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  • BYD Uzavtosanoat

    Uzbekistan aims to become regional automotive superpower with BYD contract


    Uzavtosanoat has signed a deal with BYD to assemble electric vehicles from from complete knockdown kits and produce 500,000 of them a year

  • Border-Crossing-entering-kazakhstan

    Car industry in Central Asia on the verge of a production boom


    Localised vehicle production in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is likely to take off in the next few years as domestic demand increases and there are prospects for export to Russia

  • Chevrolet_Spark_UzAvto

    Ukraine war to shake up car making in the post-Soviet space


    Vehicle production in central Asia stands to benefit from the international sanctions affecting the car industries in Russia and Belarus

  • Bo_Andersson_Avtosanoat

    Bo Andersson takes up new role with Uzbek carmaker Avtosanoat


    The company said the appointment of Andersson will help it navigate the supply chain disruption currently affecting the automotive industry and help modernise production for the future

  • Uzavtosanoat_dealer

    Uzbekistan looks for investment to boost local production and exports


    Uzbekistan is aiming to secure investments of $700m in the domestic automotive industry, not only to increase production, but also to raise the average percentage of parts sourced locally to 60% from the current 20% over the coming four years.

  • GMPTUZ workers

    Can Central Asia be transformed into an automotive hub?


    Two of the largest former soviet republics, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, have set their sights on growing an automotive sector as they industrialise and modernise their economies. These Cental Asian nations are now focusing on strengthening their supply bases to boost local production.

  • VW_Amarok

    VW signs joint venture for assembly in Uzbekistan


    Volkswagen Group’s division in Russia – Volkswagen Group Rus – has entered into a joint venture with the Uzbek state-owned corporation Uzavtosanoat to assemble cars in Uzbekistan. The deal was formalised in an inter-governmental agreement signed by German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Uzbek president Shavkat Mirziyoyev ...

  • Ravon_Nexia

    GM Uzbekistan sets plant up in Kazakhstan


    GM Uzbekistan is to open a vehicle assembly line in Kazakhstan to take advantage of the shared customs space under the Eurasia Economic Union (EEU). The carmaker, which is now owned solely by state-owned corporation Uzavtosanoat following GM’s withdrawal from the joint venture, has signed a contract with Kazakh automotive ...

  • Uzavtosanoat_dealer

    Uzavtosanoat to rename GM Uzbekistan and raise output


    Uzbekistan state-owned corporation Uzavtosanoat has confirmed it plans to rename GM Uzbekistan following the withdrawal of the US carmaker from the joint venture. It has not yet indicated what its new name will be.At a press conference in Tashkent on February 6, Aziz Shukurov, deputy chairman of the board of ...

  • GM_Uzbekistan_Asaka

    GM withdraws from JV with Uzbek government


    General Motors has sold off its remaining stake in the GM Uzbekistan joint venture to state-owned company Uzavtosanoat, which held the majority stake in the company. GM Uzbekistan makes Ravon and Chevrolet vehicles at its plant in Asaka.Uzavtosanoat held a 75% stake in the company from 2008 but increased that ...

  • GM-Uzbekistan

    GM Uzbekistan streamlines its supply chain


    GM’s joint venture with the government of Uzbekistan – GM Uzbekistan – is expected to make 220,000 vehicles this year, a 37% increase compared to 2017.The OEM has more than halved the delivery time of Cobalt and Malibu vehicles – the two most popular models in the domestic market, the ...

  • GM-Uzbekistan

    GM Uzbekistan suspends vehicle sales over pricing


    GM Uzbekistan has suspended finished vehicle sales in Uzbekistan, after failing to carry through a price increase on the domestic market there. The move follows a similar suspension in Russia – its second biggest market after Uzbekistan – for more than two months on similar grounds.Speaking at a press conference ...

  • GM_Uzbek_workers_resize

    Uzbek government to buy GM’s stake in joint venture


    Uzbek state-owned vehicle-maker, UzAvtosanoat, is looking to buy GM’s remaining 10% stake in the joint venture it has with the US carmaker – GM Uzbekistan.The buyout is expected to be complete by the end of the year and follows UzAvtosanoat increasing its original 75% stake in the joint venture to ...

  • GM-Uzbekistan

    GM-Uzbekistan plans production in Kyrgyzstan and Russia


    GM's joint venture with the government of Uzbekistan has revealed plans to open assembly plants in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan and in Russia.Jahongir Tillaev, director of sales and service for GM-Uzbekistan, said the move would benefit both the company and its customers, as it would ultimately bring down the price of vehicles ...

  • media Ouzbek_1

    PSA localises assembly in Uzbekistan


    French carmaker PSA Group has signed a joint venture agreement with Uzbek vehicle manufacturer SC Uzavtosanoat (UzAuto) that will see Uzbekistan PCA make Peugeot and Citroën light commercial vehicles (LCVs) at a new plant in the free industrial zone of Jizzakh from 2019.The plant will have an annual output of ...

  • GM-Uzbekistan

    Growing exports lead GM-Uzbekistan to consider plant in Russia


    Uzbekistan managed to significantly expand its vehicle exports last year, the country’s Ministry of Economy has confirmed, with deliveries to Middle East and Africa markets including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Ghana, Senegal, Somalia and Nigeria.The growth in exports was wholly accounted for by GM-Uzbekistan, the joint ...