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  • Vehicle storage at Hambantota Port, Sri Lanka-1 copy

    The unexpected rise of Hambantota port


    While it may seem an unlikely destination, the Sri Lankan port is a growing automotive hub for transhipments from Asia to global markets. The right mix of incentives, capacity and shipping links have been catching OEMs' attention.Sri Lanka, the island nation off the southeast coast of southern India doesn’t manufacture ...

  • Cargo Centre Graz_small

    Magna puts more in providers’ hands


    As tier suppliers take over more content and engineering in the automotive supply chain, the scope for logistics providers to increase their services and value to companies such as Magna is growing.For decades, the automotive supply chain has seen considerable product development and engineering spread from OEMs to the supply ...

  • jaguar_land_rover_sign



    捷豹路虎已经任命Marcelo Wilson Navarro为巴西材料规划与物流(MP&L)高级经理。他将离开目前百事可乐(在索罗卡巴地区)地区制造部经理一职。 在百事可乐任职之前,Navarro已经在摩托车制造商Kasinski公司,以及设备制造Case New Holland公司,担任过物流与管理职务。他还在德国底盘技术供应商ZF巴西分公司,担任过很多监督职务。 JLR在去年年末宣布,集团将斥资7.5亿雷亚尔,在Itatiaia(在Rio de Janeiro州内)建厂。该厂是英国以外的第二家制造厂,之前集团在中国与奇瑞公司合资办厂,开始生产汽车。在巴西的生产计划于2016年开始,制造Discovery Sport车型,年产量预计达到24,000辆。到2015年3月为止,公司在巴西将会有42家经销商,这是公司扩大生产计划的一部分。

  • jaguar_land_rover_sign

    Navarro takes up MP&L role for JLR in Brazil


    Jaguar Land Rover has appointed Marcelo Wilson Navarro as its senior manager for Material Planning and Logistics (MP&L) in Brazil. He moves across from his role as regional manufacturing manager at Pepsico, which was based in the Sorocaba region.Prior to his time at Pepsico, Navarro had logistics and management roles ...

  • General Motors announces senior leadership changes Thursday, Nov

    通用高管大洗牌,Grace Lieblei职务有变动


    在通用汽车高管层进行了一系列职务变动。公司又宣布,目前任职全球采购与供应链部副总裁的Grace Lieblein,将调到全球质量部担任副总裁。目前任职全球动力系统副总裁的Steve Keifer,将调到Grace之前的职位上。 2012年末,Lieblein从Bob Socia处接管全球采购与供应量副总裁一职。她是与1978年加入通用汽车,那时她是通用洛杉矶装配分公司的工读生。从那以后,她在工程、产品开发和制造等部门,担任过各种领导职务。其中包括,通用集团巴西、墨西哥的总裁兼常务董事。 通用汽车在一次声明中说,在Lieblein的领导下,公司已经建立更多的生产供应业务联系,以其大力合作,以及对质量和相互成功的关注,获得供应商团体的认可,成为行业的模范。“ 公司称,“Lieblein拥有多种专业知识,以客户的角度思考问题,并在加速通用公司在汽车质量方面的进程中发挥力量。” 在Lieblein的领导下,通用已经在物流上制定了宏伟的削减成本的目标,包括到2016年为止减少10亿美元左右的成本,在此之前要进行供应商拉到工厂附近,并投资建设物流中心的举措。(点击获取详情)通用汽车全球物流执行董事Edgard Pezzo在今年秋天的特别采访中,透露了有关规划的进一步细节。 Lieblein将直接接受通用首席执行官Mary Barra的领导。 公司称,Steve Kiefer将在Lieblein打下的基础上,继续前行。 通用公司称,“Kiefer拥有在供应商联盟领导的经历,他强大的专业知识将是通用持续构建公司业绩、与供应商合作共赢、为客户送递更多价值的关键所在。” 目前任职动力系统嵌入式控制部门执行董事的Dan Nicholson将接替Kiefer的职位。 上个星期公布的人事变动还有,目前任职全球质量与客户体验部高级副总裁Alicia Boler-Davis,将任职全球连网客户体验部高级副总裁。除此客户体验的职位之外,她还将负责全球连网客户机构,其中包括OnStar及其呼叫中心。  

  • General Motors announces senior leadership changes Thursday, Nov

    Grace Lieblein moves roles amidst top level GM shake up


    As part of a number of high level management changes at General Motors, it has been announced that Grace Lieblein, currently vice-president, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain, is moving to the position of vice-president, Global Quality. Steve Kiefer, currently vice-president, Global Powertrain, is moving into her previous role.Lieblein has been ...

  • Opening_rail

    Analysis: logistics in China still needs to shift from big to strong


    Automotive logistics providers in the world’s largest market might be saying the right things but the industry lacks transparency in many areas. Christopher Ludwig provides a résumé of the market following an important industry gatheringExecutives at Chinese automotive and logistics companies speak a remarkably similar language when it comes to ...

  • CEVA_flag

    Ceva posts automotive wins while profit drops; reorganises global operations


    In its Q3 results, Ceva Logistics has reported that business wins in 2014 so far are up 20% year-on-year. New business in the Contract Logistics division has risen 19% and Freight Management wins increased by 20%, thanks to new automotive contracts in the last quarter. However, overall profits have fallen ...

  • africa-02

    Moving into an up-and-coming neighbourhood


    While comparisons have been made between Australia and South Africa’s automotive industry, and concerns are growing, experts in the country believe the country has to take advantage of logistics and proximity to potential markets such as Nigeria.South Africa’s automotive industry could share a similar fate to Australia, where OEMs are ...

  • Horizon_Lines

    Rival operators benefit from Horizon Lines break up


    The business of US domestic container shipping company Horizon Lines is being sold off to rivals Matson and The Pasha Group.Matson is buying Horizon’s Alaska operations and the assumption of all non-Hawaii business liabilities for $69.2m plus the repayment of outstanding debt. The Pasha Group has bought Horizon’s Hawaii operations ...

  • GM_SA

    South America: Where logistics can hurt you


    The 2014 South America conference proved that inefficient logistics can not only disrupt production, but can hurt long-term growth. OEMs in Brazil are looking for ways to improve the supply chain and avoid falling further behind other countries. During previous Automotive Logistics South America conferences, executives worried about Brazil’s logistics ...

  • ALSA2014-Preview-031

    South America Summit: High logistics costs put Brazil behind Mexico


    Brazil’s poor logistics infrastructure and tax bureaucracy are contributing to higher costs and declining competitiveness for the automotive industry, with the country losing out on investment in production and the supply chain, notably to Mexico. “Brazil is facing economic uncertainty, but it also needs to address high labour costs, logistics ...

  • mahindra

    Telematics4u to expand into 150 countries


    Telematics4u, an India-based IT and telematics-enabled solution and service provider, is planning on expanding its operations to 150 countries over the next four to five years, Pratap Hegde, the company’s chairman and managing director has said. The company is responsible for providing automotive logistics solutions to Mahindra Logistics, which this ...

  • Fiat-India-Plant-Ranjangaon

    FCA reported to be planning Jeep exports from India


    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is planning to introduce the Jeep brand to India next year, starting with the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee models, and in 2016 will produce a third Jeep brand SUV. According to a report in India’s Economic Times the latter model will also be exported to overseas ...

  • Audi-and-Volvo-inagurated-new-logistics-centre

    DSV running inbound logistics for Audi at Neckarsulm


    Following a six-month start up phase, Audi has officially inaugurated its new logistics centre at the Böllinger Höfe industrial park in Heilbronn, Germany. The 38,000 sq.m facility, which is processing inbound parts to Audi’s nearby Neckarsulm facility, is being managed by transport and logistics provider DSV Solutions.Audi signed a contract ...

  • Sprinter vans

    Daimler shifting some van production from Germany to NAFTA


    Daimler has announced that it will localise the next-generation Mercedes Sprinter van in North America in full part-by-part production, while investing further at its main German van plants in Düsseldorf and Ludwigsfelde.The OEM has not said where future production will be, including whether it will be based in the US, ...

  • crowd

    ECG Conference: filling in the delivery gaps


    As ECG 2014 came to an end in Amsterdam, a panel of logistics experts discussed their hopes and challenges for the future. Objectives centred around improving visibility and communication, with methods that include both technology and better relationshipsAlthough Europe’s recovery in vehicle sales has so far been small, the Amsterdam ...


    Brazil eyes trade agreement with Colombia


    Brazil is currently experiencing falling auto exports to neighbouring Argentina, while its own domestic market is sluggish. Therefore, the automotive industry is putting together a proposal for a new trade agreement to be signed with Colombia in the coming weeks, according to major trade body.Luiz Moan, the president of ...

  • produccion_002 resize

    The time is now
: Joining the Mexican wave of logistics investment


    Mexico is firmly in the spotlight, as a wave of new investment is announced by OEMs across the globe, including most recently BMW, Infinity, Mercedes-Benz and Kia. With more carmakers and tier suppliers adding production capacity, vehicle output is expected to grow by 50% by the end of the decade, ...

  • DrJohanvanzyl

    Africa potential and material cost key to South African survival


    South Africa’s automotive industry could face significant declines should the market fail to address issues including a lack of supply chain localisation, high costs and logistics disadvantages. Despite close access to fast-growing African markets, speakers at the recent South African Automotive Week warned that the country could share a similar ...