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    Myanmar awards inland port concession to Kerry Logistics


    Kerry Logistics has announced that its subsidiary, KLN (Singapore) has been awarded a concession to operate inland ports in Yangon and Mandalay, both major commercial ports in the South East Asian country of Myanmar. The ports were previously managed by the government. According to Kerry Logistics, the Myanmar government is ...

  • Volkswagen Werk Chattanooga (USA)

    VW sued by US DoJ over emissions scandal


    The US Department of Justice (DoJ) sued Volkswagen on January 4th for allegedly equipping some of its vehicles with equipment to deceive emissions testing.The OEM revealed that it had installed the cheating software in at least 11m of its diesel cars. The software enabled the vehicles to emit more toxins ...

  • Hyundai to launch export of cars to Egypt from Russia

    Hyundai cuts production at St Petersburg plant


    Hyundai will decrease the production volume at its St Petersburg plant by 6.3% this year to 215,000 units, the head of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Russia has said.“In 2015 we will continue stable operation without any changes, and target production of 215,000 cars,” he said. According to Hyundai, the plant suspended ...

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    Sollers looks to export to the East


    Russian automotive company, Sollers, is looking to expand exports with its joint ventures, as it faces a continuing fall in domestic sales, recently disclosed plans reveal.According to the head of Ford-Sollers, Mark Ovenden, the OEM is currently evaluating the potential for exporting finished vehicles and components from its St Petersburg ...

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    Mexico short sea: Services evolve as volume increases


    Although rail continues to be the dominant mode to move vehicles from Mexico to the US, short-sea shipping is becoming ever more viable.Short-sea shipping for Mexican vehicle exports to the US isn’t new. It’s been around for decades, but every few years it pops up as an ‘emerging trend’. In ...

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    Focus on Spain part 4: Making the rail in Spain move faster in the chain


    General Motors has been increasing the amount of rail that it uses to move vehicles built in Spain to ports and to European markets, with ambitions to use the mode even more.Spain’s recovery in vehicle production and sales in 2015 was faster than many would have anticipated even at the ...

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    Focus on Spain part 3: Closely controlled growth


    GM and Gefco are managing a global supply chain to produce the Mokka in Zaragoza, while the OEM is trying to cope with a shortage of transport assets in Spain.One of the important carmakers in Spain is General Motors, which has been operating its Opel plant since 1982 in the ...

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    Focus on Spain part 2: A platform for reorganisation


    Renault has integrated the Alliance's CMF architecture in Palencia, and is ramping up kitting to handle an increased number of parts.The introduction of an all-new vehicle architecture into a plant can be a fraught experience at the best of times, but when it is accompanied by the need to continue ...

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    Ford-Werke now using 72 new Kögel trailers


    Ford-Werke, the German subsidiary of Ford Europe, has recently taken delivery of 72 Kögel trailers: 52 ‘Mega’ trailers, and 20 ‘Cargo’ trailers. The trailers are the maximum permissable height of four metres.The Kögel trailers are tailored to Ford’s vehicle fleet and will be used primarily in procurement logistics for automotive ...

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    Nissan North America part 5: Carrying the weight of expectation


    Christopher Ludwig highlights global supply and production coordination within the Renault Nissan Alliance, and how Mexican efficiency helps keep US operations lean and keen.In recent years, the Renault Nissan Alliance has accelerated integration across its organisations, including the combination of management functions, as well as implementing cross-production and supply, common ...

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    Nissan North America part 4: No outsourcing on the cheap


    Logistics providers play important roles across Nissan’s supply chain in North America through different outsourcing strategies. For inbound logistics, the carmaker has a strong in-house team to manage transport lanes, working with a large mix of carriers and some third party providers. For in-plant logistics, Nissan also handles most operations ...

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    Nissan North America part 3: The search for southern comfort


    Nissan has been trying to draw suppliers from the Midwest closer to its US operations since as far back as 1983. Today, the carmaker’s huge volume, together with its new Integrated Logistics Centres at plants, could make it a more attractive proposition.Within John Martin’s wide remit as Nissan’s head of ...

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    Nissan North America part 2: Building on global experience


    When John Martin (left) declares Nissan’s North American operations and supply chain as the most competitive, he speaks as a global citizen for Nissan. After holding production and supply chain leadership roles across the UK, Europe, North America and at Nissan’s headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, Martin has seen many sides ...

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    Volkswagen Depot Kassel part 3 : Saving space to grow


    Big Data and broader technological advances will play an important role in future parts procurement and logistics at Depot KasselDr Claus Wriebe tells Christopher Ludwig about inventory reduction strategies that will keep Kassel at the centre of Volkswagen’s parts supply chain for years to comeFor years, Volkswagen’s OTC in ...

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    Volkswagen Depot Kassel part 2: Mitten in Europa


    Pictured are the 420,000 sq.m set of OTC buildings in Baunatal, with part of the Kassel plant in the foregroundAs reflected in its main location, Depot Kassel plays a central role in the Volkswagen Group’s global service parts strategy, requiring flexibility as well as a high level of automation.Kassel/Baunatal ...

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    Volkswagen Depot Kassel part 1 : The beating heart of service parts


    Dr Claus Wriebe has been working in Volkswagen's spare parts logistics for more than 14 years, and took over as head of Depot Kassel in early 2014In a three-part report Automotive Logistics explores the scale and importance of the Volkswagen Group's colossal parts operations, centred around Kassel, GermanyManaging service ...

  • SNCF_Gefco

    Gefco completes first successful BMW Germany-China shipment


    The first successful trial shipment by Gefco of BMWs from Germany to China via rail was successfully completed last month.On November 16th, a train loaded with 40 BMW Model Series 1 vehicles arrived in Chongqing.The vehicles were picked up by Gefco from BMW’s factory in Regensburg, Germany, loaded on to ...

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    Grace Lieblein to leave GM by end of year


    Grace Lieblein, GM’s vice-president of global quality, is retiring from the company at the end of the year. Lieblein moved to her most recent post last year. She was previously vice president, global purchasing and supply chain at GM. She joined GM in 1978 as a co-op student at ...

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    Toyota reports success of NAPO recycling initiative


    Toyota has released figures to show the success of a waste reduction initiative at its North American Parts Operation that has been recycling old vehicle bumper covers and other scrap parts.Working with Boles Parts Supply (BPS), the company has been shredding the used parts into plastic pellets that are then ...

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    Honda Motor Europe Logistics renews Gefco UK partnership


    Gefco UK has announced that it will continue to provide a range of services to Honda Motor Europe Logistics and has signed a new three-year contract with the company.Under the latest agreement, Gefco UK will manage inbound parts supply, weekly groupage, less-than-truckload (LTL) and full truckload delivery services, as well ...