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  • mercedes

    Daimler granted preliminary approval for new plant near Moscow


    Daimler has applied to Russia’s Ministry of Industry for a special investment contract (SIC) to start assembling Mercedes-Benz passenger cars at a site near Moscow by 2018. Regional governor Andrey Vorobiev said at a recent press conference that the plant would be located near Sheremetyevo International Airport and would have ...

  • HyundaiMobis_Belgium

    Hyundai Mobis begins operations at logistics centre in Belgium


    Hyundai-Kia’s parts division, Hyundai Mobis, has started operations at a new logistics centre in Belgium.The 56,000-sq.m centre in Beringen will serve as a hub for six regional distribution centres across Europe – in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Hungary. It will also ship parts directly to service centres ...

  • Aerial-Perspective-Tesla-Gigafactory

    Tesla’s supply chain set for a surge


    Tesla has captured the car industry’s collective imagination in many ways since its start-up in 2008, including how it builds and sells its electric vehicles.Besides the novelty of the products themselves, the intrigue is partly down to co-founder Elon Musk, one of the great entrepreneurs of this generation, seen in ...

  • Wackersdorf logistics centre

    BMW: Flexing up for the fourth revolution


    BMW’s partnership with Fraunhofer has produced innovations in materials handling to support its global parts exports, but these are only a first step towards wider digitalisation and automation in logisticsThere’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help every now and then, especially when it comes to developing and testing ...

  • Centro Log°stico (1)

    Brazil: Life in the narrow margins


    [sta_anchor id="1"]OEMs and their LSPs are grappling with collapsing sales in Brazil even as new plants come online. As a result, they are looking for new ways to slash costs and boost exportsBrazil’s economy is facing crippling political and economic challenges, with the general outlook poor and vehicle sales crumbling. ...

  • JLR Aluminium Jaguar XE

    JLR gets real about recycled aluminium loops


    Jaguar Land Rover is taking steps to increase the amount of recycled aluminium it uses. Automotive Logistics finds out more… JLR's target is to use 75% recycled aluminium in its body structures by 2020Recycled material is playing a growing role in Jaguar Land Rover’s use of aluminium in its ...

  • Components supplies remain crucial for Russian carmakers

    Russia: Too little, too late?


    [sta_anchor id="1"]Russia’s softening of localisation requirements for carmakers is a welcome step forward but it may not help the country’s flagging automotive sector as much the government would likeUntil recently, the Russian government was standing firm on the localisation requirements it had agreed with carmakers, even as the market virtually ...

  • Article

    Turkish car sector bounces back quickly from failed coup disruption


    [Updated July 21st] The short-lived military coup that was attempted in Turkey last weekend had only a limited impact on the automotive sector in the country, according to representatives at the carmakers and ports, though how Thursday's declaration of a state of emergency in the country is going to impact ...

  • Barb_Samardzich

    Ford announces senior leadership changes


    Ford is making some top-level executive changes at its divisions in Europe and South America as a result of the imminent retirement of Barb Samardzich (pictured), vice-president and chief operating officer at Ford of Europe.Samardzich is retiring at the beginning of October after more than 26 years with the company. ...

  • BMW_parts_centre_Bruckberg

    Kuehne + Nagel expands on spare parts services for BMW


    BMW has signed a contract with logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel for the management of its service parts facility at Bruckberg–Gündlkofen (pictured), near Landshut, northeast of Munich, Germany. From the 144,000 sq.m centre, Kuehne + Nagel will support car and motorcycle spare parts distribution.The facility includes more than 610,000 storage ...

  • FCA_supplier_awards

    Logistics providers recognised in FCA Qualitas awards


    Four awards recognising excellence in logistics and supply chain management have been handed out by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Detroit, Michigan as part of the OEM’s sixth annual Qualitas awards for North American suppliers.FCA said the 23 awards recognised both production and non-production suppliers that not only demonstrated operational ...

  • Planta Volkswagen 2014

    Volkswagen & Audi in Mexico part 3: Building in an extra level of efficiency


    With VW’s Puebla plant expected to return to full capacity soon and Audi’s San José Chiapa facility poised to begin production, the Volkswagen Group in Mexico will be relying on its road, rail and port partners to meet future demand and quality standards

  • Audi México

    Volkswagen & Audi in Mexico part 2: Everything in its right place


    Audi Mexico’s upcoming plant at San José Chiapa has had logistics efficiency built into its core. Automotive Logistics talks to head of logistics and production control, Peter Koltai, about the evolution of the OEM’s first standalone factory outside Europe The 70km drive from Puebla to San José Chiapa takes ...

  • Mercedes-Benz Lkw setzt wegweisende Zukunftstechnologie

    Mercedes-Benz Trucks moves to 3D printing for spare parts


    Mercedes-Benz Trucks is to move to 3D printing as the standard production method for a number of plastic spare parts at its Customer Services and Parts division from September. The truckmaker said the technology would initially be used for 30 part lines but that this would increase. It added that ...

  • 2014 Cadillac ELR Active Noise Cancelling

    GM avoids plant shutdowns following court hearing


    [Updated July 14th] GM has avoided the threat of closure at 19 of its assembly plants across North America following a hearing at the US Bankruptcy Court for the State of Massachusetts on Wednesday (13th) related to its dispute with interiors supplier Clark-Cutler McDermott (CCM).According to a report in The ...

  • Group3

    Volkswagen & Audi in Mexico part 1: Sharing logistics in a state of expansion


    Volkswagen Group has established new organisations and networks across VW and Audi in Mexico and North America. Automotive Logistics finds out more about this multi-brand, multi-country approach to purchasing and logistics

  • Technicians-assembling-engine-at-Porsche-v-8-factory-800x534

    Porsche invests €80m in engine plant with latest line-side technology


    German luxury carmaker Porsche has opened an engine facility at its main site at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in Germany that will use the latest production and line-side logistics technology.It represents a further investment in the plant of €80m ($89m). Porsche has invested more than €300m so far in the site.The 10,000 sq.m ...

  • BAIC_dealer_open_mexico1

    China’s BAIC Motors begins export sales in Mexico


    Wei Huacheng (second from left), vice chairman of BAIC Group and executive director of BAIC International, at the launch ceremony for BAIC’s first dealership in Mexico last monthChinese carmaker BAIC Motor has sold its first exported car in Mexico and revealed plans to build an assembly plant in the ...

  • Araquai_plant_X1

    BMW begins exports from Brazil to US through Paranagua port


    [Updated July 14th] BMW has started exports of its X1 model, made at its Araquari plant (pictured) in Santa Catarina, Brazil, to the US through the port of Paranagua, the country’s second biggest vehicle handling port.The carmaker is aiming to export 1,500 vehicles a month from the port to the ...

  • Article

    Russia begins to ease restrictions on Turkish imports


    A number of players in the Russian automotive sector are beginning to report an easing in the additional customs restrictions that have been used to target parts imports from Turkey since two of its F-16 fighters shot down a Russian Su-24M bomber near the Syrian border late last year.In the ...