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    Nissan North America part 2: Building on global experience


    When John Martin (left) declares Nissan’s North American operations and supply chain as the most competitive, he speaks as a global citizen for Nissan. After holding production and supply chain leadership roles across the UK, Europe, North America and at Nissan’s headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, Martin has seen many sides ...

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    Nissan North America part 1: A super-size supply chain with sales to match


    John Martin, Nissan North America's senior vice-president for manufacturing, purchasing and supply chain is presiding over high times in the carmaker's top global market North America has become a region of superlatives for Nissan. The carmaker has grown to record levels in the US, where sales this year are likely ...

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    Volkswagen Depot Kassel part 2: Mitten in Europa


    Pictured are the 420,000 sq.m set of OTC buildings in Baunatal, with part of the Kassel plant in the foregroundAs reflected in its main location, Depot Kassel plays a central role in the Volkswagen Group’s global service parts strategy, requiring flexibility as well as a high level of automation.Kassel/Baunatal ...

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    Volkswagen Depot Kassel part 1 : The beating heart of service parts


    Dr Claus Wriebe has been working in Volkswagen's spare parts logistics for more than 14 years, and took over as head of Depot Kassel in early 2014In a three-part report Automotive Logistics explores the scale and importance of the Volkswagen Group's colossal parts operations, centred around Kassel, GermanyManaging service ...

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    La cuarta revolución industrial de la India será gradual


    Los fabricantes de automóviles del primer mundo están apostando por lo que se ha denominado la cuarta revolución industrial, la Industria 4.0. Están utilizando las últimas tecnologías para reorganizar su producción y cadena suministro según los denominados ‘sistemas de producción ciber-físicos’ para conseguir ‘fábricas inteligentes’.Shilpashree M, directora de comunicaciones de ...

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    A China confirmará novo padrão reboque para transporte de veículos


    Uma estranha era na indústria de logística de veículos da China pode finalmente estar à beira do fim. Em um país onde 80% ou mais dos automóveis de passageiros são movidos por caminhão, e em torno do qual uma indústria de 30.000 ou mais transportadores de carro tem se desenvolvido, ...

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    Pronto para reemergir - sinais positivos de que a Índia está no caminho certo


    As trágicas e históricas inundações em Chennai tiveram um sério impacto sobre a Índia, com muitas pessoas perdendo suas vidas e danos consideráveis ​​em toda a cidade e região. A cadeia de fornecimento foi interrompida, com muitos fornecedores e montadoras na área tendo que fechar por algum período, incluindo a ...

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    Gefco completes first successful BMW Germany-China shipment


    The first successful trial shipment by Gefco of BMWs from Germany to China via rail was successfully completed last month.On November 16th, a train loaded with 40 BMW Model Series 1 vehicles arrived in Chongqing.The vehicles were picked up by Gefco from BMW’s factory in Regensburg, Germany, loaded on to ...

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    China to confirm new trailer standard for car carriers


    A strange era in China’s vehicle logistics industry may finally be on the verge of ending. In a country where 80% or more of passenger cars move by truck, and around which an industry of 30,000 or more car-carrier trucks has developed, the vast majority of equipment in use is ...

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    Ziemsky to head Mercedes-Benz global logistics facility


    Klaus Ziemsky is taking over responsibility for the Mercedes-Benz Global Logistics Center in Germany from Eckhart von Sass, who leaves the company at the end of this year after almost 30 years at Daimler.The Global Logistics Center, located in Germersheim, handles worldwide parts supply and functions as a central warehouse ...

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    Spain must improve logistics to remain competitive


    The Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac) has released a report highlighting its global vision of how Spain can improve its provision of logistics services. Given that logistics now forms 10% of the overall end cost of a vehicle, getting this area right remains a key factor ...

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    New political climate leads to sea change at Indian ports


    Since Narendra Modi came to power in India last year, there has been a transformation in the way the government is engaging with private business in the development of port infrastructure. The recent development at state-owned Mumbai port is just the latest example of where private companies have worked with ...

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    Staying in the driver’s seat when it comes to supply chain


    When it comes to manufacturing’s next revolution – the much-discussed Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 – the automotive industry is firmly in the driving seat. A trailblazer across key manufacturing trends, the automotive industry is accelerating the move towards a world in which raw materials and machines communicate with ...

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    Driver deprivation a priority concern for India’s logistics sector


    The first thing that needs to be done to improve the road haulage business in India is to tackle the lamentable working conditions of truck drivers. On a whole, they are treated as little more than social outcasts, according to Selvan Desaraj, founder of Transport Mitra, a truck driver advocacy ...

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    India’s 'fourth industrial revolution' will be a gradual one


    Carmakers in the developed world are embracing what has been called the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0. They are using the latest technology to reorganise their manufacturing and supply chains according to so called ‘cyber-physical production systems’ in the pursuit of the ‘smart factory’. Shilpashree M, head of communications ...

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    Ready to re-emerge


    The Automotive Logistics India conference presented positive signs that India may be on the right path to improving economic performance and development in critical areas of logistics, including multimodal. But as ever, the pace is slower than many would like. Marcus Williams and Christopher Ludwig report from Delhi The tragic ...

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    India’s automotive growth targets need economic and structural support


    Following nearly four years of stagnation or slow growth in sales and production, India is set to return as a key growth market in global vehicle sales and trade over the next six years.Stable politics, strong GDP growth and low commodity prices look set to drive the Indian automotive industry ...

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    Porsche appoints Reimold to executive role in Production and Logistics


    Porsche has appointed Albrecht Reimold to the position of member of the board for production and logistics.In his new role, Reimold succeeds Oliver Blume, who has been the chairman of the Porsche executive board since October.For the past four years, Reimold has managed the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava. He will ...

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    GM to import Buick Envision to US from China


    General Motors has confirmed it will import volumes of its Buick Envision SUV to the US from its joint venture plant in China from next year.The model, which is made at the Shanghai-GM plant in Yantai, Shandong – one of the plants GM runs with Chinese carmaker SAIC. Hoegh Autoliners ...

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    Magna opens seating facility in Mexico; sets up seating joint venture in China


    Magna International has opened a seating plant in Mexico that it said would provide soft trim material for a variety of carmakers in the country.Magna will invest $8m in the 10,000 sq.m building over the next three years and will employ approximately 1,000 people at the facility when it reaches ...