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  • 4I4A2626

    India conference: GST may finally be on the way


    The possibility for a Goods and Service tax (GST) in India has been floating around for ten years, but it finally looks like real steps are being made towards implementation. Only this week, the Indian cabinet approved the constitutional amendment bill, and plans to rollout the tax from April 2016. ...

  • Wolfgang, Costantino

    ECG column: Time will tell...


    President Costantino Baldissara (right) and vice-president Wolfgang Göbel (left) reflect on ECG’s activity over the past 12 months and look forward to the continued distinction of its members in 2015 While each New Year brings fresh opportunity and new challenges, in many ways the journey simply continues. January 1st will ...

  • Fiat India plant

    Assembling a stable supply structure


    Fiat India’s assistant vice-president of corporate purchasing, Sudhir Chikhle, talks to Ramesh Kumar about supplier standards, the obstacles to JIT delivery and greater localised sourcing near its Pune factoryDespite an erratic and sluggish market over the past three years, India still holds considerable promise for Fiat Chrysler. The carmaker has ...

  • MacedoniaRail

    EBRD provides funding for Macedonian rail link


    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing a loan of up to €145m ($180m) to strengthen the rail infrastructure in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYR Macedonia). The investment is part of the second phase in the development of the eastern section of the Pan-European Corridor ...

  • krishnan

    Analysis: Mahindra Logistics invests in hope as much as assets


    Mahindra Logistics recent acquisition in assets and freight forwarding are moves to secure capacity ahead of an expected upturn in automotive and vehicle logistics More than six months after the election of Narendra Modi in India, it may still be too early to determine whether the Modi government’s agenda is ...

  • shipping focus1

    Shipping focus


    Our special global ro-ro focus reveals changes in capacity, regulations and technology that will influence global shipping and trade for finished vehicles. Changes by land and by sea Click on the links below to read the different articles that make up this report. Global ocean capacity shifts Navigating trade ...

  • mv Spes loading rally cars

    Shipping focus: Capacity in the balance


    Ocean carriers face increasing trade and regulatory complexity to go with a volatile global market. However, many are investing in larger, more efficient vessels The balance of supply and demand for capacity is a tricky objective for ocean car carriers to achieve. For the most part, the leading carriers succeed ...

  • Höegh Jacksonville am Vorabend der Taufe | evening before naming ceremony

    Shipping focus: Global complexity in the dock


    The lack of a standard worldwide trading system has resulted in many and varied trade agreements between countries that make for complicated import and export scenarios. However, progress is being made by way of broader negotiations and smarter customs procedures While the shipping of finished vehicles follows market demand, it ...

  • Vehicle storage at Hambantota Port, Sri Lanka-1 copy

    Shipping focus: The unexpected rise of Hambantota port


    While it may seem an unlikely destination, the Sri Lankan port is a growing automotive hub for transhipments from Asia to global markets. The right mix of incentives, capacity and shipping links have been catching OEMs' attention. Sri Lanka, the island nation off the southeast coast of southern India doesn’t ...

  • Grande Napoli  am 20.8.11 ausgehend Hamburg

    Shipping focus: The ghosts of future shipping


    Autonomous driving is not just for cars. The prospect of an unmanned ship transporting automotive cargo may not be so far fetched It is possible that in the coming decades, more ghost ships will be found sailing the seas, with not a soul on board. This isn’t a repeat of ...

  • EU Motor vehicle trade

    Taking a seat at theglobal negotiating table


    The European manufacturer’s association, ACEA, is a strong voice in Brussels and abroad, particularly in shaping regulations and trade deals. Erik Jonnaert (pictured) talks to Christopher Ludwig about how he would like the EU to help unlock innovation and export potential Erik Jonnaert is arguably one of the European Union’s ...

  • car carrier

    Improved performance at a lower cost


    PSA Peugeot Citroën’s director for finished vehicle supply chain Guy Lederer (left) describes how his goals to reduce stock and delivery lead times are at the heart of efforts to put the OEM ‘Back in the Race’ The past year has been a transformative one for PSA Peugeot Citroën. Many ...

  • ACMA

    Symbols for better days ahead


    The 2014 Automotive Logistics India conference, held in Gurgaon, revealed that despite years of lacklustre growth, the Indian automotive logistics industry has not lost its hope in its own potential. Buoyed by the reforms expected from the recently elected government, executives are now looking forward to ‘acche din’ Rachael Hogg ...

  • Bill_Graves_ATA

    Collins Amendment makes it through Congress


    The American Trucking Association (ATA) has welcomed the suspension of a provision in the US trucking industry’s hours-of-service (HoS) rule following its attachment to a $1.1 trillion spending bill that was passed by the US Congress last week.The suspension, also known as the Collins Amendment after the Maine Republican senator ...


    India Conference: picking up speed on dedicated rail freight corridor


    Indian Railways (IR) has begun work on its long-planned dedicated freight corridor for rail, with expectations that large sections of the network could be operational by 2019. The corridor, which will eventually cover India’s ‘golden quadrilateral’ between the regions of Delhi and Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata, is expected to ...

  • Alexei Ulukaev

    Russia considering vehicle exports to Iran


    Russia is working to conclude a number of contracts with Iran to launch the export of so-called non-primary goods, beginning with vehicles and certain types of equipment, according to the country’s economic development minister, Alexei Ulukaev (left). He said that, with the support of business, Russian authorities would look to ...


    Indian government to overhaul road safety bill and integrate multimodal planning


    The Indian government has approved a draft bill that would overhaul much of its road safety legislation, while creating a central authority that would be responsible for planning multimodal logistics and improving road planning. Should the bill become law, as is likely, India could see more coordinated planning for its ...

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    Ryder webinar: the challenges of the US-Mexican border


    The Mexican wave is only set to grow in strength, with more and more cargo moving south and north between the border. However, there are several challenges for logistics companies to contend with, to ensure that they keep costs low, security high, and importantly, make the border crossing as pain ...

  • Transfennica_roro

    Transfennica ends European service ahead of SECA deadline


    Transfennica has said it will end its ro-ro service between Spain and Holland via the UK at the end of this year because of upcoming legislation governing sulphur emission control areas (SECAs) in the waters around northern Europe. The route, between the ports of Bilbao (Spain), Portsmouth (UK) and Zeebrugge ...

  • Bahntower in Nachbarschaft zum S- und Regionalbahnhof Potsdamer Platz

    Schenker seeks $2.5 billion in damages from air cargo carriers


    Deutsche Bahn’s logistics subsidiary, Schenker, has announced it will seek damages estimated at $2.5 billion from air cargo carriers found guilty by the US Department of Justice (DoJ), the European Commission and other international authorities (including Comco in Switzerland for operating a global price-fixing cartel. In a statement the ...