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  • Gigafactory ACC de Billy-Berclau 1

    ACC raises €4.4 billion for three gigafactories in Europe


    ACC, with its shareholders Stellantis, Mercedes-Benz and TotalEnergies, has raised an additional €4.4 billion to boost the development of its three European battery gigafactories

  • Circular-Economy-Hub-Mirafiori_Team (1)

    Stellantis opens remanufacturing and recycling centre on 4R strategy


    Stellantis commits to remanufacturing and recycling strategy with opening of €40m Sustainera Circular Economy Hub for parts and vehicle recycling

  • Stellantis_Mirafiora_facliity_Italy

    Stellantis assembles team for Circular Economy Hub


    Stellantis is now building the team it requires for operations at its forthcoming Circular Economy Hub, based in Mirafiora, which will recycle parts and materials from vehicles as well as reconditioning vehicles for the used car market

  • A Grimaldi vessel docking awaiting for vehicle loading

    Grimaldi partners with European Space Agency for satellite-assisted berthing


    Satellite technology will assist the docking manoeuvers of Grimaldi’s pure car and truck carriers, in collaboration with the European and Italian space agencies

  • BLG-Autotransport-1_river

    Low river levels hamper vehicle shipments in Europe


    Carmakers in Europe are keeping a close eye on critically low levels across the inland waterway network, with Ford taking action to lessen loads but increase frequency

  • 150428_Ducato_Sevel_30

    Stellantis halts production at Sevel because of engine shortage


    Stellantis is working to smooth out van production at its Italian LCV plant in Sevel val di Sangro following engine supply disruption from France

  • signing

    Italvolt to build southern Europe’s largest gigafactory


    The Italian startup takes over the site of a former Olivette factory in the Piedmont region, where it plans to build a battery factory and expand the regional supply chain to help meet rising demand and production for electric vehicles.

  • RCG_Lamborghini_urus

    Lamborghini switches to rail for Urus body deliveries


    VW Group is now shipping Lamborghini Urus SUV chassis to the Italian carmaker’s Modena factory headquarters by rail in a move to more sustainable logistics that will reduce carbon emissions by 85%, according to transport provider Rail Cargo Group

  • shutterstock_covid19_623173

    German border controls threaten inbound parts supply


    Germany’s decision to suddenly impose travel restrictions across borders with Austria and the Czech Republic, and to those travelling from Slovakia, has drawn criticism from across the automotive industry as freight queues threaten to delay parts deliveries.

  • BICover_R6_T (1)
  • Ferrari_factory

    Coronavirus latest: mandated lockdowns in Italy are impacting automotive output


    The sharp increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Italy has led the government to extend strict quarantine measures to the whole country. The restrictions are the toughest outside of China and affect 60m people. Health and safety measures being taken by OEMs are now affecting production with FCA announcing temporary closures as it puts in measures to minimise the risk of contagion. The situation is changing rapidly and automotive companies across Italy are reviewing production, supply and logistics contingencies on a daily basis.

  • Gioia-tauro-img-300x200

    Automar takes control of AutoTerminal Gioia Tauro


    Vehicle transporter Automar of Italy has acquired complete ownership of AutoTerminal Gioia Tauro in the country’s south through purchasing the 50% held by the terminal’s founder, BLG Logistics of Germany…

  • 269429_shutterstock_527048005_204438

    FCA joins blockchain network to ensure ethical sourcing for EVs


    Global carmaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has become a member of the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network (RSBN) for sustainable and accountable sourcing and production practices from mine-to-market…

  • Ducati_Silvano Fini_UC108414_High

    Silvano Fini moves to supplier development at Ducati


    Silvano Fini has moved to a new role as supplier development manager with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, working alongside Federico Sabbioni, who is responsible for supply chain 

  • Grande Mirafiori

    Grimaldi adds PCTC to North America service


    Grande Mirafiori Italian shipping line Grimaldi has taken delivery of the pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) Grande Mirafiori – named after a Fiat car plant – at the Yangfan shipyard in Zhoushan, eastern China. With a service speed of 19 knots, length of 199.90 meters, beam ...

  • K_Line_diamond_highway

    Fire on K-Line car carrier forces crew to abandon ship


    The K-Line car carrier Diamond Highway has been abandoned by crew in the South China Sea following a fire that broke out aboard the vessel on the June 15, according to the Philippine Coast Guard…

  • Ceva_Forklift_High

    FCA renews contract with Ceva in Brazil


    Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has extended its aftermarket contract with Ceva Logistics in Brazil for a further four and a half years.

  • 239391_New_Volvo_S60_R-Design_exterior

    Volvo starts shipments to Europe from Ridgeville


    Volvo has started shipping S60 sedans to Europe from the US, six months after beginning production at its $1.1 billion assembly plant in Ridgeville, near Charleston, South Carolina.“Export markets are critical to the long-term success of our plant and we’re on track to deliver vehicles to our customers worldwide,” said ...

  • Marcelo Turri, head of supply chain and IT, Alpargatas feature

    Q&A: Marcelo Turri, Alpargatas


    Could you give an overview of the logistical operation which supports Havaianas?We have different models in different regions, so in Brazil, we operate our warehouses but we have third parties that do the transportation for us. In the US, Europe and Asia, we have third parties that operate our warehouses ...

  • Finished vehicle logistics was disrupted this year in Poland feature

    Hanging in the balance


    Lower production output, slower growth in export markets and several regulatory and operational issues are threatening to unbalance Poland’s finished vehicle market