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  • Cars on hydraulic lifts at auto repair shop

    3PLs in China are raising the bar


    Maintaining logistics leadership in China is becoming more about demonstrating the ability to implement innovative and sustainable solutions than it is about moving pure volumeChina, as this magazine has long noted, is a complicated automotive logistics market. State-owned carmakers tend to have affiliated logistics providers to handle their transport and ...

  • tianjin_vpc_800x450-compressed

    WWL opens third VPC in China; starts work on another in US


    Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics has opened a vehicle processing centre (VPC) at the port of Tianjin in China, its third such facility in the country. The latest facility, which is a joint venture with the Tianjin Port Group, provides 140,000 sq.m of storage and a 6,000 sq. m workshop, which will ...

  • Goodpack 003

    Packaging case study: An intercontinental shift


    One prominent example of a tier one supplier using reusable containers for its overseas shipments is Linde + Wiemann, a supplier of body frame parts, seats, and instrument panels based in Dillenburg, GermanyOne prominent example of a tier one supplier using reusable containers for its overseas shipments is Linde + ...

  • BBAC in GLT area wide

    Planes, trains and slow boats to China


    With increased local production still relying heavily on imported material, supply chain efficiency in planning, customs, shipping and packing is crucial to succeeding in ChinaAs the largest automotive market in the world, on pace to build and sell nearly 23m vehicles in 2014, China has a strong and growing domestic ...

  • AGV field

    Premium plant logistics


    Six months after Chery JLR’s Rui Zhu and Alex Holland gave an exclusive preview of their logistics plan to Christopher Ludwig, they invited him back into the plant shortly after launch to reveal the latest innovations for its complex material flowsA few weeks before visiting Chery Jaguar Land Rover’s new ...

  • 160 pieces per tray photo1

    Aiming to go the distance


    Reusable packaging is on the rise in international supply chains for tier ones. Executives are also interested in returnable pools, though they remain difficult over long distancesThe tier one supply chain, both inbound and outbound, continues to grow more complex. As tier suppliers respond to OEMs’ global platforms – whether ...


    Chery JLR puts complex logistics plan into action


    As Chery Jaguar Land Rover (CJLR) launches series production of the Range Rover Evoque in China, the joint venture carmaker is putting into action a complex and global supply chain that its logistics team has been planning for nearly three years, including the use of a diverse set of lead ...

  • jaguar_land_rover_sign



    捷豹路虎已经任命Marcelo Wilson Navarro为巴西材料规划与物流(MP&L)高级经理。他将离开目前百事可乐(在索罗卡巴地区)地区制造部经理一职。 在百事可乐任职之前,Navarro已经在摩托车制造商Kasinski公司,以及设备制造Case New Holland公司,担任过物流与管理职务。他还在德国底盘技术供应商ZF巴西分公司,担任过很多监督职务。 JLR在去年年末宣布,集团将斥资7.5亿雷亚尔,在Itatiaia(在Rio de Janeiro州内)建厂。该厂是英国以外的第二家制造厂,之前集团在中国与奇瑞公司合资办厂,开始生产汽车。在巴西的生产计划于2016年开始,制造Discovery Sport车型,年产量预计达到24,000辆。到2015年3月为止,公司在巴西将会有42家经销商,这是公司扩大生产计划的一部分。

  • jaguar_land_rover_sign

    Navarro takes up MP&L role for JLR in Brazil


    Jaguar Land Rover has appointed Marcelo Wilson Navarro as its senior manager for Material Planning and Logistics (MP&L) in Brazil. He moves across from his role as regional manufacturing manager at Pepsico, which was based in the Sorocaba region.Prior to his time at Pepsico, Navarro had logistics and management roles ...

  • Opening_rail

    Analysis: logistics in China still needs to shift from big to strong


    Automotive logistics providers in the world’s largest market might be saying the right things but the industry lacks transparency in many areas. Christopher Ludwig provides a résumé of the market following an important industry gatheringExecutives at Chinese automotive and logistics companies speak a remarkably similar language when it comes to ...

  • GM_SA

    South America: Where logistics can hurt you


    The 2014 South America conference proved that inefficient logistics can not only disrupt production, but can hurt long-term growth. OEMs in Brazil are looking for ways to improve the supply chain and avoid falling further behind other countries. During previous Automotive Logistics South America conferences, executives worried about Brazil’s logistics ...

  • ALSA2014-Preview-031

    South America Summit: High logistics costs put Brazil behind Mexico


    Brazil’s poor logistics infrastructure and tax bureaucracy are contributing to higher costs and declining competitiveness for the automotive industry, with the country losing out on investment in production and the supply chain, notably to Mexico. “Brazil is facing economic uncertainty, but it also needs to address high labour costs, logistics ...

  • CJLR inside plant

    Jaguar Land Rover begins production with Chery in China


    Jaguar Land Rover’s 50:50 joint venture with Chinese carmaker Chery Automobile – CJLR – has opened its first plant in the Changshu Economic Development Zone, 80km north of Shanghai. Its production is based on an international supply chain, including a considerable amount of material imported from Europe and the UK.The ...

  • Screenshot_16_09_2014_13_26

    Is there still a place for leaders?


    The ‘lead logistics provider’ concept may be undergoing its biggest ever changes. The question is whether or not it is still working for today’s automotive industry. Co-ordinated from a ‘control tower’ based on the customer's site in Solihull, England, an extensive European supply chain feeds the three British vehicle assembly ...

  • Altair_Melo_resize

    Altair Melo moves from BMW to Chery in Brazil


    [This story was updated on 15 August] Altair Melo has taken up a new role as aftersales and logistics manager at Chinese carmaker Chery Motors, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has moved over from being parts manager with BMW do Brasil, a role he held for more than eight ...

  • Christopher Ludwig

    A logistics drinking tour


    Mexico conjures up many vivid and often contrasting images; from pristine Caribbean beaches to brazen kidnappings and violence; from the crowded streets of Mexico City to open, unspoilt desert landscapes. For the automotive industry, the country has attracted billions of dollars in investment even as many executives worry about cargo ...

  • CJLR inside plant

    Dawn of a new era


    With production set to start this year, JLR and Chery’s joint venture has learned vital lessons from its parent companies and is preparing to go out and navigate the supply chain on its own terms.It is an exciting time for the logistics team at Chery Jaguar Land Rover (CJLR), the ...

  • NYK_JaguarLandRover_web

    As UK exports rise, premium makers look at dedicated services


    Figures released at this week’s International Automotive Summit held by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that total UK passenger vehicle export values amounted to £24.8 billion ($41.6 billion) last year, double what they were in 2004 as the industry moved further towards building premium vehicles. For some ...

  • New taxation policy makes CKD to reconsider its strategy in Ukriane

    The backlash over Ukraine stifles vehicles flows


    *This story has been updated from an earlier versionFalling currencies, blocked supplies into Crimea and Sevastopol, confusion over new border and customs, and uncertain taxes are making the situation for production and distribution volatile across Russia and Ukraine.It has been a tumultuous year in Ukraine and Russia following widespread protests ...

  • Chery-2.jpg

    Waiting to ride the Chinese waves


    Domestic ro-ro shipping on China’s east coast and along the Yangtze River has seen solid growth, but is still treading water relative to the overall market. Transporting vehicles by water for the Chinese domestic market would appear to make a great deal of sense. Around 95% of Chinese production of ...