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  • Andreas Ginkel, Opel

    Europe conference panel discussion: A time for optimism


    Finally, the outlook in Europe is positive once again. Of course, the market is fragile and subject to risk, but on the path to recovery. Last year, most European countries saw strong growth, with many in the double digits, and the European Union had stronger growth than almost all other ...

  • Article

    C4 Logistics opens office in Budapest


    Time critical logistics provider, C4 Logistics, has opened an office in Budapest, Hungary in a strategic expansion of operations that anticipates the need for expedited services as the automotive supplier network is tested.Hungary is now home to a number OEM facilities making high quality vehicles. Audi is now building the ...

  • Article

    Peter Carlsson leaves Tesla for Elementum


    Peter Carlsson has left his role as chief purchasing officer (CPO) and head of supply chain at prestige electric vehicle maker, Tesla Motors, and moved to a new role on the advisory board at Elementum, the supply chain software provider. Carlsson was with Tesla for more than four years, having ...

  • Article

    C4 Logistics providing Bolloré with inbound tracking


    C4 Logistics, which handles expedited and specialist automotive shipments, is providing electric vehicle (EV) maker Bolloré with track and trace technology on the inbound delivery of parts to its Bluecar assembly facilities in France and Italy. The logistics provider is also managing the delivery of the parts inbound to Bollore’s ...

  • Tesla Tilburg-13

    Tesla now in production at Tilburg for European customers


    Prestige electric vehicle maker, Tesla, has officially opened its assembly plant at Tilburg in The Netherlands – the first such purpose-built facility in Europe. The factory is supplying the Model S to customers across the continent, and Tesla has said building in Tilburg will increase the speed of deliveries to ...

  • zetsche-ghosn

    Renault and Daimler increase activity with EV engine supply deal


    Renault and Daimler are moving forward with a number of joint projects for the supply of vehicles and engines in 2015. The latest include Renault’s supply of motors from its plant in Cleon to Daimler for use in electric versions of the German carmaker’s Smart city cars, which are made ...

  • dhl_Orioimage FV

    DHL to handle UK distribution of Saab parts with Orio


    Orio UK, the only supplier of Saab original aftermarket parts, has signed a deal with logistics provider, DHL Supply Chain, for next day delivery to service centres around the UK. Orio UK is a regional division of Orio, formerly Saab Automobile Parts.DHL will provide a free overnight delivery service on ...

  • Lifan_groundbreaking_Russia

    Lifan Motors breaks ground on Russian plant


    Chinese carmaker, Lifan Motors, has broken ground on a new $300m facility near the Russian city of Lipetsk, just over 400km southeast of the capital Moscow. The plant, which is planned to be operational by 2017, will make vehicles, initially from complete knockdown (CKD) kits, shipped in from Lifan’s Chongqing ...

  • AL China 2015 - large panel - business cards

    Challenges and opportunities for automotive logistics in China


    “We look at the weather to see how we dress, so we should look at the macro-economic situation to see how we should do business. We should no longer resist change.” This was the key message from Zuo Xinyu, general secretary, China Automotive Logistics Association of CFLP at the recent ...

  • Nissan Smyrna Vehicle Assembly Plant

    Nissan starts work on logistics park in Smyrna


    As part of newly announced plans to expand its production footprint in Smyrna, Tennessee, Nissan North America is building a 140,000 sq.m integrated logistics centre that will handle inbound production parts. The carmaker is investing $160m in the total expansion at Smyrna, which includes a supplier park designed to encourage ...

  • Fathi Tlatli DHL ALEurope 2015

    Europe conference: How to manage sustainability in the supply chain


    It’s getting there now but for many years sustainability has simply been viewed as an additional business cost to factor into the automotive logistics. However, it’s more than just compliance and helping to reduce the environmental impact of a company; sustainability can drive supply chain efficiency. This is something both ...

  • Nissan_range

    It's export or die for UK car industry


    Looking at the pattern of production and trade in the UK car industry there was one straightforward message that came out of the automotive industry meeting held today (November 5th) by Nissan and Sunderland City Council in London – export or die. Presenting the report he was commissioned to write ...

  • Nissan and Gov. Bryant Break Ground on Supplier Park Supporting Jobs and Manufacturing Growth

    Nissan makes logistics improvements to Canton facility


    Japanese carmaker Nissan has finished improvement works on the logistics centre at its US plant in Canton, Mississippi. It is also constructing a new supplier park with an integrated logistics centre at the site. The existing centre just completed will create immediate space for suppliers. A spokesperson for Nissan ...

  • tesla-car-factory-body-flickr

    ​Tesla will source battery materials from North America


    While the location of Tesla’s new lithium battery facility in the US is still being decided, the premium electric vehicle maker has announced its decision to use only raw materials sourced in North America for the batteries produced at its proposed new facility in the southern US, making for shorter, ...

  • tesla_100325169_m

    ​Tesla to invest $5 billion in southern US electric battery plant


    Electric carmaker Tesla Motors has announced plans to invest $5 billion in a car battery plant in an as-yet undecided location in a southern US state. “In cooperation with strategic battery manufacturing partners, we’re planning to build a large scale factory that will allow us to achieve economies of scale ...

  • Wilhelm-Automotive-Logo-275x73

    ​Wilhelm Automotive partners with hybrid repair group in Arizona


    Wilhelm Automotive has announced its partnership with hybrid vehicle construction and repair group The Hybrid Shop (THS). The alliance will bring hybrid-electric vehicle diagnostics, repair and maintenance services to locations in Arizona. The independently owned Wilhelm Automotive, which specialises in car repair operations, will partner with THS to bring services ...


    Better logistics help propel Nissan Sunderland


    Logistics costs in automotive are now often more expensive than manufacturing vehicles within a plant, according to Nissan Europe’s purchasing and manufacturing boss. As a result, the company’s efforts in recent years to reduce those costs have been important to the success of the carmaker’s plant in Sunderland, in the ...

  • pre-series-Saab

    Saab production restarts in Sweden


    Saab production has restarted at the Trollhättan plant in Sweden after two and half years, following its closure when the previous company went bankrupt in 2011. The plant is now being run by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), which took over Saab in August last year. And NEVS has had ...

  • i-MiEV_Russia2_web

    Russia removes duties for EV imports


    The Eurasian Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), the governing body of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan), has said it is ready to approve the complete removal of the 19% import duty levied on electric cars imported to the country so as to stimulate sales. According to ECE’s minister ...