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  • Pezzo

    General Motors: waste not, want not


    GM’s executive director of global logistics, Edgard Pezzo, left, talks to Christopher Ludwig about cutting waste and cost in a multi-billion dollar supply chain.When Edgard Pezzo took over as executive director of global logistics and containerisation at General Motors, in May 2013, the top logistics purchasing management job came with ...

  • Driver graph_web

    US trucking survey: loaded up for growth


    Rising sales and rail disruption may have added to the challenges posed by driver and capacity shortages, but investment, better planning and increased collaboration are laying a solid base for further expansion in the sectorThe continued growth in new vehicle sales in the US has ushered in new opportunities for ...

  • Automotive Logistics Global 2014 - 2020 Vision panel

    Global conference: relentless logistics at Ford, Honda and Chrysler


    As Automotive Logistics Global came to a close in Detroit, a senior level panel of logistics executives discussed themes and thoughts from the event, and looked ahead to what challenges and innovations might be in store for the sector.Automotive Logistics' publisher and conference director Louis Yiakoumi seated left to right ...

  • ALG_14_Suppliers6b

    Global conference: Automotive is the benchmark for logistics in Mexico


    While automotive is not the only industry with a focus on the development of Mexico as a production and export base, it seems customers from other sectors are looking to the logistics processes it employs as the benchmark for their own inbound strategies.“Companies have approached us in other industries and ...

  • BMW Vehicle Distribution Center Port Of Baltimore

    BMW’s Baltimore vehicle distribution centre opens


    BMW’s latest vehicle distribution centre (VDC) at the port of Baltimore has officially opened.Between now and 2016, the German carmaker’s facility, which is being managed by logistics provider Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) under a new contract, will import around 166,000 BMW and Mini vehicles.The facility will provide a full range ...

  • Screenshot_15_09_2014_16_26

    Out of the light and into the night


    Extended delivery hours offer the benefits of less congestion and reduced dwell time, but they depend on dealer willingness, local laws and crime rates. Surprisingly, there has been a low uptake in Britain compared to parts of the USBack in 2006, a trial began within the British operations of Honda ...

  • Screenshot_15_09_2014_17_26

    How best to track the pack?


    Recently developed RFID tags are becoming gradually more accessible to the masses, but do the benefits of this technology outweigh its initial expense.Track-and-trace technology enables users to locate and identify items throughout the supply chain. Methods adopted for such purposes on the returnable transit packaging used for moving automotive components ...

  • Screenshot_16_09_2014_13_26

    Is there still a place for leaders?


    The ‘lead logistics provider’ concept may be undergoing its biggest ever changes. The question is whether or not it is still working for today’s automotive industry. Co-ordinated from a ‘control tower’ based on the customer's site in Solihull, England, an extensive European supply chain feeds the three British vehicle assembly ...

  • NS_train_derail

    Norfolk Southern train derails with vehicle cargo


    A Norfolk Southern train carrying finished vehicles eastwards between Ohio and Delaware in the US has derailed, damaging at least 200 units.The rail provider is working with the Federal Railroad Administration to discover the cause of the incident which saw 17 rail wagons leave the tracks on Saturday (20th), nine ...

  • Screenshot_16_09_2014_12_21

    A stronger grip on the market


    A shift towards local production and increased near-sourcing is improving the tyremaker’s logistics and order management in one of its main growth territories, reports Anthony CoiaBased in Milan, Italy, Pirelli & C SpA is the world’s fifth largest tyre manufacturer, with 22 factories in 13 countries around the world. ...

  • Screenshot_15_09_2014_14_46

    Finding ways to improve benchmarking


    Despite a multitude of difficulties, many outbound LSPs are working to benchmark performance, but it will take significant co-operation between OEMs to really push the process forwardBenchmarking in finished vehicle logistics can be a fraught practice. The international scale of the automotive industry, myriad business models and varying company objectives ...

  • Screenshot_16_09_2014_14_32

    When supply is a close run thing


    Carmakers are showing a renewed interest in local supply networks, but do the benefits of supplier proximity balance the costs for both sides, or is there a middle distance to be found for a win-win? The evolution of automotive manufacturing has mostly been a story of dis-integration. Today’s car factories ...

  • ALG_panel_Suppliers2b

    Global conference: Honda handling the lower tier supply of parts


    Honda of America is managing the logistics behind the inbound supply of certain parts from its lower tier suppliers to those on the tier one and two level, and is currently running a pilot project with Transfreight for the delivery of those parts. The reorganisation also affects parts purchasing and ...

  • Alex Meza, JC

    Dressing for a hot market in a cold network


    The 15th annual Automotive Logistics Global conference, held at the MGM Grand in downtown Detroit, brought senior OEM, tier supplier and logistics provider executives to discuss ways of coping with the current growth and changes across the North American network. Most anticipated growing complexity, an increasingly important Mexico, and the ...

  • Dan Hettel, For

    Global conference: Ford is buying more boxes ‘off the shelf’


    Ford Motor Company is making a global push to reduce the amount of specialised, bespoke racking and packaging that it uses to move components and parts, in favour of more ‘off the shelf’, standard equipment. The carmaker is also looking to take more ownership of containers and racks, rather than ...

  • Dave Fleenor, BNSF

    Global conference: lessons from the polar vortex


    During the Automotive Logistics Global conference in Detroit, executives in finished vehicle logistics looked back at the impact of the ‘polar vortex’, which hit North America last winter, leading to wide-scale transport disruptions. Some tough lessons were learned, not least by the rail sector, about how to avoid the same ...

  • 1987-1993-cadillac-allante-12

    Global conference: pressure is on for outbound innovation


    “The enterprise that doesn’t innovate ages and declines. And in a period of rapid change, such as the present, the decline will be fast.” So said the management consultant Peter Drucker, and it should be a warning to the finished vehicle sector, according to Kirk Williams, president of car haulier ...

  • AL_Global_14_Session1

    Global conference: rising complexity


    The global rise of vehicle assembly continues, bringing with it a lot more complexity in supply chain management, global part and vehicle movements, and electronics and technology, according to speakers at this week’s Automotive Logistics Global conference in Detroit. Global vehicle assembly is set to hit 85.7m units in 2014, ...

  • MarquisReforma

    Automotive Logistics launches first Mexico conference


    Automotive Logistics is holding its first conference in Mexico in January next year in association with the US Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). The three-day event will take place in Mexico City, at the Marquis Reforma hotel, between the 27-29 January.Mexico is seeing a wave of new investment as OEMs ...

  • Mexico_sign

    Mexican production booms but tier ones still reliant on imports


    As production continues to grow in Mexico, with a recent spate of OEM and tier one suppliers announcing plans for facilities, the tier two and raw material base remains underdeveloped, which means that tier one suppliers are still relying on a high level of imports, according to industry analyst IHS ...