vehicle transport sector


    The current stagnation in the Russian car market and the consequent drop in rates has led to more finished vehicle transport companies going out of business than in 2009 when the global economic downturn hit. The result is a loss of capacity, an instability in lead times for the carmakers ...

  • celso_simomura01

    A star still on the rise in Brazil


    Toyota is a fast-growing player in the huge but difficult Brazilian market. Growth has helped the carmaker apply more lean logistics principles to its vehicle distribution.The inclusion of Brazil in the BRIC group of emerging nations more than a decade ago put the country of more than 200m inhabitants in ...

  • CJLR inside plant

    Dawn of a new era


    With production set to start this year, JLR and Chery’s joint venture has learned vital lessons from its parent companies and is preparing to go out and navigate the supply chain on its own terms.It is an exciting time for the logistics team at Chery Jaguar Land Rover (CJLR), the ...

  • Glovis-Img03

    Logistics providers recognised with Glovis awards


    Hyundai Glovis, which provides services for Kia and Hyundai, has recognised its finished vehicle transport providers in North America for services with this year’s Club Elite awards. Glovis said it based the selection on results in transit performance, damage prevention and customer services.Amongst those companies recognised were car haulier Proficient ...

  • Leon Antonio Flores Elizondo, CEO of the CSI Yasumi Kudo, NYK president

    NYK expands Mexico business with CSI stake


    NYK has taken 30% ownership of Mexican finished vehicle logistics provider, CSI Group (Consorcio de Servicios Internacionales). NYK will be providing inland logistics and ocean services in cooperation with the company. The Mexican provider, which was established in 2005, provides inland haulage for vehicles as well as port terminal services ...

  • Jack-cooper-300x225

    US trucking industry welcomes move to suspend driver regulation


    The US trucking industry has welcomed the first step in the suspension of an hours-of-service (HoS) regulation that limited the maximum average working week for truck drivers to 70 hours and stipulated a restart rule of at least two nights of rest between the hours of 1am and 5am. A ...

  • Hansmann_warehouse_logo

    Hansmann moves to larger logistics facility for parts supply


    Hansmann Logistik, part of the Panopa Group, will start supplying cable sets to VW from a new 10,000 sq.m parts warehouse in Flechtdorf near Wolfsburg this summer. The parts are being supplied for four car models and the facility will be movingaround 7,000 cable sets a day, with storage capacity ...

  • tribeca transportation 2014_web

    Logistics providers awarded at WWL VSA Carrier Conference


    WWL Vehicle Services Americas, which provides vehicle processing and logistics services to the North American market, has awarded top performing suppliers at its annual Carrier Conference, held in Tennessee. The awards were held on behalf of Nissan North America.As well as representatives from WWL and Nissan North America’s logistics and ...

  • Acumen_JLR_investment

    Acumen chooses Scania and Lohr for carrier fleet


    Finished vehicle carrier Acumen Automotive Logistics has released more information about its latest fleet investment designed to support new business from Jaguar Land Rover.The company is investing £3.6m ($6m) in 20 new truck and trailer units to support an extended contract with the carmaker in the UK.Acumen has bought 20 ...