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  • Planta Volkswagen 2014

    Volkswagen & Audi in Mexico part 3: Building in an extra level of efficiency


    With VW’s Puebla plant expected to return to full capacity soon and Audi’s San José Chiapa facility poised to begin production, the Volkswagen Group in Mexico will be relying on its road, rail and port partners to meet future demand and quality standards The long history of Volkswagen’s plant in ...

  • Araquai_plant_X1

    BMW begins exports from Brazil to US through Paranagua port


    [Updated July 14th] BMW has started exports of its X1 model, made at its Araquari plant (pictured) in Santa Catarina, Brazil, to the US through the port of Paranagua, the country’s second biggest vehicle handling port. The carmaker is aiming to export 1,500 vehicles a month from the port ...

  • Truck image

    No longer outlaws


    New rules governing Indian car carrier sizes are set to standardise a sector that has been confusing and contradictory for over a decade At last, a resolution is in sight to the long-running problem over the maximum vehicle dimensions that apply to the car transporter sector in India. After years ...

  • UECC_AutoEnergy

    UECC officially launches second dual-fuel LNG car carrier


    European short-sea operator UECC has officially launched its second dual-fuel car carrier – the TBN Auto Energy . It follows the launch in April of the TBN Auto Eco . Both vessels were officially launched at the Nacks shipyard in Nantong, China, where they were built. They can carry approximately ...

  • Article

    CDN reports big take-up in North America for ePOD app


    Car Delivery Network (CDN) has reported that its electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) application vinDeliver is now being used to handle 2.5m finished vehicles annually, giving it a market share in the US and Canada of 15%. The app, which is an online vehicle delivery transport management system, connects carriers ...

  • 2016 Ford Fusion

    Ford Mexico part 2: Accelerating the pace of vehicle logistics


    With a new plant set to open this summer and expansion plans for existing facilities, Ford Mexico could double its output in the next few years, as imports continue to rise. Automotive Logistics finds out how the OEM plans to strengthen its supply chain and infrastructure to cope Vehicle ...

  • 2016 Nissan Maxima

    Nissan exports from Japan still struggling despite a boost in May


    Nissan has recorded its first increase for six months in vehicle exports from Japan, with a rise in May of 19.5% year-on-year to 41,321 units. During the first five months of the year, however, global exports from the country were still down to 186,679 units, a decline of 13.5% compared ...

  • Anastasia_Tsurkan

    Russia conference: Why forecasts are futile in the finished vehicle sector


    The Russian car market could easily face a sudden shortage of transporter capacity if vehicle sales recover over the next three years, those attending last week’s Automotive Logistics Russia conference were warned. The current crisis in the Russian car market is having a serious impact on the vehicle transporter ...

  • Gioia-tauro-img

    Automar takes a 50% stake in BLG terminal at Gioia Tauro port


    Automar Logistics has taken a 50% stake in the vehicle terminal operated by BLG Logistics at Italy’s Gioia Tauro port (pictured) for an undisclosed sum. Automar, which is part-owned by the Grimaldi Group, provides port-based pre-delivery inspection services and road transport for finished vehicles (Bertani, Elia Ambrosetti and Mercurio are ...

  • Article

    Russia conference: Turkish exports still struggling to find their way into Russia


    Sanctions on Turkish imports imposed by Russia last year have eased, but difficulties still remain for those seeking to move goods across the border, delegates at last week's Automotive Logistics Russia conference were told. Despite some longstanding trade agreements, tensions replaced ties late last year as two Turkish F-16 ...

  • ALRussia16 conference

    Russia conference: Light at the end of a long tunnel


    We've seen a lot of changes at the Automotive Logistics Russia conferences over the years. Currently, it's less a case of 'winter is coming', more 'winter is here'. However, despite the bleak outlook, if automotive companies can weather the storm, the country is eventually expected to recover, write Christopher Ludwig ...

  • Lada_image_Avtovaz

    Russian car exports to Ukraine pick up


    Despite continuing geopolitical tensions between the two countries, car exports from Russia to Ukraine have shown signs of improvement for the first time in three years, according to the latest statistics from the Association of Ukrainian Motor Vehicles Manufacturers (UkrAutoprom). Russian vehicle exports to Ukraine fell 57% last year compared ...

  • Hepner 2011

    Mercedes-Benz USA: ‘One way or another, we always get the job done’


    Rory Hepner, general manager of vehicle logistics and distribution at Mercedes-Benz USA, reveals the premium carmaker’s measures to cope with growing volumes through plant yards, ports and across the transport network, despite limited physical expansion – whether by ‘valet’ services for truckers or working more carefully with plants and logistics ...

  • Article

    A mix of caution and commitment: carmakers react to UK Brexit result


    [Updated 16:40 GMT] The UK voted to withdraw from the European Union on Thursday (June 23 rd ) following a referendum result in which 52% of those that voted supported the Brexit campaign. The result is bound to have long-term consequences for the car sector. What those consequences are ...

  • SavonaPort_Italy

    Savona expands car terminal


    I taly’s port of Savona is extending its Darsena Alti Fondali quay at a cost of €9m ($13.2m). The move means that Savona Terminal Auto (STA), the specialist finished vehicles facility at the port, will be also be expanding, with the building of a multi-storey vehicle storage facility of approximately ...

  • MumbaiPort

    India’s Mumbai port cuts ro-ro rates to attract coastal vehicle moves


    The Indian port of Mumbai has reduced vessel-related charges for ro-ro traffic by around 10%, in an effort to encourage the coastal movement of vehicles and to meet OEM and vessel operator demand. The reduced charges will stay in place for a year from June 1st this year. In a ...

  • Michael Schwemmle

    Inform turns talent focus on the Americas


    Supply chain software provider, Inform, is turning the talents of two of its most recent recruits on services for the industry in North and South America. Michael Schwemmle (pictured top) joined Inform last year as director of business development in the Manufacturing Logistics division looking at Europe. Since May he ...

  • Brian Mason

    FVL North America conference: Beyond the year of the fat cow


    All seven annual Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conferences have taken place during periods of recovery and growth for the industry. At the latest event, many thought sales were at their peak, and warned that OEMs and providers would need to be efficient even as the market changes. Marcus Williams ...

  • FVL16_Bill Pawluk CTM

    FVL North America conference: Kicking the hundred-year habit for car carriers


    The finished vehicle sector in North America has made some significant advances over the past few years in terms of bringing greater efficiency to the network. Despite that, it remains characterised by wasteful empty backhauls, which account for as much as 40-50% of mileage, according to some estimates. Some executives ...

  • FVL16-first_session_web

    FVL North America conference: Logistics benefits could counter the coming rise in Mexican wages


    Wages in Mexico are going to be forced upwards as a shortage of skilled workers is exacerbated by a 51% increase in vehicle production by 2022, delegates at this week's Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conferenc e in California were told. North America as a whole is set to enjoy ...