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    Toyota part 3: On time, any time, all of the time


    Run with the precision of its famed production system, transport management forms the backbone of Toyota’s service parts distribution, with daily, multimodal services, and strong controls over expedited freight Toyota’s North American Parts Operations (NAPO) division manages a complex set of transport flows designed to allow for the latest possible ...

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    Toyota part 3: Reverse opportunities


    Toyota is exploring options for integrating remanufactured and recycled parts into its logistics network.Along with dealer distribution, NAPO is responsible for reverse logistics for the return of packaging modules, as well as collecting dealer part returns. However, with the growth in hybrid vehicles, Neil Swartz and his team are moving ...

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    Toyota part 3: In-house quality applications


    Toyota is using its in-house truck fleet for service parts distribution as a competitive advantage, while also trialling innovations including a new smartphone app for driversToyota is fairly unique in having its own in-house fleet of trucks for parts distribution. Toyota Quality Parts Express serves major routes out of the ...

  • Martin Warington - Business Development Director TVS

    The supply chain – a holistic approach


    Now more than ever, businesses must improve the efficiency of their supply chain in order to maintain a competitive advantage. All too often companies target storage, handling and transport to reduce costs, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when aiming for a truly effective end-to-end supply chain. ...

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    Toyota part 2: A complex stock-in-trade


    Toyota’s warehouse network and operations are strategic to maintaining the costs and efficiency of its spare parts deliveries, especially considering the scale, volume and diversity of parts and order lines that they handleThe volume moving in and out of Toyota’s huge main parts centres each day is simply dizzying: the ...


    Toyota part 1: NAPO organisation and 'One Toyota'


    Understanding how Toyota's service parts division in the US is organised, and looking to the implication of the carmaker's consolidation in TexasAs vice-president and general manager of Toyota’s North American Parts Operations, Neil Swartz (left) manages the full scope of the service parts and accessories supply chain across Toyota Motor ...

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    Toyota part 1: Cornerstone of a strong supply chain


    Toyota’s unique ‘two-tier’ supply chain in North America is designed to smooth distribution and ensure fast, uninterrupted supply to dealers, distributors and export marketsThe view outside the Toyota parts centre in Ontario, 50 miles east of Los Angeles, is pure California. Palm trees line the road in either direction and ...

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    American vistas of the Toyota way: A report in five parts


    As Toyota’s largest global market, maintaining a fast, reliable supply of service parts and accessories across North America is critical to the carmaker’s business model. Spare parts sales add incremental profit to dealers and to Toyota alike, while their availability is essential to the company’s brand promise, from supporting vehicle ...

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    Weiss replaces Billiet in SCM role at Fiat Chrysler in Europe


    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has confirmed that Peter Weiss (left), currently vice-president of International Operations, based in Detroit, will be moving to a new role in Europe, replacing Luc Billiet, head of supply chain management in the EMEA region at FCA.

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    宇森物流在越南北部海防直辖市(Hai Phong)开设了一家多功能工厂,这是公司在越南拓展业务的一部分。宇森物流发言人证实说,该工厂可提供一系列入厂服务及汽车零部件服务,同时也可提供整车运输服务。 该工厂建在临近海防港与莱县港开发区的海防Dinh Vu工业区,总占地面积100,000平方米。工厂包括一个占地12,000平方米的仓库,一个占地23,870平方米、存储容量达3,000个标准箱的空集装箱装卸站,和一个可容纳100辆卡车的车库。同时,它还包含化学及电子部门,这些部门同汽车一起,在过去的几年里在该区域蓬勃发展。 宇森物流驻海防港的办事处已重迁该地,集清关业务,无船承运人以及销售功能为一体。 公司表明海防港劳动力充裕,诸如大工业中心和高速公路网这些基础设施建设也在加速建设之中。 公司在发布会上表明,“新的工厂能够提供综合的仓储服务,并能将仓储和集装箱货运中转站结合在一起。作为海防唯一的多功能仓库,它可以满足客户的各种需求,包括原材料与零部件进口,完整货物的船运,以及整合买家货物的物流需求”。 在上周(11月12日)召开的开幕式上,宇森物流的总裁Hiromitsu Kuramoto先生展现了他在该区域的宏图壮志,“我们一直在为增进东盟经济一体化而不懈奋斗,跨国界全球物流网络的建立势在必行。通过商业发展来促进海防直辖市的经济建设,一直是我们长期以来为之努力的目标” 宇森物流(越南)今年迎来十周年庆典。

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    Yusen oткрывает многоцелевой склад в Хай Понге


    Yusen Logistics открыла многоцелевой склад в городе Хай Понг в северном Вьетнаме. Здесь предлагается весь спектр услуг для автосектора: входящие и послепродажные запчасти и компоненты, услуги по обработке готовых авто. Центр расположен на участке площадью 100 000 кв.м в промышленной зоне Хай Понг Дин Ву недалеко от порта Хай Понг. ...

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    Recalls: whose responsibility is it anyway?


    With voluntary automotive recalls on the rise, it begs the question of who should handle what across the supply chain, including logisticsThe automotive industry has a higher percentage of voluntary recalls and product notifications than any other industry. In the second quarter of 2014 it was 100% and every notification ...

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    From the industry

    UPS study: what’s driving the automotive parts online shopper


    UPS has released a new study to help understand when shoppers might purchase pats online

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    A stronger grip on the market


    A shift towards local production and increased near-sourcing is improving the tyremaker’s logistics and order management in one of its main growth territories, reports Anthony CoiaBased in Milan, Italy, Pirelli & C SpA is the world’s fifth largest tyre manufacturer, with 22 factories in 13 countries around the world. ...

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    Global conference: velocity versus efficiency in spare parts


    Consumers and customers are becoming an increasingly demanding bunch. Long gone are the days of customers waiting weeks for products – including service parts or aftermarket accessories for their vehicles. After all, if consumers can have next day delivery of anything from a pair of socks to a television from ...

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    Guided by choices


    In the push to improve productivity, manufacturers and logistics providers are looking to increase the use of AGVs in parts and material warehouses, although there are still questions about investment and flexibility. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are an increasingly common sight in the automotive industry, particularly in production plants, where ...

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    Keystone Automotive Operations comes to Texas


    North American aftermarket parts distributor, Keystone Automotive Operations, is moving to a 21,000-sq.m distribution centre in Flower Mound, near Dallas, Texas. The facility, which is being leased from Exeter Property Group and is located at the Lakeside Business District, is expected to be operational by the end of the year.The ...

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    The power of recall


    Recalls and a carmaker's ability to carry them out efficiently can have an effect not just on public relations, but on the company’s bottom line and share price. LSPs are increasingly getting involved.In the late morning of April 10th 2014, the general manager of University Volkswagen Mazda, a car ...

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    Supply chains: preventing a weak link


    It is more important than ever for both manufacturers and suppliers to have greater resilience in their supply chains so not to fracture the growth in British automotive manufacturing.Increasing volatility and uncertainty in global supply chains can cause traditional supply chain management models to break down. Natural disasters, socio-political unrest, ...

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    Correction: UTi and Spain


    On p38 of the April-June 2014 issue of Automotive Logistics, in an article on spare parts logistics, there is a mistaken reference to UTi Worldwide pulling out of Spain. This was an error. UTi is still very much active in Spain. Indeed, it is among the logistics provider's strongest markets ...