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  • Tesla-Model-S-assembly-line

    ​Nevada looks favourite for Tesla battery plant


    Tesla has ruled out southern New Mexico or western Texas as hubs for its new automotive battery factory. Based on earlier reports this now leaves San Antonio in Texas, as well as the states of Arizona and Nevada in the running as rival locations for the company’s $5 billion plant, ...

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    ​Tesla to invest $5 billion in southern US electric battery plant


    Electric carmaker Tesla Motors has announced plans to invest $5 billion in a car battery plant in an as-yet undecided location in a southern US state.“In cooperation with strategic battery manufacturing partners, we’re planning to build a large scale factory that will allow us to achieve economies of scale and ...


    Local logistics and engineering partnership at Nissan Europe


    Nissan Europe has benefited from closer collaboration between engineers, suppliers and logistics during vehicle development, especially for its Sunderland plant The UK automotive industry has been the darling of Britain’s nascent economic recovery, praised equally by politicians, economists and union leaders. Vehicle sales have bucked the euro-zone crisis; production has ...


    Better logistics help propel Nissan Sunderland


    Logistics costs in automotive are now often more expensive than manufacturing vehicles within a plant, according to Nissan Europe’s purchasing and manufacturing boss. As a result, the company’s efforts in recent years to reduce those costs have been important to the success of the carmaker’s plant in Sunderland, in the ...

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    Global ro-ro report: Moving with the trade winds


    The ro-ro industry has mostly balanced capacity to market demand, but there are regional variations, while changing trades and larger vessels will cause waves at sea. Additional reporting by Christopher LudwigThe global ro-ro shipping industry is one of the most complex – not to mention capital intensive – parts of ...

  • Nissan-Leaf-Cameron.gif

    Nissan turns over a new Leaf in UK


    Nissan launched production of its second generation Leaf electric vehicle at the Sunderland plant in the UK last Thursday, the first time the vehicle has been produced outside of Japan. The company revealed its global and regional sourcing strategy for the plant, including import of key electronic components from ...

  • dhl-global-forwarding-seefracht.gif

    Global round up


    DHL opens parts centre in BrazilDHL Global Forwarding has opened an automotive parts handling centre in São Paulo, Brazil that will process around 2,000 shipments per month for carmakers, commercial vehicle makers and their tier suppliers in the local market.According to the company, the Automotive Competence Center will provide ...

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    Global round up


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  • ToyotaYarisAssembly.gif

    Toyota to shift Japan-made US Yaris exports to Europe


    Starting next May Toyota will build its Yaris models destined for the US, Canada and Puerto Rico in France rather than Japan. The Yaris model is already built at Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) near Valenciennes but models exported to North America are currently made at the Toyota ...

  • SSANGYONG-portbury2.gif

    Global round up


    Groupe CAT wins Ssangyong contract in UKTransport and logistics provider Groupe CAT is providing Ssangyong with technical services for vehicle imports to the UK through the port of Bristol at Portbury following a contract signed in February. Onward distribution to the dealerships in the UK will be handled by CAT's ...

  • Ontime_Loading_Trial.gif

    Global round up


    Ontime boosts fleet with £4m investmentOntime Automotive is making a £4m ($6.3m) investment in its Specialist TransportDivision’s fleet of enclosed transporters over the next 12 months with the addition of 21 new enclosed vehicles. The UK-based finished vehicle transporter is working with manufacturing supplier Rolfo and Imperial Commercials ...

  • DP-DHL_Renault-Kangoo.gif

    DHL to distribute Renault's lithium-ion batteries


    DHL has signed an exclusive, three-year contract with Renault to handle the distribution of replacement lithium-ion batteries in Europe. The service, which begins September 1st to coincide with the rollout of Renault’s electric vehicle range, will see DHL carry out logistics, including the storage and transport of batteries between a ...

  • NissanLeaf250.gif

    Nissan turns over Leaf in US


    Nissan has made a delivery of Leaf electric vehicles to the US through the port of Long Beach in California, which are due to reach customers by June this year. The company has only delivered 500 of the vehicles since introducing them to the US market in December last year ...

  • Norbert_Dentressangle3.jpg

    Global news in brief


    Ford extends aftersales contract with Norbert DentressangleFord has signed a multi-million, two-year contract extension with Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services for the distribution of aftersales parts to the carmaker’s 300 UK dealers. The operation involves Norbert Dentressangle collecting orders from Ford’s Daventry facility for onward delivery directly to the dealerships overnight ...

  • NissanLeaf.jpg

    UK subsidy for EVs and plug-ins to benefit supply chain


    The announcement today by the UK government that it will offer initial incentives of up to £5,000 ($7,800) for consumers buying ultra-low carbon vehicles for around 15 months beginning in 2011 could work to bring forward the introduction and production of such vehicles and their components in the UK and ...

  • ball-1.jpg

    How to cope without a crystal ball


    General Motor’s head of logistics Susanna Webber talks to Christopher Ludwig about improving supplier relations and how a total enterprise cost approach could help the company understand how to react to future risk and changes in the global supply chainLooking back and learning from the painThe recession's silver liningBuilding a ...

  • RenaultNissanDaimler.jpg

    Alliance and Daimler combine forces


    The Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler have announced today that they are embarking on a wide-ranging strategic cooperation that will include considerable sharing and development in areas ranging from powertrain, component, light commercial vehicles and purchasing. While specific details around logistics and supply chain management have yet to emerge, there appears ...

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    Toyota and Nissan localise electric cars in Europe


    Pictured, left to right: Katsunore Kojima, MD Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK, Tadashi Arashima, President Toyota Motor Europe, Lord Peter Mandelson, UK Business Secretary Announcements last week that Toyota will begin its first hybrid production in Europe at its Burnaston factory in the UK, along with Nissan’s revelation that it ...