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  • Tim_Abbot_Gareth_Jones_SMMT

    Gareth Jones to head the SMMT in 2015


    The UK’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has announced that its new president will be Gareth Jones, managing director of ebm-papst Automotive and Drives UK (pictured left), a German-owned global manufacturing company. He replaces Tim Abbot, managing director, BMW South Africa (right), who has been in the role ...

  • WWL_thailand_trucks

    WWL takes full control of Thai sales and customer service functions


    Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) has revealed that it is bringing its sales and customer service operations in Thailand in house to “better coordinate its business in a growing market”. Those functions have been handled by Wilhelmsen Ship Service (WSS) for the past two decades. WWL said that the move should ...

  • fedex_hybrid-fleet

    The importance and growth of manufacturing logistics in the UK


    A wealth of opportunity is available to companies that think internationally, and businesses producing parts for the manufacturing industry should be looking to the corners of the world in search of contractsGone are the days when complex products and all their components were made in one factory. These days, manufacturers ...

  • Opening_rail

    Analysis: logistics in China still needs to shift from big to strong


    Automotive logistics providers in the world’s largest market might be saying the right things but the industry lacks transparency in many areas. Christopher Ludwig provides a résumé of the market following an important industry gathering Executives at Chinese automotive and logistics companies speak a remarkably similar language when it comes ...

  • China_State_council

    China reveals measures to make logistics sector globally competitive


    China’s State Council has released guidelines to promote the development of the commerce and logistics sectors to boost consumption and speed up job creation. According to state-run news agency, Xinhua, commercial loans and other policy support will be provided to relevant companies with the intention of building them into globally ...

  • africa-02

    Moving into an up-and-coming neighbourhood


    While comparisons have been made between Australia and South Africa’s automotive industry, and concerns are growing, experts in the country believe the country has to take advantage of logistics and proximity to potential markets such as Nigeria. South Africa’s automotive industry could share a similar fate to Australia, where OEMs ...

  • China_car_carrier

    Enforcing the law in China could cripple vehicle carriers


    After years of routinely using trucks and trailers that exceed the official width and length requirements, the Chinese vehicle logistics industry could face a rude awakening after the central government toughens its enforcement of road safety rules, according to Zheng Yuqian, vice general manager at one of the country’s largest ...

  • APL_Vascor_proto3

    APLL Vascor launches rail service for vehicle movements in India


    Transport and logistics providers APL Logistics and Vascor have launched a new rail service for finished vehicle movements in India. Called AutoLinx, the operation has been developed by APL’s joint venture with Vascor – APL Logistics Vascor Automotive (APLL Vascor) – which is based in Delhi. The first train left ...

  • Roads connection between Crimea and mainland Ukraine is about to be interrupted[1]

    Carmakers plan to relaunch deliveries in Crimea despite legal threat


    Russian automotive dealers have agreed with a number of carmakers to resume the supply of cars to Crimea despite promises from Ukraine authorities that any company or person conducting work with the annexed Russian region would be breaking the law. According to the CEO of local automotive dealer Autodel, Michael ...

  • GM_SA

    South America: Where logistics can hurt you


    The 2014 South America conference proved that inefficient logistics can not only disrupt production, but can hurt long-term growth. OEMs in Brazil are looking for ways to improve the supply chain and avoid falling further behind other countries. During previous Automotive Logistics South America conferences, executives worried about Brazil’s logistics ...

  • ALSA2014-Preview-031

    South America Summit: High logistics costs put Brazil behind Mexico


    Brazil’s poor logistics infrastructure and tax bureaucracy are contributing to higher costs and declining competitiveness for the automotive industry, with the country losing out on investment in production and the supply chain, notably to Mexico. “Brazil is facing economic uncertainty, but it also needs to address high labour costs, ...

  • Sox_detection-drone

    Sulphur detection drones will monitor SECA compliance


    The enforcement of sulphur emission control areas (SECAs) in the waters around northern Europe will be supported with the use of sulphur detection, or ‘sniffer’ drones, which will be used to monitor emissions from ships. From January 2015, the sulphur content of bunker fuel in the North and Baltic Seas, ...

  • Putin in Serbia

    Russia to cancel import duties on import of Fiat cars from Serbia


    [Story updated on 30 October] Russia looks likely to cancel the 30% duty it imposes on imported vehicles from Serbia as part of an updated free trade zone agreement (FTZA) designed to establish the large-scale import of Fiat cars. The move to remove the duties was revealed following negotiations that ...

  • Renfe_engine334.015

    Spain’s Renfe facing disciplinary action


    Spain’s National Commission on Financial Markets and Competition (CNMC) has begun disciplinary proceedings against the national railway company, Renfe, and six of its subsidiaries. The group is facing action following an alleged abuse of dominance in the transport of goods by rail, and an alleged pact with other companies to ...


    Brazil eyes trade agreement with Colombia


    Brazil is currently experiencing falling auto exports to neighbouring Argentina, while its own domestic market is sluggish. Therefore, the automotive industry is putting together a proposal for a new trade agreement to be signed with Colombia in the coming weeks, according to major trade body. Luiz Moan, the president ...

  • DrJohanvanzyl

    Africa potential and material cost key to South African survival


    South Africa’s automotive industry could face significant declines should the market fail to address issues including a lack of supply chain localisation, high costs and logistics disadvantages. Despite close access to fast-growing African markets, speakers at the recent South African Automotive Week warned that the country could share a similar ...

  • Maximilian Strotmann European Commission ECG 2014

    ECG Conference: Regulation, regulation, regulation


    Brussels came to Amsterdam to discuss the potential impacts of upcoming European regulations, from sulphur restrictions to land transport weights and measures. Lawmakers stressed the need for industry, member states and EU bodies to work together better to shape policy. “Transport is the backbone of society” said Maximilian Strotmann, member ...

  • Christoph Strumer - PwC - ECG Conference- 036 - _SEB2838

    Change on the horizon


    More than 200 delegates at this year’s ECG Conference in Amsterdam heard that sales and production in Europe are on the rise, but that both the economy and the industry suffer from considerable fragmentation. A market growing, but with wide variation, inconsistency and divergence; an economic region integrated, yet with ...

  • Ukraine border

    Ukraine and Russia to mutually increase import duties on cars


    Russia and Ukraine are soon set to raise the import duties on passenger cars from each respective country by 10-15%, official statements from the authorities in Moscow and Kiev suggest. Formally, the reason behind the increase in import duties on passenger cars from Ukraine to Russia is due to ...

  • Russia assembly2

    Russia will not ban vehicle imports from EU and US


    OEMs and logistics providers may be able to breathe a small sigh of relief as Russia's Ministry of Industry and Trade has said it is not considering the possibility of a ban on the supply of passenger cars to Russia from the US and EU, according to Autostat, a Russian ...