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  • GebruderWeissAutoLogistics

    Gebrüder Weiss teams up with Jilin International Transport in China


    Austrian transport and logistics provider Gebrüder Weiss has established automotive logistics joint venture in China with Jilin International Transport (JIT). The company, in which each partner owns 50%, is operating under the name Gebrüder Weiss Automotive Logistics. Operations began this month and as well as handling land, air and sea ...

  • car yard

    Russian bans may not keep down imports for long


    Some experts suggest that the fallout in the Russian market could eventually lead carmakers to close smaller factories, leading to a rise in imported vehicles. However, the government is launching support for sales and the supply chain The continuing Ukrainian crisis and subsequent economic sanctions and retaliations have already contributed ...

  • ProTra4

    ProTrans takes Mahle award for border processing services


    Transport and supply chain management provider, ProTrans, has been presented with the Mahle 2013 Innovation Award for border processing services at its Laredo service centre in Texas.Mahle supplies engine, filtration and thermal management systems.ProTrans has been building full truckloads of filtration system components at the Laredo centre and transporting them ...

  • CAT_plate_forme_Montsoult

    Groupe CAT secures parts distribution contracts in Europe


    Transport and logistics provider Groupe CAT is now managing the spare parts distribution for Toyota in the south of France, meaning it now moves 100% of the carmaker’s spare parts throughout the country. It began distributing parts to the north of the country in January 2012.The latest multi-million-euro contract started ...

  • GefcoCarriers

    Gefco extends GK Auto contract for Hyundai distribution in Iraq


    Gefco’s division in Dubai has extended its contract with GK Automotive, which distributes Hyundai vehicles in Iraq, for another three years. The company has been responsible for GK Automotive's logistics operations there since June 2013.Gefco handles the vehicles on import from South Korea on bi-weekly basis at its storage site ...

  • M

    Labour flexibility and logistics outsourcing key to Daimler union deal


    Daimler has agreed new terms with its labour union for the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen, Germany (pictured), which will allow for more labour flexibility and outsourced logistics operations, helping to save hundreds of millions of euros over the next several years. In return, the carmaker will build a new model ...

  • FirstCadillacATSVehicles02-medium

    GM starts work on Lansing Grand River logistics facility


    General Motors has started work on a $44.5m logistics facility at its Lansing Grand River plant in Michigan. The 37,000 sq.m Logistics Optimization Center, which is adjacent to the plant, is expected to be complete by the end of the year and operations are due to begin in 2015. It ...

  • indias-finance-minister-arun-jaitley-budget-2014-15-fiscal-year

    End of long wait could be in sight for India’s GST


    Following nearly 15 years of parliamentary wrangling, India’s new government has committed to introducing the Goods and Service Tax (GST) as early as this financial year, as revealed last week in the annual budget, presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley. The tax reform is expected to have major impacts on ...

  • NUMSA_strikers-620x413

    Numsa strike hits car production across South Africa


    Ongoing strike action by more than 220,000 workers affiliated with the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) has caused Ford, Nissan and Toyota to shut down production this week. The action is affecting the supply of components to the majority of carmakers in the region with GM having ...

  • BMW_Mexico

    BMW’s Mexico plant will use advanced logistics and localisation


    BMW has joined the race for a production footprint in Mexico with the announcement that it is building a plant near the city of San Luis Potosi. The company said that a large number of free trade agreements, a solid network of suppliers and a well-developed infrastructure, with access to ...

  • KN_truck_sideview_small

    K+N launches inbound logistics planning tool


    Logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel has recently expanded its provision of network services with the introduction of a supply chain management tool called KN 12M Overland – Inbound to Manufacturing, which is designed to help tier 2 and 3 automotive suppliers benefit from better procurement planning.The company recognised that automotive ...

  • Christopher Ludwig

    A logistics drinking tour


    Mexico conjures up many vivid and often contrasting images; from pristine Caribbean beaches to brazen kidnappings and violence; from the crowded streets of Mexico City to open, unspoilt desert landscapes. For the automotive industry, the country has attracted billions of dollars in investment even as many executives worry about cargo ...

  • zetsche-ghosn

    Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz will build together in Mexico


    The rush to Mexico continues apace, with the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler the latest to announce plans for a joint-venture factory in the country. The carmakers, which have had a global alliance since 2010, will divide investment of €1 billion ($1.36 billion) for a new assembly plant in Aguascalientes, in ...

  • Brad Brennan new

    Don’t let near-shoring promote complacency in supply chain planning


    Unplanned assembly line stoppages can outweigh the advantages of manufacturing in cheaper production locations and there is now a trend for near-shoring in the automotive industry. But don’t assume that locality is the same as ready availabilityThe near- or re-shoring of vehicle manufacturers’ suppliers is more complicated and has more ...

  • Karin_Schoner_Geodis

    Schöner takes up director role at Geodis Wilson in Brazil


    Karin Schöner has taken up a new role as director of strategic development at Geodis Wilson in Brazil. She has moved from her role at Panalpina in the country where she was senior vice president and district manager central. She will remain based in São Paulo. Schöner will be directly ...

  • Screenshot_27_06_2014_15_09

    All systems ‘go’ at Nissan


    *This article is part of a special focus on Mexico. For other features related to the automotive supply chain in Mexico click here; for more on finished vehicle logistics in Mexico click here.In fifth part of our Automotive Logistics Mexico special, Nissan Mexicana's logistics specialists explain how the carmaker, together ...

  • Screenshot_27_06_2014_14_51

    Nearby and nimble


    *This article is part of a special focus on Mexico. For other features related to the automotive supply chain in Mexico click here; for more on finished vehicle logistics in Mexico click here.In the fourth part of this special Automotive Logistics report, we discover that while Mexico’s OEMs rely on ...

  • Screenshot_27_06_2014_14_38

    Right at the heart of it all


    *This article is part of a special focus on Mexico. For other features related to the automotive supply chain in Mexico click here; for more on finished vehicle logistics in Mexico click here.Part three of our Automotive Logistics special report on Mexico: the rise of ‘global’ products means the country ...

  • Screenshot_27_06_2014_14_02

    Down Mexico way...and back again


    *This article is part of a special focus on Mexico. For other features related to the automotive supply chain in Mexico click here; for more on finished vehicle logistics in Mexico click here.In the second part of this special Mexico report, we explore how huge amounts of automotive material crossing ...

  • Screenshot_26_06_2014_17_26 2

    Special report: Many shades of Mexico


    Logistics is part of what has helped carmakers succeed in Mexico’s historically difficult economy, but will it be an advantage or pitfall in future?Reporting from south of the borderThis special multi-part report, by editor Christopher Ludwig, explores Mexico’s historic and developing supply chain as well as the logistics challenges connected ...