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  • VinaStarHQ

    Cheaper imports crushing Vietnamese auto manufacturing


    Carmakers in Vietnam are switching to imported vehicles to satisfy consumer demand, which is reported to be threatening the existence of domestic manufacturing in the country. Consumers are increasing showing a preference for imports because of perceived higher quality and lower prices. Thailand, in particular, has found the Vietnamese market ...

  • Andersson_AvtoVaz

    Bo’s call for increase in Russian import tariffs not likely say experts


    At a recent Russian Engineering Union committee meeting, Bo Andersson, president of domestic carmaker AvtoVaz (pictured), said that import duties on foreign brands were still too low, despite the increases Russia has imposed to protect local production. "We have to prepare protectionist proposals for the Russian government. As a foreigner, ...

  • Wolfgang, Costantino

    ECG column: a decision made


    ECG president Costantino Baldissara (pictured with vice-president Wolfgang Göbel, far left) weighs up the effect of the EU’s trailer length compromise on vehicle logistics, with an eye on a future review date In my last column, written early December 2014 , I noted the likelihood that the legislative process of ...

  • Article

    Mind the sulphur gap


    WWL’s global head of environment, Roger Strevens (left) warns that shipping lines and cargo owners risk falling into a trap if they fail to look over the horizon when adjusting fuel costs, as well as if they ignore proper enforcement of new sulphur emission control zones Of all the scenarios ...

  • Jon Kuiper Koopman

    Analysis: European discord for logistics


    Although Europe is considered to be a single market, differing laws and regulations surrounding wages, truck dimensions and weights are making it increasingly difficult for finished vehicle logistics providers. In the face of growing divisions between transport regulations in various European countries, finished vehicle logistics executives and European officials have ...


    Growth and agreement in South-east Asia


    With the imminent introduction of a new regional trade agreement, the logistics challenges posed by difficult border crossings and the ASEAN region’s island geography could ease as investments in services increase Despite some setbacks, vehicle production is expected to grow further in South-East Asia as part of wider economic growth ...


    Russia: Running on empty?


    Rising prices and weak spending power, combined with a devalued currency, the low cost of oil and government cuts, add up to bleak forecasts for the Russian automotive sector The Russian automotive logistics industry is no stranger to calamity. Veteran executives will remember Russia’s instability in 1998 during its first ...

  • Gefco_RZD

    Gefco Russia: Big plans, but little certainty


    Although the market is suffering, Gefco is still optimistic about recovery as well as future flows between Russia and China Despite Russia’s evident difficulties, Gefco Russia is continuing its aggressive growth strategy, with plans to develop trans-Eurasian logistics and grow its market share in the domestic market. The company is ...

  • Usdepartmentofjustice

    Third ro-ro executive sentenced in anti-trust investigation


    Three ocean shipping executives have now received prison sentences associated with a US Department of Justice (DoJ) investigation into price fixing amongst a number of car carriers. Susumu Tanaka, who held a number of managerial roles in NYK’s car carrier division, was sentenced last week to 15 months in a ...

  • Bremerhaven

    European ports: Surviving SECAs and instability


    Our 2014 survey shows growth across vehicle-handling ports, helped by sales recovery and exports. However, some countries and operators are struggling in the face of declining trade and new regulations. Europe’s vehicle industry continues through a cautious recovery, as demonstrated by sea shipments of light vehicles across the greater continent’s ...

  • autos_port_San_Antonio

    Vehicles clog San Antonio port as a result of strikes in Chile


    On March 12, importers of finished vehicles at the Chilean Port of San Antonio's Puerto Central used police protection to begin retrieving more than 8,000 vehicles that have been stuck at the facility since strikes closed the port on February 21. The first batch of 135 vehicles were moved at ...

  • Amazon

    Future visions of European automotive logistics


    Delegates gathered in Bonn, Germany for the annual Automotive Logistics Europe conference, where senior executives discussed the role of technology, e-commerce and globalisation in the automotive supply chain. Some of the forecasts were scary, although many foresee increasing complexity and opportunity – if logistics companies can keep up with the ...

  • brazil_cars250

    Brazil and Mexico extend vehicle trade agreement


    The governments of Brazil and Mexico have extended their vehicle trade agreement, which was signed in 2012, for a further four years. It was due to expire on March 18th, but the extension now means the limit will remain in place until March 2019. Quotas are set by the dollar ...

  • Smolyanov_Avtodel

    Russian authorities encourage carmakers to launch deliveries to Crimea


    Several carmakers in Russia will deliver vehicles to the troubled Crimea region of Ukraine in the first half of 2015, including domestic producers GAZ and VAZ, as well as foreign brands with production facilities in Russia, such as Hyundai and Kia. The move was announced recently by the deputy of ...

  • PierA_POLB

    Agreement finally reached on West Coast ports dispute


    Disruption to container movements through ports up and down the US West Coast, which has affected production at a number of US automotive plants, looks to have been resolved following an agreement signed last week the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). “After more ...

  • Chittagong_port_cars

    Political unrest hits car movements in Bangladesh


    Political turmoil in Bangladesh, which has gripped the country since 6 January, has left more than 6,000 imported vehicles stranded at the ports of Mongla and Chittagong. Importers, faced with a tide of vandalism in the streets, are reluctant to move imported cars out of secure compounds, given that there ...

  • Nissan_Rus

    Hyundai and Nissan join a wave of OEMs looking to export from Russia


    A growing number of carmakers are announcing the expansion of export supplies from their production sites in Russia because of the dramatic drop in sales on the domestic market. Following the announcement earlier this month that Kia was exporting from its St Petersburg plant its sister firm Hyundai has ...

  • CPlocomotive-8

    Carmakers welcome end of Canadian Pacific rail strike


    [Story updated on 20 February] On Monday this week (16th) Canadian Pacific (CP) locomotive engineers called off the strike, which had begun on Sunday and concerned working conditions, and agreed to enter government arbitration with the rail provider. Freight services resumed on Tuesday morning, including those for the automotive ...

  • KiaStPetes

    Kia looks to export from Russia as profit collapses in domestic market


    Kia Motors has said it will begin to export vehicles from its Russian facility in St Petersburg to surrounding states, in an effort to offset falling sales and the effects of the depreciated Russian currency on the domestic market.The Korean carmaker is targeting Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, Trans-Caucasus and ...

  • 19BacktobackonNH4_web

    Certainty in sight for Indian carrier lengths?


    Most of the Indian passenger vehicle and two-wheeler carrier fleet is technically illegal, thanks to out-dated regulations, conflicting state laws, and a growing gap between industry practice and the law. However, the government may be close to deciding a new standard. The Indian trucking sector, including carriers for passenger ...